Jul 302003
Q&A: Wide Receiver Tim Carter

Interview Conducted by BigBlueInteractive.com Reporter WalterB

BBI: Your 40 times during college and after college have been reported anywhere from 4.5 to 4.3. What did you do to decrease your 40 times?

Tim Carter: I never ran a 40 at 4.5. I never ran above a 4.4. When I was in high school I went to the Reebok combine, after my junior year, and I ran a 4.31. Which was the fastest time in the state at that time. When I reported to Albany we ran 40’s the first day we got here and I ran a 4.37 on grass. My highest ever was a 4.4 and I was not even healthy when I ran that. For the NFL combine I ran a 4.32, and I believe in my junior year I ran a 4.28.

BBI: The next obvious question is given your injury how has that changed your speed?

Tim Carter: It really hasn’t. Your speed does not come from your ankle. What was affected was my calf muscle. When you don’t use your muscles you get atrophy, and I had to build the muscle back up. So with speed and stuff I am fine. Right now my calf is pretty much normal. I feel 100% with my speed.

BBI: Have you run a 40 since?

Tim Carter: No. I have no need to. But if I did, I guarantee you I would run a 4.3 or lower.

BBI: What position are you playing at most. Are you playing both at the second and third receiver spots?

Tim Carter: I practice at both. They are two different positions, and if somebody goes down I would cover them.

BBI: This year you seem a lot more fluid quicker into your cuts, and you seem to be getting to the right spots better. How true is that? And, what is the difference from last year?

Tim Carter: I ran pretty good last year. I was learning and I am still learning now. But yes, because I have more experience now, and a lot of things have become more natural to me. I don’t have to think about it all the time. And if the patterns are not natural to me I am working to get it to where it is just second nature.

BBI: How has the time away from the game helped you out and prepare for this year?

Tim Carter: Most of the time my main focus was to shorten the time line in which I could come back from the injury. I am not sure if being away from the game really helped me. It would have been better if I played.

BBI: What is your favorite pattern?

Tim Carter: My favorite pattern is a come-back. A pattern where you push vertically up field about 15 to 18 yards, and then I come back outside. I like that route because I am a threat deep, and most corners can’t keep up. I can create huge separation in the transition of the route. I like that route because of that.

BBI: Have you noticed most corners playing off of you when they were playing against you. Would they usually give you a little extra cushion?

Tim Carter: When I play corners on my team, it is usually up to that corner if he wants to press or play off me. Really on our team at least I think its up to what the corner wants to work on. So I see both. Against opponents sometimes they would press, but that is because they have help over the top. And when they don’t have help they would play off.

BBI: How hard is it to read those defenses? Are the defenses so sophisticated that can’t really tell what you are up against? Or can you read what the coverage is?

Tim Carter: Last year I was so into getting the system down and that was tough. This year, because I have watched a lot a film, and because of my experience it is becoming easier. It is really not that tough.

BBI: Is there any receiver on the Giants that you work with and look up to?

Tim Carter: Definitely! Amani Toomer and Ike Hilliard both are great receivers with a lot of experience. They always give me input and help me out. It is great to be able to play with those guys.

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