Sep 182007
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September 17, 2007 New York Giants Injury Report: WR Steve Smith fractured his shoulder blade. He will be held out of practice for at least two weeks and then be evaluated on a week-to-week basis.

DE Adrian Awasom fractured the transverse process in his neck. He may be done for the season.

WR Plaxico Burress sprained his right ankle again and sprained a pinky finger, but he is expected to play this Sunday against the Redskins. A sprained right ankle caused Burress to miss much of training camp.

Other players injured against the Packers include QB Jared Lorenzen (sprained ankle), LB Reggie Torbor (bruised elbow), and HB Ahmad Bradshaw (sprained elbow).

QB Eli Manning (shoulder) said he came through the Green Bay game fine. “Physically, I feel fine,” Manning said. “I’m ready to go. It didn’t make anything worse by playing (on Sunday). I didn’t take any big hits, so I feel fine.”

Giants Add FB Robert Douglas to the Practice Squad: The Giants have added FB Robert Douglas to the Practice Squad. Douglas was waived by the Giants last week.

To make room for Douglas, HB Quentin Smith was released from the Practice Squad.

Article on DE Michael Strahan: After Holdout Michael Strahan Has Yet to Make Impact by Gary Myers of The New York Daily News

Quotes: An unidentified NFL scout on what is wrong with the Giants’ defense (as told to The Star-Ledger after evaluating the Giants’ defense on tape): “I don’t blame ‘Spags’ (defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo). I like what he’s doing and I like his style. They just don’t have guys that can cover or even line up. I mean (LB Mathias) Kiwanuka has no idea where to be. And it’s not his fault because he probably wanted to keep playing end. Spags had them playing zone – and they got beat short. So he went man against the Packers – and got beat deep. So he went zone again – and got beat short. He’s probably thinking right now it’s better to play zone and keep the game in reach rather than blitz and have the other team hit big plays. So he’s not playing the true Philly defense. If he does, with this personnel, they’ll get blown out every game. Justin Tuck and Aaron Ross are two guys that should be starting because they look like they want to play. Having these guys on the bench behind veterans who look uninterested at times is sending the wrong message. Now, guys are playing like they know they won’t be benched. These linebackers are letting guys run free across the zones. You have to put a helmet on these guys and slow them down. These safeties are way to slow getting to the ball on the sideline. Way too slow. (Brett) Favre lobbed one and (Gibril) Wilson couldn’t even make a hit on (James) Jones (at the end of a 46-yard pass)? This has to be the worst defense in Giants’ history. And you have to blame the front office for not doing enough to improve it in the offseason.”

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