Apr 192008
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Jeremy Shockey Threatened to Sit Out Season?:  The Star-Ledger is reporting that disgruntled TE Jeremy Shockey told the Giants in December that he wanted a changed role in the offense or a trade to another team.  The paper says Shockey threatened to sit out the 2008 season if neither request was granted.

Like yesterday’s report in The Daily News, The Ledger article says Shockey wants to be in an offense where he has to block less and would welcome a trade to the New Orleans Saints, where he would be reunited with former Giants’ offensive coordinator Sean Payton.

Shockey’s agent was interviewed on ESPN yesterday.  When asked if Shockey wants out of New York, Shockey’s agent responded, “That’s going to be between Jeremy and the New York Giants.  One thing I’ve learned, unfortunately the hard way – and I can tell you with all sincerity – is that I prefer to do my business with a team off camera.  I appreciate you guys inviting me on, but in terms of Jeremy’s feelings as relating to the Giants, that’s something that we’ve communicated to the Giants and the ball’s going to be in their court.”

The agent was then asked why Shockey might want a trade.  “What happens is, as you lead up to the draft, there are always a number of key players who are the topic of trade discussions,” said the agent.  “And we’ve had discussions with the Giants about Jeremy.  I’ll leave it at that.  And you hear what Jerry Reese had to say.  It’s going to be up to the Giants to decide whether or not they want to trade Jeremy.  The bottom line is Jeremy’s an outstanding football player and he’s going to have a great season next year.”

When asked about Shockey’s health, the agent responded, “Yes, he is (healthy).  Now, this is something I can talk about. Jeremy has been cleared.  His ankle is now 100 percent.  The fracture has healed, the ligaments have healed.  He’s running, he’s doing everything, so that is good news.  Jeremy has been cleared by doctors and he is ready to play.  He needs to obviously continue to rehabilitate, but he’s going to be ready for any of the challenges that are coming up in the spring.”

HB Brandon Jacobs Has Surgery:  HB Brandon Jacobs was spotted at Madison Square Garden last night with a cast on his arm and his arm in a sling.  Apparently Jacobs had offseason surgery on his left wrist.  Jacobs said the surgery was “to clean some stuff out” and that he would be ready for training camp in July.

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