May 132009
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Giants Denied Peter Giunta Permission to Talk to Other Teams: Newsday is reporting that Giants’ Cornerbacks Coach Peter Giunta was a candidate for a defensive coordinator vacancy with another team, but the Giants denied him permission to interview. The New York Post says that both the Rams and Packers were interested in Giunta.

“You’re hurt, you’re upset by the situation but you deal with it,” said Giunta. “I had other opportunities – people wanted me to go other places to coordinate, but Coach (Coughlin) wanted me to stay here. Him, (General Manager) Jerry Reese and (President/CEO) John Mara wanted me to stay. It was a great compliment, because Tom wanted me to stay here. He said we’re so close to coming back and winning another championship here, he didn’t want to break up the staff. He wanted to keep as much continuity as he could.”

Giants Moving to New Practice Facility: The Giants are moving to their new $90 million practice facility this week. The facility is located in the parking lot west of Giants Stadium.

Article on the Giants’ Wide Receiving Corps: Young Receivers Giving New York Giants Lots of Options by Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger

Notes and Quotes: Offensive Line Coach Pat Flaherty on who is the back-up center: “Richie (Seubert) has played center, Chris Snee has snapped the ball – center/quarterback exchange. Adam Koets is the candidate that we want to get a lot of work this spring in the OTAs and going into training camp at the center position.”

The Giants have moved Travonti Johnson from cornerback to safety and are considering doing the same with rookie free agent Vince Anderson.

Safeties Coach David Merritt on S Kenny Phillips: “Kenny Phillips has definitely surprised me this off-season as we’ve gone out and gone through walkthroughs. This young man is out there yelling out the calls loud, which he never did last year. I don’t know if it was just a fact of rookieitis or whatever it may be. But he’s already starting to make calls more vocally and I’m very impressed with that and hopefully that’s going to continue.”

Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan on LB Clint Sintim: “He definitely has a natural pass rush. He has some shake to him and he did a really nice job. He is going to be a very good outside linebacker as well because he is such a big thick kid. He is smart; he can pick the stuff up. He will do a real good job up over the tight end as far as playing run defense.”

Sheridan on CB’s DeAndre Wright and Stoney Woodson: “The two corners, Stoney and De’Andre, they almost look like clones in uniform – same kind of body types, 5-11ish, 195. They are good size corners. You get a lot of guys that are a little bit smaller body. They are good size corners. And they are learning. And as you know we have some good wide receivers in camp so they got the ball thrown over their head a couple of times. But you risk that when you play as much press coverage as we do. But they will be fine.”

Sheridan on DE Maurice Evans: “The kid from Penn State, Maurice Evans, did a nice job. He has got some quickness and explosion. You can’t help but notice it if you are coming in after practice and watch practice film he ran a very small little stunt game just periodically throughout the practice. And he looks different than the average guy. He has got some quickness and explosion to him.”

Sheridan on LB Kelvin Smith: “I thought the other linebacker did a nice job – Kelvin Smith from Syracuse. He is swimming like all of them were mentally. As simple as you try to make it they are still overwhelmed. They are just trying to get lined up. You have enough offensive variation for them to have their plates full mentally. But he is very ambitious and he is completely into it. He plays his tail off and he hustles. So he is a guy that we are going to keep through the spring and see if he can contribute through the fall camp.”

Sheridan on CB Bruce Johnson: “And the back end – the one corner – Bruce Johnson from Miami – especially the very last practice – he finished very well. He had a couple of pass breakups. He is a little smaller body than the two other guys but he is really quick. He has excellent quickness. That is what you are looking for in a corner guy. He can cover a guy man to man and break on the ball.”

Sheridan on Sha’reff Rashad: “And the one safety – Sha’reff Rashad from Central Florida – again, a very bright eyed kid who could pick the stuff up…Sha’reff wasn’t overwhelmed by any of it mentally and he is an athlete and looks like he will be more than ambitious in run support and he is a good cover guy, can play the deep ball and that kind of stuff. He had a nice camp.”

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