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New York Giants Mini-Camp Ends: The Giants’ 3-day, full-squad mini-camp ended yesterday. Thursday’s practice was merely a walk-thru. The next full-team activity will be training camp in Albany when players are expected to report to on July 26.

Coach Media Q&As: Transcripts and video of yesterday’s media sessions with the following coaches are available at Giants.com:

Player Media Q&A’s: Transcripts and video clips of yesterday’s media Q&A sessions with the following players are available at Giants.com:

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Quotes: QB Eli Manning on HB David Wilson: “He is very fast, very quick, which is important. I think for a running back – for him to get on the field, it is going to be about how quickly he can understand our protections and route combinations and those types of things. Obviously he has the ability to run the ball and make some big plays. But unless he understands a lot of our checks and protections and change of protections; until you have a great grasp of that you are not going to be able to get on the field. But that is hardest part, I think, for rookie running backs. But he has been working hard on it. It seems like he is learning and picking up things.”

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride on HB David Wilson: “I don’t know if we have had a guy as explosive, regardless of the position, here. I think Da’Rel Scott gives you – in a 100-yard dash – you may be able to beat him, but I don’t know that you see quite the darting, the explosiveness and short bursts that you see with him. That is kind of exciting to see. Whether or not he can learn – there is a lot of learning going on – and you can see the smoke coming out of his ears and eyes going around in different directions. So there is a long way to go before you can tap into it. But it looks like there is something that can give you some excitement. I don’t know if we have had that kind of guy. Tiki was a tremendous all-around back. Brandon gave you a certain (style), Ahmad gives the toughness. But this guy has the kind of explosion that I’m not sure how many guys in the league have.”

Gilbride on WR Rueben Randle: “It is kind of what we had hoped. I think we see a guy that catches the ball real well. He is a build-up speed guy that I think has enough to get by people, to give us a deep threat that we need when people are kind of clamping down on the other guys underneath – Victor underneath – or what have you. It is hard – I think I have said it before – and I think everybody knows it – it is hard to make a real accurate assessment because there is so much thinking going on. You can see it slows him down. There is a lot of polish that has to take place in terms of sharpening some of the things that he is doing. You see enough to be encouraged. It is just a matter of can you get him to how far along he has got to be to help us. But I think there is enough ability there, for sure.”

Gilbride on WR Brandon Collins: “I think Brandon Collins has looked really, really impressive in practices. That has been fun to see, because I didn’t know much about him…I have seen better quickness than anything…more quickness than speed. Good speed, great quickness, but also picking up the offense pretty quick.”

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell on DT Marvin Austin: “I’m excited about Marvin Austin. Marvin Austin, I know he hasn’t played in a couple of years, he excited me last year in the training camp, in the preseason game. He’s different than the other defensive tackles we have because he has legit speed and quickness and get off. So, I’m going to have to learn how to use Marvin a little bit differently than I use Linval Joseph and Shaun Rogers and Rocky Bernard because I think that he can really cause some offensive linemen some problems with some of the things that he can do.”

Fewell on LB Chase Blackburn: “Right now Chase is our (middle linebacker) and no one’s clearly beaten him out for the position. Chase has some distinct advantages over some of the other guys. I said to the defense in our meeting, if I want to re-write my playbook, I would get Chase’s notes and re-write our playbook. When I ask a question or when I talk about a defense in there, he puts the addendums in. So he has been the best extension of me so far because he probably knows as much about our defense and how to make the calls and run our defense as any of those linebackers, with the exception of Michael Boley right now. That’s pretty good.”

Fewell on safeties Stevie Brown and Will Hill: “Brown really showed me some things that I didn’t see in his workout. Steve really did a good job in covering the ground from the post position, from the half position. I think he had some blitz ability, we worked on the blitzes. He was a guy that I thought we could do multiple things with. I didn’t think that initially, but after the OTAs and minicamp, I think he did some nice things for us. So, that was a pleasant surprise for me. I still like Will Hill. I think he’s a talented young man. The volume of things that we do, you could see I taxed him a little bit, but again, we will try to put him in a position where he can have success and not have so much to think about in the preseason games. I still like both those guys.”

CB Terrell Thomas on the competition at cornerback: “Some young guys here are ready to compete. Michael Coe and Justin Tryon had wonderful OTAs, putting pressure on me. And I like it. I like the competition, it’s something that can make us all better. We got Prince (Amukamara), we got the ‘rook’ (Jayron Hosley) coming in. It’s going to be fun come training camp.”

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