Jul 042012
 July 4, 2012  Posted by  News and Notes

Giants.com Player Q&As:

Star-Ledger Player Q&As:

Giants.com Video Preview of Centers and Guards: Position Preview: Interior Offensive Line by Giants.com

Article on QB Eli Manning: Cosell Talks: Eli’s Arrived by Greg Cosell of NFLFilms.com

Article on Former Giants’ Head Coach Ray Perkins: 30 Years After Giants Run, Perkins a Head Coach Once Again by Paul Schwartz of The New York Post

Quotes: Former Giants’ Head Coach Ray Perkins on Head Coach Tom Coughlin: “Tom Coughlin’s got another 15, 20 years in him. He does. He works out, he takes care of himself, he feels good. He’s a great coach, and I mean it. He’s got 15 or 20 more years in him. And he is totally wrong if he starts thinking of retirement, in my opinion.”

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