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April 6, 2012 New York Giants Injury Report – Amukamara Still Not Running: CB Prince Amukamara continues to rehab from the high ankle sprain he suffered in the preseason.

“I don’t know, I don’t know (about Amukamara),” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “I’m not sure about that guy. He’s trying though; he’s trying like heck.”

“I know that I can’t rush it,” said Amukamara. “I know that it’s just time that it takes for it to heal…It feels good. I’m not sure if I could run on it or anything yet. I haven’t tried that, but I’ve been doing a lot of rehab and a lot of work on it, so I know I’m progressing.”

“It’s not necessarily a tight feeling, it’s just sometimes when I load it, I just feel pain,’’ said Amukamara. “The trainers explained to me that pain isn’t good and they just told me the whole 1, 2, 3 of the injury. I’ve just been trying not to put a lot of pressure on it lately.”

CB Michael Coe left the game against the Cowboys with a hamstring injury.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” said Coe. “I’ll see really after these next couple of days how it is, but I actually feel real good and I’m still able to move around, so that’s encouraging for me. Being a DB, that’s kind of like, oh is it going to bother me? I don’t really feel it too much, so we’ll just see these next couple of days. I’ll be getting treatment and things like that and see how it responds.”

LB Keith Rivers also suffered a hamstring injury in the game.

“Rivers has played through this; he had it in training camp,” said Coughlin. “He’ll find a way to get back in the fray. A couple of days, we have a couple of days that will help, a lot of these guys will be helped by that.”

“I’ll be alright,” said Rivers. “I’m just taking it day by day and we’ll see each day.”

WR Hakeem Nicks (foot) played through pain. “I felt it at times in certain routes, but it wasn’t nothing that held me from playing in the game or coming out the game,” said Nicks. “It was maintainable. It wasn’t excruciating pain or it wasn’t extremely bad, but I maintained it and fought through it and finished the game…I feel like once I get in the swing of things, I could do a little more. Right now, it’s been a short training camp for me. Limited myself on the field and not being able to practice as much as I want to, but it’s a matter of maintaining and not prolonging this foot injury, so I’m all for that. I’m sure I’ll be myself here in about another game or two, but it’s just a matter of me playing and getting through it.”

LB Michael Boley played on a sore hamstring that caused him to miss the preseason. “I came out pretty good,’’ Boley said. “Just sore. You know, just general soreness from not really being involved in too much physical contact, activity for awhile. That was about it.’’

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Notes: The Giants are 4-5 in season openers under Head Coach Tom Coughlin.

The Giants are 0-5 in season-opening games against Dallas (1965, 1986, 1995, 2007, and 2012).

The Giants are the first NFL Champion to lose a season opener since the Denver Broncos in 1999.

The Giants ran only 54 plays on offense against Dallas, their lowest total since a game in 2010 against the Jaguars.

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