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September 10, 2002 New York Giants Injury Report: LB Keith Rivers (hamstring), S Kenny Phillips (back), and CB Michael Coe (hamstring) did not practice yesterday.

“(Phillips will) go Wednesday,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “His back was bothering him after the game.”

“It’s just precaution – nothing serious,” Phillips said. “No major injuries, nothing like that. Just trying to be smart. I’ll be back Wednesday for sure.”

“I feel pretty good about going in and practicing on Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m pretty hopeful for that,” Coe said. “I ran about 75-80 percent today. I was able to do everything and backpedal and change and do some of those things, so I feel good about it.”

CB Prince Amukamara (ankle), OT Will Beatty (back), OT James Brewer (back), and DT Marvin Austin (back) practiced.

“Prince came out and did some work,” said Coughlin. “Hopefully he’ll be fine. We’ll see how he is tomorrow…He did some of everything (in practice).”

“I did everything today besides special teams,” Amukamara said. “I went out there to see what I could do and see if I had any limitations. I didn’t aggravate it today. I feel like I am still not running how I used to but I still feel good out there. I’m just taking it day by day…Yesterday was my first time running and then the trainers saw how confident I was and they allowed me to go today…I’m very optimistic (I will play on Sunday).”

“We’re moving along (with Beatty), trying to get more and more each day,” said Coughlin. “He’s done pretty well with what we’ve asked him to do…We’ll see how it goes; he has to make up for a lot of lost time.”

“For me, if I don’t feel any pain,” said Beatty, “I feel good. Last week I felt good and ready to go during the game…I’m still preparing myself for me starting the game (against Tampa Bay)…The last two weeks, I had no problems, no setbacks. We had that three-day break. Felt good coming in today. They still had me rotating with the ones. I took my full reps, but I took with ones and I then took them with twos, so it’s not like I’m limited at practice. It’s just bringing me back.”

Coughlin was asked if Austin might play this weekend. “We’ll see,” said Coughlin. “I think how he comes back tomorrow, we’ll know a little better.”

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