Mar 262013
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David Diehl Accepts Big Pay Cut: According NFL Player Association records, OT David Diehl’s 2013 base salary has been reduced from $4.475 million to $1 million. No years were added to Diehl’s contract – which expires after this upcoming season – so this appears to be a straight pay cut rather than a restructuring. The Daily News is reporting that the Giants did guarantee $200,000 of Diehl’s $1 million salary, effectively making it a signing bonus.

This move saves the Giants at least $3.475 million in salary cap space, and according to The Daily News, drops Diehl’s 2013 cap number from $6.903 million to $3.428 million.

Details on Some Recent Contracts: Here are some details on recent contracts signed by the Giants:

  • QB David Carr: 1-year, $940,000 base salary
  • WR Louis Murphy: 1-year, $715,000 base salary
  • OG Kevin Boothe: 1-year, $905,000 ($840,000 base salary)

New York Giants Will Wear Alternate Uniform for Some Games in 2013: The Giants announced yesterday that the team will wear white instead of gray pants for select games in which they wear their blue jerseys. The Giants will not wear white pants with their white jerseys.

How many games and against which opponents were not announced.

The white pants will have a thin red stripe bordered by gray and blue stripes. The current gray pants have a blue stripe bordered by gray and red stripes. The Giants last wore white pants in 1999, the final season they had “GIANTS” on their helmets and wore all-white road uniforms.

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