Jul 102013
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Collins _ Barber Video Messages

With all of the moves made in the NFC West this offseason, it’s hard to believe that Big Blue will be flying under the radar when Training Camp opens on July 26th.

We’re guessing that’s exactly where head coach Tom Coughlin wants to be.

As the football world fawns over Seattle and San Francisco, while asking endless questions about Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez in New England, the Giants will quietly go about their business, addressing many of the questions fans have had over the last couple of months.

Will Justin Tuck bounce back? Is David Wilson ready to step into Ahmad Bradshaw’s shoes? Is Hakeem Nicks going to be at 100 percent?

Most importantly, will the Giants be the first team in the Super Bowl era to play for a championship on home soil.

These answers will come over time, on crisp fall afternoons and chilly winter nights until a champion is crowned at MetLife Stadium. The thought of attending a Super Bowl in 20 degree temperatures sounds pretty appealing right now, as heat and humidity grip the big city.

Thuzio, co-founded by former Giant Tiki Barber, plans on celebrating this banner year for football in the Tri-State area by connecting fans with experiences they can’t get anywhere else.

Want to ask Kevin Gilbride about his plans for the offense?

What about wearing Mark Collins’ Super Bowl rings?

What if you could get Zak DeOssie to wish your best friend ‘Happy Birthday’ through video message from Training Camp?

It’s never been easier to create a customized experience featuring members of Big Blue past and present.

Below is an idea of what Thuzio’s video message platform looks like using the aforementioned Barber. For $99, fans can submit a short script on the website and your Giants talent will record it through their cell phone.

The idea redefines what face time is all about. It’s also the perfect way to remind the fan in your life that Kickoff 2013 is right around the corner.

For more information on Thuzio’s Video Message Platform, click here.

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