Jul 062015
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Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants (November 3, 2014)

Jason Pierre-Paul – © USA TODAY Sports Images

There still is no official word on the extent and severity of the injuries suffered by New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in a fireworks accident at his South Florida home during July 4th festivities. According to NJ.com, Pierre-Paul remains hospitalized in Miami.

ESPN is reporting that Pierre-Paul is undergoing further medical evaluation today, but the Giants are “pretty pleased with the initial prognosis.” ESPN says Pierre-Paul suffered injuries to both hands, although the injuries to one hand are far more significant than the other. ESPN is reporting that Pierre-Paul badly burned three fingers and the palm of one of his hands. There is still concern that there may be nerve damage to one of the fingers.

BleacherReport.com is reporting that the injuries are not considered career- or season-threatening. BleacherReport says the injuries are “flesh wounds” to the hand.

Multiple press reports say the Giants are still in the process of collecting information on what happened and Pierre-Paul’s medical status.

Set to become an unrestricted free agent before free agency started in March, the Giants designated Pierre-Paul their Franchise Player with a 1-year, $14.813 million tender. Pierre-Paul and the Giants had until July 15 to agree to a long-term deal. After July 15, Pierre-Paul may only sign the 1-year tender for the 2015 season and a new contract cannot be negotiated until after the season.

NFL.com is reporting that the Giants had a long-term, $60 million contract offer (number of years not indicated) on the table for Pierre-Paul, but the Giants have now pulled that offer. According to NFL.com, “Given the timing of the (fireworks accident) and the apparent judgment displayed, the Giants do not believe a long-term offer is in the best interest of those involved at this point.”

Before the accident, it was unlikely that Pierre-Paul was going to accept the $60 million offer, choosing to play out the year on the tender.

At the present moment, multiple sources say the Giants are not expected to rescind the 1-year, $14.813 million tender. That could change of course depending on the true severity of the injuries and Pierre-Paul’s state of mind. Rescinding the tender would make Pierre-Paul an unrestricted free agent and allow him to sign with any team.

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