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Eli Manning, New York Giants (August 3, 2014)

Eli Manning and the Giants were on the field for the first time Sunday – © USA TODAY Sports Images

For one final time, 24 hours after being inducted into football immortality, Michael Strahan found himself surrounded by his New York Giants’ teammates again.

Standing in the middle of the team’s huddle near midfield, dressed in his gold Hall of Fame jacket, Strahan looked around at all of those surrounding him. Sure, only three remained from the last time he suited up, but that didn’t matter.

Nor did it stop him from’ stomping them out’ one last time.

After the pregame antics, this year’s New York Giants and this year’s Buffalo Bills took the field for the first football game of the 2014 season. The game had its highs and its lows. Below you will find a few quick hits and observations from New York’s 17-13 victory.

Andre Williams, New York Giants (August 3, 2014)

Andre Williams – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Starting defensive line

  • It was a good first outing for the Giants’ starting front four. In its two possessions versus the Bills’ starters, the defense escaped nearly unscathed and had two bat downs. Bills’ quarterback E.J. Manuel completed just 2-of-7 passes while Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller gained only eight combined yards.

Andre Williams

Henry Hynoski

  • During the Giants’ first two offensive possessions, the team didn’t let a fullback touch the field, electing to work primarily with tight ends. The result? A three-and-out and turnover via fumble. The next drive, fullback Henry Hynoski checked in and down the field went the Giants. Hynoski paved the way for Williams and Rashad Jennings (seven rushes, 23 yards). He also led the way for Williams’ goal-line touchdown.

Jay Bromley

  • After checking into the game with primarily third teamers, Bromley instantly stood out. New York’s third-round pick made a stop on third-and-one and pressured the quarterback countless other times. It’ll be interesting to see if Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin gives Bromley some work against superior talent next week.
Jayron Hosley and Tom Coughlin, New York Giants (September 29, 2013)

Jayron Hosley and Tom Coughlin – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Jayron Hosley

  • Ugh. For a player on the roster bubble, Sunday couldn’t have gone much worse for Jayron Hosley. The Giants’ former third-round pick was beaten several times -once for a touchdown on fourth down – and was called for numerous penalties. On an evening when so many players showed so much good, Hosley stood out as being noticeably bad.

John Conner

  • Switching on and off with Henry Hynoski, there were two specific plays where ‘The Terminator’ whiffed badly on blocks. Once, Andre Williams got around and managed to turn a disaster into a positive play. Another, Michael Cox was stuffed in the backfield. Playing a position the team is reportedly thinking of getting rid of, it doesn’t bode well to start being noticed for the wrong reasons.


  • Earlier this week, Eli Manning and quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf talked about how the team’s goal was to have Manning complete 70 percent of his passes. While the comment was laughed off by many, Manning showed Sunday that number may not be as comical as originally believed. After missing his first pass, Manning completed his next six. While the long-developing deep throws he’d grown accustomed to were gone, Manning looked extremely comfortable in offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s West Coast Offense. Manning showed nice footwork, an understanding of the offense and some nice accuracy.
  • Antrel Rolle talked about how excited he was to see Giants’ safety Nat Berhe put on the pads. The rookie didn’t disappoint. In the third quarter, Berhe came in and laid a hit on Chris Gragg jarring the ball loose. Berhe flashed a few times, especially with his physicality.
  • During training camp, Giants’ receiver Corey Washington has flashed time and time again as he’s routinely gotten down the field for deep touchdowns. Two days ago, Washington caught caught a 50+ yard touchdown pass from Curtis Painter. In Sunday’s Hall of Fame game, it was another 50+ yard touchdown, 73 to be exact, but this one from Ryan Nassib. Washington got beyond his defender by a step, but then came back to an under thrown ball to make the grab. If Washington continues to impress, it’ll be tough to let him go on cut-down day.

  • Playing with a very, very poor third-string offensive line, Michael Cox showed some flashes. One in particular play stood out. On a screen pass, the Buffalo Bills brought a near all-out blitz. Cox lowered his shoulder to chip an incoming blitzer, then snuck behind the defense to set up for a screen. The play worked, largely because of Cox’s block.
  • There is nothing, and I mean nothing, flashy about Peyton Hillis, but he continues to prove he’s a very serviceable running back. Hillis packs a punch, can catch and can block. He displayed two of those three skill sets on Sunday and continues to show he’s a valuable part of the Giants’ team.
  • It was nice to see Mario Manningham get in the game and catch a pass. He’s not the same player he used to be, may not have a spot on the Giants’ roster, but to see the former Super Bowl hero out there again is heart warming.
  • Marcus Harris, who saw playing time before Manningham, showed that his training camp success is beginning to translate on the field. Harris finished with four receptions for 49 yards including an impressive 25-yard catch-and-run. The bottom of the Giants’ depth chart is littered with raw talent at the receiver position.
  • He’s gonna show up here twice, but Ryan Nassib looked both good, and very, very, ugly. Then again, that’s the same Nassib that’s shown up at training camp. When he’s on, Nassib has the mobility, accuracy and arm strength to be a good quarterback in the NFL. He showed that multiple times Sunday


  • The Giants’ woes at tight end continue. While Larry Donnell flashed as a receiver, his blocking is still a huge work in progress. On two separate occasions on the team’s first two drives, Donnell motioned into the backfield just to be blown up. On another, Donnell failed to control Mario Williams on the line. All three plays, Rashad Jennings was brought down for no gain or a loss.
  • It wasn’t that Charles James II had a bad game, but he did miss two tackles that should have been givens. On another play, a 26-yard catch-and-run from Bills’ receiver Rob Woods, James was knocked off coverage on a pick play.
  • Kerry Wynn had a sack. That’s good. Kerry Wynn tried to pick up a fumble with under two minutes to play and run with it, bobbled the ball, then the Bills recovered. That’s bad. It’s a young player looking to make a play, but he’s gotta know to fall on that.


  • Ryan Nassib, New York Giants (August 3, 2014)

    Ryan Nassib – © USA TODAY Sports Images

    Here’s Ryan Nassib again. The biggest issue with the second-year quarterback is when he gets pressured, he makes some really bad decisions. As was the case on his intentional grounding call and interception. Both times Nassib had someone in his face. Both times Nassib made a terrible decision.

  • Cooper Taylor didn’t have a very good day on special teams. He flashed and was physical on defense, but he also let up a punt block and got pancaked on the next attempt. Special teams may not be Taylor’s strongest area, but he’s gotta be better than he was Sunday night.
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Eli Manning, New York Giants (December 22, 2013)

Eli Manning and the new-look Giants’ offense take the field for the first time tonight – © USA TODAY Sports Images

LIVE UPDATES: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills…
For the first time this season, the New York Giants’ take the field for a preseason match-up with the Buffalo Bills. At (BBI), we’ve created your one-stop shop for all things involving the game.


Below we’ll have LIVE coverage as everything happens. You’ll find quarter-by-quarter stat leaders, scores, updates and more. Wanna join along in the conversation? Voice your opinion in the comment section below or tweet using the hashtag “#BBI.” If your tweet includes that hashtag you’ll see your comments show up in the box below! No more having to worry about missing a game, BBI has your complete package giving you everything you need to know about what’s happening.

Before the game, be sure to check out our complete preview.

Beason (LB), Beckham Jr. (WR), Beatty (LT), Wilson (RB), Jackson (CB), Grimble (TE), Holliday (WR), Paysinger (LB), Patterson (DT), Ayers (DE), McBride (CB), Herman (OT).

McKelvin (CB), Gilmore (CB), Moeaki (TE), Chandler (TE), Goodwin (WR)

Passing -
Ryan Nassib, 7-of-12 for 139 yards, 1 touchdown, 0 interceptions
Eli Manning, 6-of-7 for 43 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions
Curtis Painter, 3-of-3 for 26 yards, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions

Rushing -
Andre Williams, 7 carries for 48 yards and one touchdown
Peyton. Hillis, 7 carries for 36 yards
Rashad Jennings, 7 carries for 23 yards
John Conner, 1 carry for 7 yards
Kendall Gaskins, 5 carries for 5 yards
Michael Cox, 9 carries for 3 yards

Receiving -
Corey Washington, 1 catch for 73 yards and a touchdown
Marcus Harris, 4 catches for 49 yards
Rashad Jennings, 3 catches for 20 yards
Mario Manningham, 1 catch for 17 yards
Larry Donnell, 1 catch for 13 yards
Jerrel Jernigan, 2 catches for 13 yards
Daniel Fells, 1 catch for 10 yards
Travis Harvey, 1 catch for 9 yards
Michael Cox, 1 catch for 8 yards
Peyton Hillis, 1 catch for -4 yards

Defense – (Tackles-Assists)
Jayron Hosley, 4-0
Cooper Taylor, 4-4 (1 interception)
Kendrick Adams, 3-1
Jameel McClain, 3-1
Kerry Wynn, 3-0 (1 sack)
Spencer Adkins, 2-1
Nat Berhe, 2-1 (1 forced fumble)
Mark Herzlich, 2-0
Charles James, 2-0
Devon Kennard, 2-0
Walter Thurmond, 2-0
Prince Amukamara, 1-0
Zack Bowman, 1-0 (1 interception)
Jay Bromley, 1-0
Chandler Fenner, 1-0
Mathias Kiwanuka, 1-0
Damontre Moore, 1-1 (1 sack)
Antrel Rolle, 1-0
Jordan Stanton, 1-0 (1 sack, 1 forced fumble)
Ross Weaver, 1-0
Jacquian Williams, 1-1
Johnathan Hankins, 0-1
Kelcy Quarles, 0-1

Passing Leader -
Thad Lewis, 10-of-16 for 87 yards, 0 touchdowns, 1 interception

Rushing Leader -
Bryce Brown, 7 carries for 40 yards

Receiving Leader -
Robert Woods, 4 catches for 49 yards and one touchdown

Defensive Tackle Leader – (Tackles-Assists)
Randell Johnson, 5-1

NEW YORK: 17 Buffalo: 13 (FINAL)

Fourth Quarter
TD (NYG) R, Nassib 73-yard TD to Corey Washington

Third Quarter
FG (Buf) D. Carpenter 51-yard

Second Quarter
FG (NYG) B. McManus 47-yard
TD (Buf) J. Tuel 2-yard TD pass to R. Woods

TD (NYG) A. Williams 3-yard run
FG (Buf) Carpenter 30-yard kick

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Michael Strahan, New York Giants (August 1, 2014)

Michael Strahan – © USA TODAY Sports Images

This. This was exactly where he was supposed to be.

Standing atop the mightiest of stages, his gap-toothed grin smiling at the thousands that had traveled to Canton, Ohio for him. There were NFL greats to his left and right, family, friends and fans sitting in front of him. This moment was what those 15 years in the NFL had come to. This was the final stop of Michael Strahan’s football career.

He began speaking shortly after Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer presented him. His first words were what he wanted to get across. What he wanted all to know.

“This isn’t TV Michael,” Strahan said. “This is football Michael.”

But he was wrong. This wasn’t either. This was who he was. There was no pretending, no show, no over-the-top antics.

This was Michael Strahan. The same person who had made himself so endearing to fans over the years.

The more he talked, the more the twitterverse fawned. Fans of every team hung on each and every word as Strahan reminisced about his days at Texas Southern – yes, he reminded all it was Texas Southern – and the early days with the Giants. There were, as he described it, three generations. He was apart of them all.

Strahan was with George Young and Dan Reeves, who drafted him in 1993. Then Jim Fassel, Jessie Armstead, and Keith ‘The Hammer’ Hamilton, a group Strahan helped take to the 2000 Super Bowl.

But then Strahan’s tone changed. His eyes lit up as he looked at the row several feet in front of him with two faces he wanted to address more than anyone else. All in all, Strahan thanked 94 people who had helped him along the way – even rivals Erik Williams and Jon Runyan – but these two were different. That gap-toothed grin came out again as he looked directly at an equally smiling Tom Coughlin.

Strahan talked about his early days with the Giants and struggles he and Coughlin went through. Joked about the coach’s strict five-minute early rule saying he, “still doesn’t get it.” The man who now is welcomed into millions of people’s homes on “Live with Kelly and Michael” got the stern-faced Coughlin to beam with a smile.

But then came the quote that was more telling than any. The smile left Strahan’s face for just as second as he spoke directly from the heart.

“You made me a better man,” Strahan said.

The smile grew on Tom’s.

Michael Strahan, New York Giants (August 2, 2014)

Michael Strahan – © USA TODAY Sports Images

After thanking a few others, including David Tyree’s helmet, Strahan managed to penetrate the impenetrable. The emotionless Eli Manning.

Strahan talked about how on game days, he’d go up to every player on the Giants’ roster and attempt to get them pumped up. When it came to Manning, it was a handshake and ‘Go get em’ comment before exiting the tunnel. He mimicked Mannings stone-cold face, to which Eli flashed one in a joking manner back before even…yes, really…smiling himself.

This was who Michael Strahan was. The man who got Coughlin to beam ear-to-ear, Eli to grin and thousands to laugh right along with them. This wasn’t forced. This wasn’t made up. This was Michael Strahan.

Then came the line that meant more than anything. Not TV Michael, not football Michael.

Father Michael.

‘Dad’ turned to his four children, Michael Jr., Tanita, and twins Sophia and Isabella. Gone again was the grin, replaced with sincerity and love. Telling them how they were the most important motivation for him throughout his career.

“Of all titles,” Strahan told his children, “The title I am most proud of is Michael Strahan, your father.”

And that was it. The final 34 minutes of Michael Strahan’s football career.

Jay Glazer presents Michael Strahan for enshrinement (Video)

Michael Strahan’s Pro Football Hall of Fame speech (Video)

Aug 022014
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Will Beatty, New York Giants (November 10, 2013)

Will Beatty – © USA TODAY Sports Images

12 New York Giants Don’t Make Trip to Canton: Twelve injured New York Giants did not make the trip to Canton, Ohio on Saturday to play the Buffalo Bills in Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game. The Giants not traveling with the team include:

  • RB David Wilson (neck)
  • WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring)
  • WR Trindon Holliday (hamstring)
  • LT Will Beatty (migraine)
  • TE Xavier Grimble (hamstring)
  • OL Eric Herman (hip)
  • DE Robert Ayers (ankle)
  • DT Mike Patterson (shoulder)
  • LB Jon Beason (foot)
  • LB Spencer Paysinger (concussion)
  • CB Trumaine McBride (hip)
  • CB Bennett Jackson (ankle)

NY Post Q&A with RB Andre Williams: Serby’s Sunday Q&A with Andre Williams by Steve Serby of The New York Post

Article on QB Eli Manning: Does Giants QB Eli Manning belong in the Hall of Fame? by Jordan Raanan of and Connor Orr of The Star-Ledger

Article on QBs Ryan Nassib and Curtis Painter: Nassib, Painter in battle for Giants’ backup quarterback spot by Mark Cannizzaro of The New York Post

Article on QB Ryan Nassib and OT Justin Pugh: Pugh & Nassib to face former ‘Cuse coach Sunday by Michael Eisen of

Article on FB Henry Hynoski: Giants’ Hynoski has plenty to prove by Jeff Roberts of The Bergen Record

Article on WR Rueben Randle: Rueben Randle set for leading role in Giants’ offense by Zach Braziller of The New York Post

Article on Place Kickers Josh Brown and Brandon McManus: Strong-Legged Kickers Put Giants in a Quandary, and It’s Good by Bill Pennington of The New York Times

Article on the New York Giants-Buffalo Bills Preseason Game: Things to watch as the Giants kick off the 2014 season in the Hall of Fame Game by Ralph Vacchiano of The New York Daily News

Articles on Former Giants DE Michael Strahan:

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Robert Ayers, New York Giants (June 12, 2014)

Robert Ayers missed practice with ankle injury – © USA TODAY Sports Images (BBI) Updates: In case you missed it, original-content articles from BBI today:

August 1, 2014 New York Giants Injury Report: Not practicing on Friday were RB David Wilson (neck), WR Odell Beckham (hamstring), WR Trindon Holliday (hamstring), TE Xavier Grimble (hamstring), LT Will Beatty (headache), DE Robert Ayers (ankle), DT Mike Patterson (shoulder), LB Jon Beason (PUP – foot), LB Spencer Paysinger (concussion), and CB Bennett Jackson (ankle).

Regarding Jackson, Head Coach Tom Coughlin said, “There’s no fracture, but it’s a significant ankle sprain.”

August 1, 2014 Tom Coughlin Press Conference: The transcript and video from Friday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at

August 1, 2014 New York Giants Player Media Q&As: Transcripts and video of Friday’s media Q&A sessions with the following players are available at

Article on the New York Giants Running Backs: Injury to Wilson Puts the Giants’ Backfield in Motion by Bill Pennington of The New York Times

Article on WR Rueben Randle: Randle: ‘I’m ready for more opportunities’ by Mike Mazzeo of

Article on TE Larry Donnell: Giants ‘loving’ what they see from TE Larry Donnell by Zach Braziller of The New York Post

Article on the New York Giants Offensive Line: Giants offensive line irons out West Coast wrinkles by Tom Rock of Newsday

Article on S Antrel Rolle: Giants can’t let indispensable Rolle follow Tuck out the door by Steve Serby of The New York Post

Articles on Former Giants DE Michael Strahan:

Aug 012014
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Bennett Jackson, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (October 26, 2013)

Bennett Jackson – © USA TODAY Sports Images

There’s the good news. Then there’s the bad.

The good? Bennett Jackson’s ankle, the one that got tangled up with wide receiver Corey Washington’s foot in yesterday’s practice, isn’t broken. The bad?

“It’s a significant ankle sprain,” Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin said.

The injury will almost certainly keep Jackson out for Sunday’s preseason contest with the Buffalo Bills. But just how much longer until Jackson can return is up in the air. Since being drafted in the sixth round of this year’s NFL Draft, Jackson has been thrown into arguably New York’s most competitive position battle. Missing time isn’t exactly ideal.

Barring injury, while starters Prince Amukamara, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond III have their 53-man roster spots reserved, any available spot behind the big three is up for grabs.

Zack Bowman, Trumaine McBride, Charles James II, Jayron Hosley, Ross Weaver and Jackson are all competing for two-to-three potential spots. The longer Jackson sits out, the more time it gives others to step up.

In Friday’s practice, the first Jackson missed because of his injury, both McBride and James intercepted passes. James filled in for Jackson on special teams.

After practice, the Giants announced the signing of corner Chandler Fenner. Fenner, a third-year pro, spent the last two seasons with the Seattle Seahawks.

Aug 012014
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Chandler Fenner (48), Kansas City Chiefs (August 30, 2012)

Chandler Fenner (48) – © USA TODAY Sports Images

The New York Giants made four roster moves Friday as the team announced the signings of cornerback Chandler Fenner and offensive tackle Adam Gress. To make room for these two, the Giants placed offensive tackle Troy Kropog on Injured Reserve with a foot injury and waived/injured cornerback Travis Howard with a knee injury.

Fenner was originally signed by the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted rookie free agent after the 2012 NFL Draft. He did not make the team but the Seattle Seahawks signed him to their Practice Squad in December 2012. He missed all of 2013 with a knee injury that landed him on Seattle’s Injured Reserve. The Seahawks waived him last Tuesday. Fenner has a nice combination of size and athleticism and he plays a physical game.

Gress is an undrafted rookie free agent out of Penn State. Gress tried out with the Steelers in May after the 2014 NFL Draft but was not signed. Gress has good size but lacks athleticism.

The Giants signed Kropog to a reserve/future contract in January 2014. Kropog was originally drafted in the 4th round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. The Titans waived him in September 2012 and he then spent time with the Jaguars (2012), Vikings (2012-13) and Redskins (2013). He had been seeing some second-team reps at right tackle in training camp.

The Giants signed Howard to the Practice Squad in late December 2013. Howard was originally signed as an undrafted rookie free agent by the Houston Texans after the 2013 NFL Draft. The Texans waived him in August 2013 and Howard spent some time on the Practice Squad of the New England Patriots in October 2013.

Because of these moves, we have updated the TransactionsRoster, and Depth Chart sections of the website.

Jul 312014
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Jay Bromely, New York Giants (June 18, 2014)

Jay Bromley – © USA TODAY Sports Images (BBI) Updates: In case you missed it, original-content articles from BBI today and yesterday:

July 31, 2014 New York Giants Injury Report: On Wednesday, the Giants publicly released an update on RB David Wilson, who suffered a neck burner at practice on Tuesday. Wilson underwent a battery of medical tests Tuesday night at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). The Giants say he will not practice the remainder of the week, nor will he play in the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

Wilson will be examined and evaluated by Dr. Frank Cammisa at HSS on Monday. Cammisa, chief of spine services at HSS, is the specialist who performed the vertebrae fusion surgery on Wilson on January 16, 2014.

However, while Wilson himself tweeted on Wednesday that “everything is fine,” and The Star-Ledger are reporting that sources say Wilson’s football career is likely over. ESPN is reporting the same.

“Until we here what the doctors say, I am just praying that the kid is okay,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin after practice on Thursday. “When he was cleared to play he came out and exhibited no fear, no nothing. I was really excited about that coming out. We are obviously concerned, but we will have to wait and see what the doctors say.”

Wilson originally injured the neck in October 2013 in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was cleared to resume football contact on July 21.

In addition to Wilson, not practicing on Thursday were WR Odell Beckham (hamstring), WR Trindon Holliday (hamstring), TE Xavier Grimble (hamstring), OG John Jerry (knee), DT Mike Patterson (shoulder), LB Jon Beason (PUP – foot), LB Spencer Paysinger (concussion), LB Spencer Adkins (groin), and CB Travis Howard (knee).

LT Will Beatty (illness), DE Robert Ayers (ankle), CB Bennett Jackson (ankle), and WR Corey Washington (heel) all left practice early. Bennett will undergo x-rays on his ankle.

July 31, 2014 Tom Coughlin Press Conference: The transcript and video from Thursday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at

July 31, 2014 New York Giants Player Media Q&As: Transcripts and video of Thursday’s media Q&A sessions with the following players are available at

New York Giants on ESPN Radio: Audio clips of Tuesday’s ESPN Radio interviews with the following team officials and players are available at

  • President/CEO John Mara (Audio)
  • General Manager Jerry Reese (Audio)
  • Head Coach Tom Coughlin (Audio)
  • QB Eli Manning (Audio)
  • WR Victor Cruz (Audio)
  • LB Jon Beason (Audio)
  • CB Prince Amukamara (Audio)
  • S Antrel Rolle (Audio) Q&A with OG/OC Weston Richburg: Weston Richburg rookie check-in: Playing more guard or center for Giants? by Jordan Raanan of

Article on New York Giants Training Camp: Giants training camp Week 2: Stock Up/Stock Down by Jordan Raanan of

Articles on the New York Giants Offensive Talent:

Article on Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo: 10 observations about Ben McAdoo’s offense by Jordan Raanan of

Article on QB Ryan Nassib: Four practices with Ryan Nassib: A breakdown of the Giants backup by Conor Orr of The Star-Ledger

Articles on New York Giants Running Backs:

Articles on New York Giants Tight Ends:

Articles on New York Giants Defensive Line:

Articles on New York Giants Defensive Backs:

Articles on Former Giant DE Michael Strahan:

Full pads for #Giants practice today

Jul 302014
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David Wilson, New York Giants (December 30, 2012)

David Wilson will have further tests on Monday – © USA TODAY Sports Images

David Wilson, the Giants’ talented and speedy running back, will sit out the remaining two training camp practices this week and Hall of Fame preseason game on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills before having further tests done to his neck on Monday. He underwent a ‘full battery of tests’ last night, per team officials.

In yesterday’s practice, Wilson caught a shovel pass from quarterback Curtis Painter. The back then cut up the field, lowered his head and ran into the back of guard/center Eric Herman. When the scrum separated, Wilson was lying on the ground and trainers were rushing his way.

On January 16, Wilson had ‘spinal vertebrae fusion’ surgery on his neck following a neck stinger suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles on October 6. After a slow and grueling rehabilitation process, Wilson received medical clearance the day the Giants’ reported for training camp on July 21.

Yesterday’s practice was just the seventh Wilson had participated in and fourth involving contact. The doctor that will examine Wilson on Monday, Dr. Frank Cammisa, is the same that performed Wilson’s spinal fusion surgery back in January.

“We’ll hear what (the doctors) have to say first,” Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin said after yesterday’s practice. “We were all praying that (his neck) would not be an issue and he’d be able to come back and go to work and do what…he was cleared.”

Jul 292014
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David Wilson, New York Giants (August 24, 2013)

The Giants are worried about David Wilson’s neck – © USA TODAY Sports Images (BBI) Updates: In case you missed it, original-content articles from BBI today:

July 29, 2014 New York Giants Injury Report: LB Jon Beason (foot – PUP), WR Rueben Randle (hamstring), WR Trindon Holliday (leg), WR Odell Beckham (hamstring), TE Xavier Grimble (hamstring), DT Everett Dawkins (unknown), CB Ross Weaver (unknown), and CB Travis Howard (unknown) did not practice on Tuesday. The Giants said Grimble practiced, but the reporters said he did not.

Most troubling is that RB David Wilson left practice early with what is being called a “burner” to his neck. According to the Giants, the injury occurred when Wilson caught a shovel pass, turned upfield with his head down, and ran into the back of offensive lineman Eric Herman.

Wilson was only cleared for football contact on July 21 after suffering a career-threatening neck injury against the Eagles in October 2013. Wilson had surgery on January 16, 2014 to fuse vertebrae in his neck.

Wilson was sent to the Hospital for Special Surgery for a full battery of tests to determine the severity of the injury he suffered on Tuesday.

After practice, Head Coach Tom Coughlin was visibly concerned.

“He got a burner. So we’ll see,” said Coughlin. “We’ll hear what they have to say first. We were all praying that he wouldn’t have an issue and come back to work. He was cleared, as you know. We’ll see. I’m not going to speculate what it is and see what the doctors say.”

Odell Beckham, who aggravated an offseason hamstring injury at the beginning of camp and has not practiced since, talked about his injury and the tests he underwent on Monday to determine the status of the injury.

“(The tests revealed) just heavy inflammation and blood in the hamstring,” said Beckham. “The trainers are just taking it day-by-day to see. Whatever happens is what happens. It’s up to them right now on the length, however long it’s going to be…they just said it’s still day-by-day.”

“Yeah (I’m frustrated),” said Beckham. “I talked to Coach Coughlin and like he said, it’s frustrating on both ends. He wants me out there as bad as I want to be out there. It’s just kind of like you work so hard to get to where you’re at now and it’s like you can’t go out there and do the one thing that you love to do. It’s hard to just take that all the time and then have your coach, at the same time, be frustrated.”

July 29, 2014 Tom Coughlin Press Conference: The transcript and video from Tuesday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at

July 29, 2014 New York Giants Player Media Q&As: Transcripts and video of Tuesday’s media Q&A sessions with the following players are available at

What we found out during media hour by Dan Salomone of

New York Giants on WFAN Radio: Audio clips of Tuesday’s WFAN Radio interviews with the following team officials and players are available at CBS New York:

  • President/CEO John Mara (Audio)
  • General Manager Jerry Reese (Audio)
  • Head Coach Tom Coughlin (Audio)
  • QB Eli Manning (Audio)
  • WR Victor Cruz (Audio)
  • S Antrel Rolle (Audio)

New York Giants Practice Reports:

Article on Head Coach Tom Coughlin and QB Eli Manning: Eli Manning on what makes Tom Coughlin a Hall-worthy coach by Steve Serby of The New York Post

Article on Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo: New Coach Has Giants Huddling in Hurry, or Not at All by Bill Pennington of The New York Times

Article on QB Eli Manning: NY Giants QB Eli Manning wants a career like Yankees’ Derek Jeter, playing with one team into his 40s by Gary Myers of The New York Daily News

Articles on WR Mario Manningham:

Article on TE Daniel Fells: Daniel Fells a most unlikely comeback story by Kieran Darcy of

Article on New York Giants Defensive Tackles:

Article on Head Coach Tom Coughlin and Former Giants DE Michael Strahan: Strahan, Coughlin weren’t always these Hall of Fame allies by Steve Serby of The New York Post