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Q&A: Cornerback Will Peterson

Interview Conducted by Reporter WalterB

BBI: What are you generally trying to improve on during training camp?

Will Peterson: I am trying to perfect the press technique. Everyday I want to go out and try to perfect it. There is always something you can learn. I am trying to get it so solid so that it looks the same every time. My steps are the same, my hand placement is the same, my getting over the top is the same. I am looking at all the little details in order to perfect them.

BBI: Is there more than one press technique that you use? What can you tell me about that.

Will Peterson: Yeah, there is definitely more than one. Some guys can choose to press and bail, some like quick jams right off of the line, some will take a couple of hops back and wait for the receiver to make a move. Some guys are just more aggressive at the line. Here with the Giants the coaches teach us a variety of press techniques. You just can’t have one technique for all the receivers, because they are not all the same. There are different receivers with different speeds and quickness. And each guy can have a technique that fits to their mold.

BBI: Will you then match a technique to a player and plan for it before hand?

Will Peterson: Yeah, that could be. Like with a bigger receiver you may want to quick jam him because he is not going to give you a lot of moves off of the line. Or with a small guy you may want to be patient because he may give you a lot of quick moves off of the line.

BBI: I understand that you have worked on your tackling technique because of your concussion. Specifically what can you tell me about what you are trying to improve?

Will Peterson: Well that is something you can’t work on during camp because we do not do a lot of hitting. As far as technique goes I am keeping my head up. When I am running at a guy I am now keeping my head up instead of being reckless.

BBI: Where you going on head first a lot?

Will Peterson: Yeah, head first – whatever first – I want to be a smarter player and a smarter tackler.

BBI: How would you rank yourself physically in this training camp compared to the end of last season?

Will Peterson: I am getting healthy right now. I am still in the process and I am coming off of injury in the off season. So I have knocks and things that my body is getting used to. I think that by the season I will be 100%.

BBI: How difficult would it be for you to switch to left corner?

Will Peterson: I am really used to playing left. Really. My first year was kind of difficult playing right. We have switched in some games before between right and left. It would not be too difficult because my body is built for the left side. Since Will was behind Thomas and since I was behind Jason we just ended up that way. This year you will be able to see me at the left side.

BBI: Is that because certain packages call for you on the left?

Will Peterson: Sometime I will be at the left the entire game.

BBI: Is that because you are following a certain type of receiver around for a better match up?

Will Peterson: Yeah. It depends on the game plan.

BBI: Beside the coaches who on the team has helped you the most?

Will Peterson: Players in the secondary. Shaun Williams, Will Allen, Ralph Brown. Those guys keep on you. They are making you better through competition.

BBI: And in your family who do you rely on most?

Will Peterson: All of them. Each one of them brings a different thing to the table. My mother, my sister, they all bring a different thing to the table.

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Q&A: Cornerback Will Peterson

by BBI Reporter walterb

walterb: What positions are you playing and what packages are you in during the practices here at Albany?

William Peterson: Regular defense, nickel, quarter defense. Right now I am mostly the right corner.

walterb: What happens when Jason Sehorn comes back full? Will you end up being in the slot more then?

William Peterson: No, that has not been determined. Now I am on the field all the time, and as of right now I am playing right corner.

walterb: As a player what do you do best?

William Peterson: I have a lot of athletic ability and that allows me to get back into plays and make plays. I also think I am aggressive. I bring aggressive play to the table, and I can support on the run. You can have good cover guys, but they won’t always come up against the run. My cover skills are real good too. So I think I have the total package.

walterb: Do you then prefer to play man coverage or zone coverage?

William Peterson: I like man coverage more. Because you know when you have a guy in man it is just you against him. Zone sometimes is tricky because you can start off with a man, and then another guy comes into the zone – and then it gets tricky. You might end up taking another responsibility.

walterb: Who are the toughest receivers that you have played against?

William Peterson: The Jerry Rice and Tim Brown combination. They both use experience. They are both proven, and they both have a great work ethic. I think they are hard to go up against.

walterb: When something goes wrong on a play, what usually goes wrong? Last year the defensive backfield had numerous breakdowns – what went wrong?

William Peterson: Miscommunication mainly. When you have miscommunication in the secondary a player may think he is playing one thing and he really may be playing another coverage. It was not about the athletic ability – because the athletes are here. We have good athletes in our defensive secondary. It really boils down to miscommunication- even though everyone was hustling. You can’t have a good secondary without everyone communicating- and you really have to be consistent.

walterb: What is it that you would like the fans out there to know about you and your character that is the most revealing?

William Peterson: (emphatically) That I love the game of football. And when they see me on the field they are going to see energy and enthusiasm – and yeah – I hate losing! I am competing to win.