Q&A: Running Back Sean Bennett

by BBI Reporter walterb

walterb: What is the best part of your game?

Sean Bennett: My hands and quickness. Being able to come out of the backfield and being able to get open. In high school I was a receiver, so I am able still to draw on those experiences and skills.

walterb: The Giants have hoped to use you and isolate you in the defensive backfield and create mismatches. Is that still part of the plan?

Sean Bennett: Yeah, I think so. It may not be as big a role since they brought in Shockey. So he may take over some of that. The Giants may use me in the slot and also split out wide as a receiver. Sometime I will also be like a tight end. Sometime I will be a receiver, and sometime I will be a fullback or a tailback. It is more like a multi-position.

walterb: Will you play much on Monday?

Sean Bennett: I think Tiki and Dayne will play a few series, then there will be me and Damon (Washington) a lot. I am looking forward to it especially after being out so long.

On Fullback Reps: Yeah, I got some reps. It has not been on lead plays, and more out of the backfield, and more in the passing situations.

Note: Sean is looking forward to fielding other questions from readers at BigBlueInteractive.com (BBI). I informed him he has a big following on the BBI.