Q&A: Linebacker Dhani Jones

by BBI Reporter walterb

Dhani Jones on competing for a starters spot: Being complacent is something I am always aware of. If you do make plays you can stay.

walterb: What do you bring to a defense?

Dhani Jones: Non-stop action. I go 200% on every single play.

walterb: And what are your strengths?

Dhani Jones: I am always around the ball – being aware of my surroundings, adapting to the defense as well as the offense.

walterb: Are you going to have a large role on specials or less of a roll on specials this year because of your starter status?

Dhani Jones: Whatever capacity they need me.

walterb: Any difference from last year?

Dhani Jones: They took me off a couple of them. You know anytime they want me to be on special teams I always want to be on special teams. Special team players play for a long time. Sometimes that’s all they do is play special teams. I would never turn down the opportunity to play special teams.

walterb: Do you think players don’t take special teams seriously?

Dhani Jones: No, people take special teams seriously. That’s another opportunity to make plays and another opportunity to be on the field.

walterb: If you could put a meter or gauge on this year’s team, what’s the difference in intensity from last years meter?

Dhani Jones: There’s a different attitude and a different personality. We got a lot of energy on the field, and we just want to make plays. We have guys who come from a number of big name organizations and we have a sufficient number of veterans who know how to lead this team – and we got younger and eager guys who want to make plays.

walterb: Is that enough to carry this team?

Dhani Jones: Definitely, all you need is a team with some chemistry and ability to win ball games.

walterb: What makes someone who wants to study neurosurgery want to play football?

Dhani Jones: Bad temper that I need to control

walterb: And how does it help you control your temper?

Dhani Jones: You get tired when you come off the field – you are too tired to get into arguments.

walterb: Break down the various offenses you are seeing around the league. Can you characterize a few different offense types that you find hard to defend?

Dhani Jones: Everybody has things that are difficult to defend. I think once you have a cohesive unit on defense, every offense can be stopped.

walterb: Which offense then impresses you most in your division?

Dhani Jones: Good question: I think the Redskins are bringing a different type of offense with Spurrier. They probably are going to run four wides, five wides and they are going to try to open up the field. You have the Eagles with a running game and a balanced offense. Dallas – I mean everybody in our division definitely has a lot of talent and we are going to have to prepare for them equally.

walterb: Typically how many reads do you make on a running play and on a passing play?

Dhani Jones: Probably a minimum of five in about three seconds.

walterb: That many?

Dhani Jones: Yeah

walterb: How does that change your technique?

Dhani Jones: It lets you know where you have to be and what technique you have to use.

walterb: Really – as many and five reads? Does that make it more complicated?

Dhani Jones: That’s why we practice and you know when you practice that is how you are able to read.

walterb: Is it the same for running and passing plays?

Dhani Jones: About the same. You got to read the linemen. You got to read the QB. You got to read the RB. You got to read the QB again, and then decide where you are supposed to be.

walterb: Do you often go through your reads and say I don’t know what is coming?

Dhani Jones: You usually know what is coming. Sometimes you get a little confused – and then you have to pick up and get back in the flow of things.

walterb: I remember when LT played at Giants Stadium at times he used to point to where the play was going? Do you have that kind of confidence?

Dhani Jones: I think that is something you get as you get older and when becomes familiar with more things. I am still growing and it is a process.

walterb: And what would you like fans to know about you that they don’t already know?

Dhani Jones: I like to think.

walterb: That is a good answer.