Q&A: Defensive Tackle Keith Hamilton

BBI: What are the basic run and pass techniques that you see used against you?

Keith Hamilton: It depends on who they feel is the bigger threat. That could be the defense tackle or that could be Michael Strahan. So this depends on the offensive coordinator and what their offense thinks, what they  are trying to get done,  and who is the biggest threat.

BBI: So you might run up against a complete different technique based on what they think about you?

Keith Hamilton: Right. And depending on what they think of your personnel, and their match ups against your personnel.

BBI: So you may not get a variety of moves and techniques or doubles, and the next week they may be leaving you alone more?

Keith Hamilton: Yeah, pretty much.  It depends on match ups.  When they look at the match ups they may say:  OK they got Keith Hamilton against this guy- How do you think he is going to do- You got Michael Strahan against this guy – We got Cornelius Griffin against this guy- We got Kenny Holmes against this guy. And that really defines how the protection is going to go. And they are also looking at what they are trying to get done.

BBI: So if they are a hard running inside team, they will be blocking you completely different than San Francisco would be?

Keith Hamilton: Exactly. No question. In some cases you could be getting more double teams, they may be trying  run leads. And, San Francisco is a wide open offense you might not see a double team in that game. They might spread the field and pounce on you.

BBI: So which do you prefer?

Keith Hamilton:I am a smash mouth kind off guy. I prefer the double teams all day.