Q&A: Linebacker Wesly Mallard

Interview Conducted by BigBlueInteractive.com Reporter WalterB

BBI: Have you been able to pick the playbook better this year than last?

Wesly Mallard : Oh most definitely, just our mini-camps and just from learning what I learned last year and from training camp – coming into training camp this year has made it a lot easier. Now, I am just learning some of the small intricacies of some of the playbook.

BBI:  And are you comfortable enough to provide completion at weakside linebacker?

Wesly Mallard : Yeah, I am getting a lot more comfortable, since it is about seeing and recognizing plays and formations.

BBI:  What packages are you in on now?

Wesly Mallard: Everybody backs up a position everywhere so like I am running the twos on regular, three nickel. We have all kinds of different packages where I am second or third.

BBI: Coming out of college you were 220 pounds. In the past six months have you hit the weight room hard and have you increased your weight?

Wesly Mallard : I have hit the weight room hard. I have only increased my weight up to 225-227. I have trained real hard in the off-season though.

BBI:  Does the weight make a difference with your speed?

Wesly Mallard: With the training that I do it did not change my speed.

BBI: And what kind of training are you doing?

Wesly Mallard: I am down in Arizona with Jay Schroeder. We do different things that are power-orientated. There is endurance and speed training and things like that.

BBI: What is your speed in the 40?  Have you time yourself lately?

Wesly Mallard: No, don’t need to do that anymore. If you are a linebacker  you only play in certain areas, so your speed only helps you so much.

BBI: So you may only be using your real speed when you are chasing somebody downfield.

Wesly Mallard: Or covering a receiver or tight end or something like that. It’s all about quickness actually.

BBI: In terms of play recognition which plays are the hardest to recognize?

Wesly Mallard: I don’t know if there are certain plays. You really have to see stuff. They may have a delay called – or something that is out of whack, like a formation that is funny.