August 2, 2006 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Morning Practice)

by Contributor BC Eagles94

FS Will Demps, LB Brandon Short, and OG/OT Lewis Kelly were all riding stationary bikes and not practicing. I expect that Demps and Short will be practicing tonight.

TE Jeremy Shockey was nowhere to be seen.

DE Eric Moore was carted off towards end of practice – I don’t know extent of injury or what he injured.

WR Plaxico Burress was standing around all practice after doing some of the unit drills with the other wide receivers. I learned later that he injured his ankle. It doesn’t seem serious at all though. He stayed at practice the whole time, standing and joking around, so it can’t be that bad. He and WR Sinorice Moss seem inseparable. They are always standing next to each other talking.

Sinorice and WR Anthony Mix did not do unit drills with the other wide receivers. They were down on the lower field running and doing fundamentals. It definitely didn’t seem like a punishment but more of a focus on fundamentals with a couple rookies.

The scrimmaging was pretty boring. The best play of the morning was the first play. QB Eli Manning hit WR Amani Toomer by the sideline for a 25-30 yard pass where Toomer made a great catch and got his feet in.

In the beginning of practice, they were doing punt drills. Travis Dorsch was punting, as P Jeff Feagles was being used as a quarterback for the wide receiver unit drills. HB Chad Morton and CB R.W. McQuarters are SO FLUID catching punts. Morton sprinted to end zone after catching every punt. WR Michael Jennings was the other guy taking punts. Every time you hold your breath when he fields one. There is such a difference watching him field punts compared to R.W. and Morton who look like they have glue on their gloves. Moss and WR Tim Carter were also standing down with the returners but weren’t fielding any.

With no Shockey, I didn’t even realize a tight end on the field all day. Some guys wearing jersey numbers in the 40’s made some nice catches in the scrimmage – I am assuming they were tight ends.

During the scrimmage, DE Michael Strahan was icing his hands in a cooler. It wasn’t an injury as HB Tiki Barber was standing with him and laughing. Strahan seemed to be teaching the running backs this trick. HB Brandon Jacobs followed Strahan and iced his hands. FJ Jim Finn was standing there as well.

LB LaVar Arrington is very active talking to guys on the sideline. He spent a lot of time talking to Strahan and DE Osi Umenyiora. But he talks with everyone – I saw him talking to PK Jay Feely for awhile too.

After practice in the sweltering heat, Tiki still signed HUNDREDS of autographs. He is the epitome of CLASS. Sinorice and Feely also signed a bunch. As they were standing next to each other I asked Sinorice if he had ever seen a kicker with arms like Feely’s. They both got a chuckle with that one! I also thanked Sinorice for staying out in the heat and signing autographs. He said, “This isn’t hot, it is cold out here.” I guess those Floridians aren’t phased, although he must of been being sarcastic.

That is all for now. I will try and post some more info after PM session. Sorry for lack of actual scrimmage info, etc., but I like focusing on the little stuff. Like player interaction, individual drills, and things out of the ordinary!