August 3, 2006 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Afternoon Practice)

by Contributor ChicagoMarty

This is my first camp report so please bear with me.

Weather conditions – hot, humid, some cloud cover.

I did not see TE Jeremy Shockey on the field.

WR Plaxico Burress practiced and was impressive -fast, smooth out of his cuts, and easily elevates. Very impressive.

LB Carlos Emmons and CB Curtis Deloatch were dressed but did not appear to participate.

S James Butler played a lot and received a lot of coaching attention. He looked good but he was gassed at the end of practice.

The quarterback dropback drill was interesting in that I noted some short roll out footwork from all four quarterbacks. Also interesting to me was that the four centers snapping on this drill were Shaun O’Hara, Todd Londot, Matt Lentz, and Chris Snee.

CB/S Jason Bell has hands of stone. He is very fast and smooth as a gunner in punt drills however.

Staff had Butler up close to the line of scrimmage a few times which reminded me of the old elephant concept that was used a few times with Shaun Williams in bygone times.

CB Gerrick McPhearson is extremely fast but does not possess soft hands. He looked dynamic in gunner drills.

CB Brandon Williams has soft hands and some quickness. He caught my eye several times. He looks smallish however.

QB Jared Lorenzen is large, winds up with his delivery, but connects. He also had a pass batted back to him which he caught and then ran through the line of scrimmage like a FB. Impressive.

WR Anthony Mix has soft hands.

DT Jonas Seawright is massive – very large butt. He was gassed at the end of practice however.

DE Willie Evans is a little on the short side with short arms also. He looked like he was getting pushed around fairly easily on the run block drills.

DT Marcus Green looked to be a half count slow off the snap. He does, however, possess serious guns. His triceps are all that and more.

DT Sir Henry Anderson is a large man who just looks strong, but he is a half a click slow off the snap.

LB LaVar Arringotn was moving well. He wears a lot of tape on his ankles and both Achilles, with his shoes almost totally covered with tape. Others taped similarly include S Charlie Peprah and CB R.W. McQuarters.

DT Fred Robbins looked svelte for him and quick. He also was holding an offensive lineman on a sweep in a way which would have made Keith Hamilton proud. I almost did a double take when I spotted him drop in coverage from the DT position in a zone blitz drill.

DT William Joseph looks in great shape and was very quick off the snap.

Vice President of Medical Services Ronnie Barnes is a nice guy.

HB James Sims has soft hands.

Peprah is very active out there. He looks smallish for a safety. He moves like a cornerback. He also moves in a decisive fashion. I was impressed.

FB Tony Jackson impressed me by catching several short passes with his hands and turning up the field in smooth fashion.

LB Gerris Wilkinson moves well and in decisive fashion.

LB Brandon Short was in with the first-team defense a lot at the weakside spot and I couldn’t help but note that he was getting faked out a lot by QB Eli Manning’s magician like ball-handling skills.

MLB Chase Blackburn does not take good angles on running plays consistently.

WR David Tyree made several nice catches.

TE Wade Fletcher impressed me. He is tall, but quick and smooth off the ball and easily beats the jam.

TE Darcy Johnson caught a couple of short bullet passes with his hands when most would have used their chest. I was impressed.

HB Little John Flowers has some quickness.

WR Triandos Luke made a very difficult ankle high catch in traffic.

WR Amani Toomer had the catch of the day and actually made the crowd “ooh” and “aah!”

S Jason Shivers juked out two defenders in a return drill. So did McQuarters.

Eli looks mature and sure of himself.

General Observations:

OG Kevin McAlmont has had his dreds highlighted sort of reddish orange.

OC/OG Grey Ruegamer has grey hair which makes him my hero. His scraggly beard may have some white in it.

QB Tim Hasselback’s hair is thinning. Eli looks like a kid with his short haircut. QB Rob Johnson has a scraggly beard that needs to be shaved. Just awful.