August 6, 2006 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Evening Practice)

by Contributor Marty in Albany

Injuries, injuries, injuries. LB LaVar Arrington did not play and I did not see him on the field until the very end of the practice. I saw him jog for about ten yards and he looked fine. I did not see him limp or appear to be in pain. I can only speculate whether that is the result of medications or the healing process. LB Brandon Short, LB Carlos Emmons, TE Visanthe Shancoe, WR Sinorice Moss, RB Brandon Jacobs, and RB Little John Flowers did not practice.

DT William Joseph did not practice. He was limping and Damane Duckett played right defensive tackle next to Fred Robbins. DT Jonas Seawright better get better. Towards the end of practice I noticed Rich Seubert playing right guard in place of Chris Snee who had is calf wrapped. Seubert and Grey Ruegamer have also been swapping Center and LG positions.

Guy Whimper and Bob Whitfield swapped sides with Guy playing left tackle and Bob right tackle. OT Na’Shan Goddard was snapping the ball with the centers. This may be a new beginning for him or the beginning of the end. Number 78 on defense, finally got his name on his shirt. Congratulations Sir Henry Anderson.

The Giants practiced a flea-flicker in the drills. When they tried it in the 11-on-11s, it was a failure. On the whole, I don’t think that Coach Coughlin liked the practice because he kept the players on the field for the full two hours. Every other practice that I attended has ended about 30 minutes early. My presumption is that when Tom Coughlin is satisfied with what was done on the field, he ends the practice early.

QB Jared Lorenzen got a lot of reps tonight and he got intercepted twice. The best defensive play of the evening was a CB Gerrick McPherson in a one-on-one drill. Later, in the 11-on-11s, Chase Blackburn intercepted a Lorenzen pass. QB Eli Manning had his troubles too. DE Osi Umenyiora, on a zone blitz, knocked down Manning’s pass to TE Wade Fletcher. Manning hit WR Tim Carter with about a 40 yard pass on the right sideline and Tim has been experimenting with a nice spin move after the catch. If the move works it will get him lots of extra yards and a lot of respect from defensive backs. If it doesn’t work, well I don’t even want to think about that. Manning was almost intercepted by perhaps SS Gibril Wilson or S Charlie Peprah, but CB Corey Webster jarred him and he could not hold onto the ball. Webster made up for this transgression by jumping a FB Jim Finn pass route and taking Manning’s pass to the house.

A word about DE Michael Strahan. When the Giants run the ball, the ball carrier is supposed to run about 50 yards regardless of when the whistle blows. On one of Tiki’s runs, Strahan ran with him at about the same speed for 35 or 40 yards. Strahan had no intention of catching Tiki, he just wanted to show that he could still run with him. It was a mixture of exuberance and showing off that is a pleasure to see in a 14 year veteran.