August 14, 2006 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Evening Practice)

by Contributor Marty in Albany

I’d like to start by thanking Coach Coughlin for scheduling a bunch of practices at 6:10 PM which makes it a lot easier for me to work a full day (and a little more) and still get to practice with plenty of time. Aside from the players who did not practice this morning, CB Sam Madison, MLB Antonio Pierce, RDE Osi Umenyiora, and LT Luke Petitgout were not in full pads like the rest of the team. I did not detect any indication of why they did not practice. WR Sinorice Moss was fully dressed but did not participate so far as I could tell.

I think that it was significant that all of the quarterbacks participated in the drills. Lorenzen and Manning got the most work. I would not be surprised if Jared’s play against the Ravens earned him the right to play again on Thursday. Coughlin said that Rob Johnson would be the second quarterback in the Thursday game. I would not be surprised if Coughlin does not hedge his bet by having Lorenzen in the game so that (1) Jared can continue to progress and (2) give the Giants the opportunity to evaluate both quarterbacks against the same team. Tim Hasselbeck is easily the number two QB and it probably does not matter if he plays on Thursday.

In what I will call the Derrick Ward memorial competition between running backs Little John Flowers, James Sims, and Mike Jemison, things look pretty even. They all got a lot of opportunities and they all ran well. Jemison caught a pass or two and runs with power. Sims made an impressive spin move running down field. As I have not heard any announcement of a date for Ward’s return to the team, my presumption is that either the Giants don’t know when it will be or that they are not optimistic.

Much of the practice was pretty far away from the fans, who were rather subdued. There was one play in which Eli Manning and the first-team offense was going up against the second- or third-string defense. Eli threw a very deep pass down to Tim Carter who was all the way down field right in front of the fans. He was being covered by CB Kevin Dockery. At the last second Dockery fell down. Tim Carter was all by himself and the ball hit him in the chest and went straight to the ground. Let me tell you the crowd got ugly in a hurry. I will give Mr. Carter the benefit of the doubt and say that he was concerned about his fallen comrade and that diverted his attention away from the ball and his livelihood (which is catching passes).

Tim Carter was not the only one on the receiving end of criticism today. The line coach spent some time screaming at RT Guy Whimper. Guy did not have a good day. Later on, when it was the first-team defense against the second team offense, DE Michael Strahan caused Guy to false start at least once. I wonder if he felt obliged to do it because Luke Petitgout was not playing. Although he was all the way down at the other end of the field, you could hear Coach Coughlin screaming at (I believe TE Darcy Johnson) “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” It got some laughs from the crowd.

Chad Morton did the most kick returning, but RB Little John Flowers, WRs Michael Jennings, Harry Williams, and Willie Ponder also returned kicks. Willie caught one and then muffed the next one. He also had a good catch or two, but that muff turned the day into a negative for him. CB R.W. McQuarters continues to make plays, including I think an interception. He also returned kicks.

OC Gary Ruegamer was playing right guard with the first team with Rich Seubert not playing and Chris Snee seeing limited action. Big Bob Whitfield filled in for LT Luke Petitgout, Justin Tuck stood in for DE Osi Umenyiora and I am not sure who was playing for CB Sam Madison. DTs Fred Robbins and William Joseph continue to be the starters.

I really do not recall seeing Rob Johnson connect on a pass in the 11- on-11s. OC Todd Londot and Rob Johnson combined to put the snap on the ground and Coach Coughlin exploded with anger. On one play Rob held onto the ball too long and his desperation throw was nearly intercepted by LB Nick McNeil.

I finally spotted the individual lineman drills. From what I could see, first rounder DE Mathias Kiwanuka looked sharp. DT Barry Cofield appeared to jam his wrist and Barry appeared to be in a lot of pain for 5 or 10 minutes. He shook it off and continued to practice. The defense practiced some two-man stunts and the offense managed to pick them up.