Q&A: Tight End Kevin Boss

Tight End Kevin Boss was drafted by the Giants in the 5th round of the 2007 NFL Draft out of Western Oregon University – a Division II school.

ShockPlax8017: Welcome To The New York Giants! Regarding the draft, how high did you think you were going to go? What teams were interested and did the Giants show the most interest before the draft?

Kevin: I didn’t really have any expectations going into the draft. I knew I had a good shot of getting drafted but wasn’t sure what round I would go. The Giants had definitely shown the most interest prior to the draft and I was thrilled to receive the phone call on draft day.

pierce58: I read that you have been rehabbing your shoulder in physical therapy throughout April. How is your shoulder feeling and do you foresee it affecting you through out mini-camp and the months leading up to the season?

Kevin: My shoulder is feeling great. I have worked extremely hard to get it back to 100% and I should have no trouble with it during mini-camps or the season.

Sir-Yes-Sir: Coming from a small school, are you at all nervous or intimidated at the prospect of playing in front of 70,000 fans, on national television, and living in or near the city that never sleeps? What kind of change will that be for you?

Kevin: Playing in front of a very large crowd is something I have always dreamed of. I didn’t have the opportunity to play in front of large crowds in college so to have the chance to now is very exciting.

DanMetroMan: What are your thoughts on Jeremy Shockey? Which TE if any would you say your game most resembles/pattern your game after?

Kevin: I have been a fan of Shockey’s since his days at University of Miami. I love and respect how hard he plays and how he lays it all on the line every Sunday. A lot of people have tried to compare me to Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates just because of our similar basketball backgrounds, but obviously I have a lot of work to do before my name can even be mentioned in the same breath as those guys. With the hard work I plan on putting in throughout my career, I hope to someday create my own identity.

Emil: Kevin, it’s great that you will be wearing Blue. How do you see your ability and your style of play fitting into the Giants’ offense? Do you feel that with your skill set, getting you and Jeremy Shockey on the field at the same time would create some match-up problems for the defense?

Kevin: Thank you, I am very excited to be wearing Blue! I definitely think that anytime you can put two tight ends on the field at the same time that have great size and receiving ability especially in the red zone you are going to create some serious mismatches for the defense.

D in Lakeville: What are your favorite routes to run and what routes do you think you need work on? Have the Giants given you a weight training program yet, or does that come when you show up for the mini-camp?

Kevin: One of my favorite routes to run in college was the corner-post (CO-PO). We were very successful with that route in college because we ran a lot of corners to set up the co-po. I think there are a number of routes that I will become better at running after the great coaching I am going to receive from the Giants’ coaching staff. I have not received a weight training program from the Giants thus far; I imagine that will all begin when I arrive for mini-camp.

brinx: How much emphasis will you put on working out with QB Eli Manning? Do you feel it is important to be involved in voluntary workouts, putting time in with your quarterback?

Kevin: I’m going to jump on every opportunity available to work with Eli and the rest of the quarterbacks. I feel that it is extremely important for a rookie like me to be involved in voluntary workouts – especially to have the opportunity to work with Eli and become more familiar with one another.

MadPlaid: Welcome to the New York Football Giants. Considering you will likely be called on to block a lot this year, how would you rate your ability with that skill?

Kevin: I feel like I am a bit underrated in that facet of my game. But I also agree that it is something I need to continue to work at. Through hard work and the great coaching I will receive from Coach Pope I plan to make this a strong point of my game.

bleedgiantsblue: Knowing that the Giants are most likely going to try and use you as a blocker, how do you go about improving your abilities as a blocker? What types of drills and skills do you need to work on in order to become a better run blocker and a better pass blocker?

Kevin: I think the number one thing that will help me become a better blocker is the coaching I will receive from Coach Pope. My continued hard work in the weight room will also benefit me as a blocker. So I think the combination of the instruction I will receive on the field and in the weight room will help me become a very good blocking tight end.

Bob from Massachusetts: Do you have much experience blocking “on the move” like an H-Back? If so, which do you prefer, in-line blocking or lead blocking?

Kevin: In college I was used all over the field in a variety of different sets, shifts, and formations. Our offense was fairly complex and a majority of the complexity came from using me in our many different alignments. So I have a lot of experience blocking in all situations. I would have to say my favorite type of block is a lead block because that is where you can get the most collision.

bebopson: How did he end up at Western Oregon? Were you recruited by Division-1 schools or were you just a late bloomer?

Kevin: I was a very late bloomer. My senior year in High School I was the same height I am today but weighed a skinny 200lbs, so I was not heavily recruited by any D-1 schools. I also wanted to play basketball in college so I went to Western so I could do both.

Steve in South Jersey: Did you choose number 89 or did the Giants give it to you? Do you know what that number means to Giants fans? Play well and honor that number.

Kevin: I was given the number 89, and I feel very privileged and honored to have the opportunity to wear such a special number. I know that Mark Bavaro wore this number for the Giants in the late 80′s and he was not only a fan favorite but also one of Coach Pope’s favorite players he has ever coached. So like I said it will be a real honor to wear that number and I’m going to work extremely hard to honor that number the best I can.

KJuicy: Do you feel like your basketball skills translate well into your tight end skills? If so, how?

Kevin: I definitely believe that there are certain skills on the basketball court that translate over to the football field. I have always felt my basketball background has given me an advantage on the football field.

Sir-Yes-Sir: I have read that TE Coach Mike Pope came away from his meeting with you very impressed. What was your perception of Coach Pope? Obviously you aren’t going to say anything negative here, but what specifically did you find interesting about his coaching style?

Kevin: I have really enjoyed getting to know Coach Pope over the past several months during this process. He has been incredibly helpful throughout it all. When he came out to my school back in March to work me out, I was amazed by the amount I learned from him in just the two hours we spent together. I’m looking forward to receiving more coaching from Coach Pope very soon. Coach Pope has a unique but very successful run blocking technique that he introduced to me during our individual workout that I’m excited get more reps at.

mikeshecky: In talking with the Giants and Coach Pope, what have they said to you regarding expectations and your role?

Kevin: They have told me that I am going to have the opportunity to come in and fight for the number-two job. It is going to be a competitive battle for that position and I’m really looking forward to getting into camp and competing.