August 15, 2007 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Afternoon Practice)

by Contributor TrueBlueMike

Ok we have a back-up quarterback and his name is Jared Lorenzen. Finally I saw in him what I think he can be and what I saw in him last year at camp. He did so well in fact that others in the crowd were jokingly saying “quarterback controversy.” His first two completions were deep passes down the sideline where he hit his receivers in stride. He was making quick decisions and on one play he couldn’t find anyone open so he threw the ball away instead of taking the sack.

He still has that long windup and there were a few plays where he was taking too long but for the most part I liked what I saw. There was one play that he didn’t see the TE wide open deep down the field. In fact, he was so open that I assumed that was where the ball was going and I got my camera ready for a nice picture. Unfortunately Lorenzen threw the ball somewhere else and I am not exactly sure what happened on the play.

Eli Manning had a very down practice for him and there really isn’t much I can say that was positive about it. His first deep pass was intercepted by CB Sam Madison. He did start to play better towards the end of practice though. QB Tim Hasselbeck looked horrible today again. His first two snaps were disturbing; the first was a fumble and the second it looked like he just fell. I believe the only reason he is still on this team is because they need a fourth QB in training camp.

CB E.J. Underwood broke up several passes by jumping routes. I was really impressed with what I saw from him today. In fact, I was happier with what I saw out of the defense overall today.

TE Jeremy Shockey looked great today and, for the second day in a row, the last play of practice was a fade to the corner of the end zone that is designed to be a jump ball. Shockey of course caught it. The crowd was fully expecting the ball to go to him as SS James Butler was the one covering him. Butler had no shot at stopping the play. After Shockey caught it, the crowd cheered loud and Shockey threw the ball in the crowd. Too bad I was holding my camera as the ball went to the other side of the tree that I was at. Of course that would have also required the skills of some of the players to move quick enough to get the ball.

They ran two kick-off drills in which the receiving team would just keep throwing the ball around trying to keep the ball alive. They did a horrible job at that and the plays didn’t go anywhere.

I continue to be impressed with both halfbacks Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns with there running ability. Jacobs did drop a ball today but the crowd kept commenting on how low he was getting when he would come close to contact. They were talking about how he was getting lower then Butler. Droughns just impresses me because I didn’t expect him to be as good as he is or as fast.

WR Steve Smith didn’t have his best practice as he dropped a sure touchdown in the end zone. WR Amani Toomer looked good of course but I think he dropped a pass. WR Anthony Mix was the recipient of the first deep pass by Lorenzen and that is all I really remember from the receiving corps.

Both WR Plaxico Burress and WR Kevin Boss practiced in some individual drills today but I don’t think they played in the 11-on-11’s or 7-on-7’s. There were a few standouts in today’s practice and I mentioned most of them. S Will Demps however was one of them that I didn’t mention. I was happy with what I saw from him today and he actually had an interception.