August 16, 2007 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Morning Practice)

by Contributor TrueBlueMike

The morning practice was pretty uneventful. It seems they spent the majority of the time in individual drills today and when they ran the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills they ran the ball most of the time.

QB Jared Lorenzen had another good practice and QB Tim Hasselbeck had an OK practice. He had a few on-target throws. S Will Demps had a nice interception off of him though.

The quarterbacks were running through the barrel drill again where they try to throw the ball in a barrel at each corner of the endzone. Eli Manning was overthrowing them most of the time but he had the right angle to it, meaning the ball would always be directly over the barrels. Lorenzen actually hit the barrels a few times. Hasselbeck actually threw the ball in the barrel once, other then that I think he was completely off target. As the horn sounded and this drill was over, Manning threw the ball as he was jogging towards the next drill and he actually made it to the cheers of the crowd in the process.

Both TE Kevin Boss and WR Plaxico Burress practiced in the individual drills again and I saw Burress running several routes in the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. I am not sure if Boss practiced in the main drills or not though.

After practice ended I decided to stick around for a few minutes and I noticed TE Jeremy Shockey signing several autographs for the crowd that gets to sit in the bleachers right next to practice. In addition, I saw Boss, TE Michael Mathews, and WR Amani Toomer going through another catching drill in which three assistants threw the ball one after another and they had to catch all three. For both Mathews and Boss, the passes were right at them and easy to catch but for Toomer they were throwing them all over the place on purpose. Of course he was able to catch them most of the time. At one point he had to keep catching them with one hand. It was pretty interesting to watch.

I would have to say overall I am a lot happier about our backup quarterback now and I am starting to get impressed with what I am seeing out of Demps. Hopefully that can transition to games this year. At this point I believe Butler and Demps will be splitting time with the starting unit as the season progresses.