August 1, 2008 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Evening Report)

by Contributor Will Allen/Peterson

Practice begins with 11 on 11 punt coverage drill. Bradshaw, Moss & McQuarters receiving the punts. All punts fielded cleanly. Bradshaw with a terrific effort to hustle all the way to the sideline in order to receive a directional kick. Moss shows nice instincts with a quick juke move back to the inside before charging up-field in one smooth motion.

Defensive back drill performed right in front of my view. Defensive Backs backpedal before charging as the ball is thrown at them, while having to keep their heads up/eyes looking at the coach. McQuarters appeared to have the most natural hands out of all of them, Thomas with a nice catch when he snatched the ball out of the air directly in front of his facemask extending his arms out in front of him completely; he followed that up by dropping the next one.

Tackling-form drill performed next by the DB’s, coaches emphasizing the entire time to keep their heads up as they lower their pad level before striking the opponent. Phillips is in fact sitting out of the evening session with his leg strain, which is not serious at all. He sustained it in yesterday’s practice, got it wrapped up and went back on the field so I expect that he is being held out as a precautionary measure.

Safety interception drill with one of them standing still in the end zone and another charging at them from an angle in an attempt to catch up to the ball and make the play. The ball is intentionally thrown slightly out of the charging safety’s reach. On one of the throws, Sammy Knight cheated by breaking too soon and making the INT and the coach shouted out “Sammy you are cheatin’! You are crafty! You are crafty!”

WR drill with receivers running various routes with and no coverage on them, Hixon with an over the shoulder catch on a fade route. Moss with a solid route on an in-cut before making a nice hands catch and immediately cutting up-field. Moss & Hixon with hands-catches on hitch routes, as well as London who made his down by his right thigh without breaking stride. Dropped ball on go route by #6, got both hands on it but couldn’t haul it in.

Mike Johnson is the 1st team safety alongside Butler due to Phillips sitting out this practice. 11 on 11 running plays, Jacobs showed a nice burst off left tackle before bursting up the field. Wright gets first set of reps as 2nd team QB. Predominantly inside traps out of Power I and draw plays out of shotgun formation.

11 on 11 mixed passing & running plays: Jacobs is really showing decisiveness, hitting the hole with authority this evening. This was done at a very difficult angle/view for me to see it and take quality notes (reminder to self: bring binoculars next time!!)

7 on 7 drills, Moss with a terrific reception on a ball thrown well behind him by Manning as he was falling to the ground. He extended to show the ref/coaches that he caught it and Kiwanuka grabbed it out of his hands and ran towards the end zone but the play was over. Justin Tuck with an impressive INT in coverage showing tremendous athleticism; I guess he really can do it all. It will be interesting to see if he will be dropping into coverage in certain zone blitz packages, though it most likely won’t occur often for obvious reasons.

Jennings with a reception on a crossing route after working his way all the way to the other side of the field, Carr holds onto the ball entirely too long. Knight committed pass interference on a deep post intended for Moss and argued with the referee, drawing laughter from the crowd.

7 on 7, Ward runs off the left side of the formation on a stretch play and tried to get the corner but Kehl impressively would not allow him to gain an inch of separation and would have either tackled him for a loss or shoved him out of bounds in game action.

11 on 11 drills performed with all players not participating in the play lined up horizontally to block my view of the play…those bastards.

2nd team ran a fake rollout to the right and screen back to the left to Droughns but Kehl stayed at home and was right there the very instant Droughns made the reception.

11 on 11 red zone drills, again all the players are blocking my view. With binoculars I could see this and will remember to bring them next time, sorry guys!

Players now head to the sidelines and it appears there will be some 11 on 11 2 minute drills, beginning with the 3rd team offense. Decent, but not perfect throw downfield to the left sideline by Carr to #5 (DJ Hall) who managed to break wide open from his defender and adjust his body nicely to put himself in position to make the catch, which he did.

They huddled up about 40 minutes before practice was schedule to conclude and afterwards, Tynes and Feagles kicked and directional punted to the players screaming and distracting them (particularly Tynes). As Tynes got ready to kick, a few players were screaming out, “Green Bay! Green Bay!”