August 14, 2008 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Afternoon Practice)

by Contributor Marty in Albany

About 3,000 people crowded the practice field to watch the Giants practice in shoulder pads and shorts on this sunny afternoon. It was wall to wall people. I guess nobody works on Thursdays and that includes the Giants best wide receivers. Although WR Plaxico Burress was dressed he only participated in a few individual drills. When the 11 on 11s and 7 on 7s started, he was watching from the sidelines wearing his visor instead of his helmet. WRs Amani Toomer, Steve Smith, and Mario Manningham were not dressed either. Their absence put a crimp on QB Eli Manning and the Giants offense. The offense played crisply at times, but without much ability to move the ball.

With his best receivers out, Manning turned to TE Kevin Boss, who made two sparkling plays. He was covered by LB Antonio Pierce, but made a diving sideline catch. Soon after that, Manning looked to his right and saw nothing. Then he looked left and immediately threw to Boss, who made a running, juggling catch down the left sideline. Purists would say that Boss should have made a clean catch. I give Boss points for keeping his concentration on the ball.

There was a small tussle during the 11 on 11s, but that sort of fizzled out on its own. I did not see what happened, but OG Rich Seubert is the usual suspect.

I did not expect the Giants to have one-on-one linemen drills without full pads, but they did. DE Renaldo Wynn got past OT Adam Koets twice. This result lost some of its significance after I read in The Corner Forum that veteran OT Shane Olivea, was placed on IR/waived.

Somewhere during the practice, LB Mathias Kiwanuka was injured. He removed his shoulder pads and watched the remainder of the proceedings. It is possibly a groin injury. I do not believe that he left early, or that ice was administered at any time.

HB Derrick Ward was dressed and he looked good catching a pass from Manning. He ran down the sidelines and DE Justin Tuck decided to harass him the entire way, just for fun. WR Brandon London caught several passes today including one against CB Kevin Dockery. I guess Kevin just got fed up. He grabbed London’s jersey and threw him to the ground. WR Michael Jennings was open and Manning immediately got the ball to him. In the 7 on 7s HB Ahmad Bradshaw caught a pass and made a very nice pivot to take the ball up field.

It looked like S Sammy Knight made a diving interception of an errant throw from QB David Carr, or came very close. QB Anthony Wright threw a pass that was tipped right into the arms of a very happy DE Alex Morrow. LB Zak DeOssie followed QB André Woodson’s eyes, and stepped in front of the receiver for an easy interception. Zak jumped straight up and deftly caught the ball with his hands. It looked like the ball was about ten feet off the ground when Zak caught it.

HB Danny Ware participated in kick off return drills. It seems like anything HB Reuben Droughns can do, Ware can also do. The competition for 4th running back slot continues.

The practice ended with goal line drills. Let’s just say that the goal area remained virgin territory after three sets of assaults. The best defensive play was CB R.W. McQuarters’ interception of a QB Anthony Wright pass. The practice ended when what would have been TD pass from Manning to Brandon London was just a little too high. Afterwards, it appears that the coach told Brandon that he should not have stopped and jumped, but should have continued to run under the pass.