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August 4, 2009 New York Giants Training Camp Reports: To see the latest BBI training camp reports, please visit the Training Camp section of the website.

Giants’ Beat Writer Practice Reports: The following are brief practice reports provided by the NY/NJ beat writers who cover the Giants:

Injury Report – Robbins and Tuck Comment on Their Injuries: Not practicing yesterday in either practice were LB Rich Seubert (shoulder), DT Rocky Bernard (hamstring/shoulder), DT Fred Robbins (knee), and LB Michael Boley (hip).

“Yeah, man, I’m confident (I’ll be back),” said Robbins. “I haven’t had any problems with it. It feels good. But I understand where they’re coming from dealing with the whole process, taking things step by step. As long as I keep improving the happier I’ll be…I’m pretty much a fast healer. I come back from things quickly. The whole offseason I haven’t had any problems with it as far as swelling or soreness. I’m happy about that. It’s nothing shocking, surprising. I haven’t had any problems with it. I’m where everybody expected me to be and where I expected myself to be.”

DE Justin Tuck (foot) did not practice in the morning, but did so in the afternoon. Tuck said his foot soreness is a product of his old Lisfranc surgery that he had in 2006. “I expect it to be sore for life,” said Tuck. “It’s a part of my body that I’m always going to use and get beat up on.”

Not practicing in the afternoon were DE Osi Umenyiora (knee) and DT Barry Cofield (knee).

Amani Toomer Signs With the Chiefs: Unrestricted free agent WR Amani Toomer (New York Giants) signed a 1-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday.

Pierce Comments on Grand Jury Decision: Linebacker Antonio Pierce addressed the press for the first time yesterday since it became known that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office was seeking charges against him. On Monday, the grand jury decided not to indict Pierce.

“I would like to make a statement,” said Pierce. “It’s been a long nine months since November 2008 when the incident took place. I’m glad I had the opportunity to speak to the grand jury and let them hear the facts from my lips, not from anybody else, but hear the facts from me. I thought I acted very reasonably, responsibly, and instinctively. I had a teammate in need and my concern that night was to get him help.

“There are a lot of people, obviously, that I want to and need to thank. First and foremost, I want to thank my family for dealing a lot and staying behind Antonio Pierce and knowing who he really is. Secondly, my friends. Thirdly, and not lastly, the New York Giants – the whole organization. They are one of the main reasons I came to New York , because of the organization, the front office, and the people around here. Obviously those statements have been made several times throughout this process. With that being said, I am not sorry for how I acted that night and how I responded. I am sorry for putting myself in a position in which I had to respond. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from this. I take them to heart, and I obviously take them seriously.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs, but ever since the New York Giants got to Albany the sun has been out and it’s been bright, and Antonio Pierce and the New York Giants are looking forward. I’m tired of seeing myself on the TV and my name in the news. It’s time to talk about the New York Giants and the 2009 season. Anything that happened in 2008 is really irrelevant at this point, and I don’t have anything to say about that incident or that season because I need to move forward just like the team does, and that’s what we plan on doing.”

Articles on the Giants’ Wide Receiving Corps:

Notes: There are no training camp practices on Wednesday.

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