August 7, 2009 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Afternoon Practice)

by Contributor Marty in Albany

Here I am at the Best Western in Albany with a gang of maniacs working with the motel’s primitive computer. Needless to say, my report will be brief.

The Giants were in full pads and the offense put up a better fight against the defense than in previous practices. OC Adam Koets handled all of his snaps today and the quarterbacks were, in my opinion, a lot more accurate with their passes.

One thing did confuse me about the quarterbacking. The other day there was a drill that seemed designed exclusively for throwing the ball away. That did not happen today. Instead, Eli Manning held onto the ball so long that he ran out of time three times. Eli and Andre’ Woodson both chose to run with the ball when nothing was open.

It seemed to me that since the defense is not allowed to touch the QB, that after say a count of four, if nobody is open, the QB should throw the ball out of bounds rather than run with it.

The practice began with Lawrence Tynes kicking off. The kicks all seemed to get to the goal line, but I would like to see more height and hang time, even if it means sacrificing some distance.

There was a really strange drill in which one QB tried to wrest the ball away from the other’s grasp. It looked comical to me, like a tug-o-war with a football with the two players sort of spinning around in a circle while they pulled on it.

In the 11 on 11’s, RB Brandon Jacobs caught a pass in the flat and ran up field with it. If he could only perfect that move, he would become even more of a weapon for us.

Speaking of Brandon, about 35 BBIers were on hand after the practice to present Brandon with his “BBI 2008 Player of  the Year” trophy. Montreal Man made the presentation and rnargi was given his well-earned thanks for the work that he did to make this event happen. HopeJ also deserves a round of applause.

Brandon was truly gracious in his acceptance and said that the trophy was special and would be given a special place in his home. Despite being tired from the practice, Brandon took pictures with BBI and autographed everything that BBIers put in front of him.

QB David Carr had an interesting practice. His first pass was to WR Mario Manningham and it was intercepted by safety C.C. Brown. His next pass was a long TD to WR Hakeem Nicks, who had beaten C.C. Brown and Stoney Woodson (I think).

There were about 8,000 fans at the practice because it was autograph day and they all cheered wildly – those that could see what was happening. The practice fields were not designed to handle such large crowds.

The next QB in the 11 on 11’s was Andre Woodson. His first throw was a deep TD pass to Derek Hagen who had beaten Shar’eff Rashad and Stoney Woodson – another big cheer.

The defense did some damage too. In the 7 on 7’s LB Jonathan Goff picked off a poorly thrown Rhett Bomar pass.

Later on in the practice in the 11 on 11’s red zone drill, David Carr took a shotgun snap from Adam Koets and found WR Derek Hagen for Derek’s second TD catch of the practice.