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October 12, 2009 New York Giants Injury Report: QB Eli Manning (foot) said yesterday he was no worse the wear after playing in the first half of the Giants’ win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

“It feels good,” said Manning. “I am able to move around and I didn’t have a setback by any means. It felt like it is getting better every day and getting to feel better by the end of this week.”

When asked if he would be able to handle a full week of practice this week, Manning replied, “I think so. That is the goal. I would like to be in there, get every rep in practice and be out there with the guys and make sure that we are getting better each week. That is the thought process right now. Having today off and tomorrow off will give it some more rest and give it more time to heal up. It should be ready to go Wednesday.”

Safety C.C. Brown did suffer a shoulder injury against the Raiders. “Brown hurt his shoulder on (the interception) return,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “I think he is going to be okay.”

As for players who did not play against the Raiders, Coughlin said, “As of this morning we appear to have the guys who have practiced, everyone who is on the list, with the exception of the (LB Michael) Boley, (DT Chris) Canty, (CB Aaron) Ross group, should be able to practice. (LB) Bryan Kehl is slated to be able to start to practice.”

Quotes: HB Brandon Jacobs on the criticism that he is not as productive as he has been in the past: “I expect more as well. I don’t know what it is. I’m going in, working hard, I’m working hard at practice. I go out in the game and give it my all, man. I’m just waiting for it all to come together, just trying to be patient and hang in there…I’m just being patient and trying not to get too frustrated. Frustration is very much upon me, I’m going to be honest.”

“This year, people know what we like to do,” said Jacobs. “(Ahmad Bradshaw) can bounce around in those little creases and cracks and make a lot of big plays. Do I have the ability to do that? Yes. If I try to make plays like that, because I’m 265, 275 pounds, I’m not supposed to be doing that. Get it up there, hit into somebody, that’s what people want to see me do. If I don’t do it, I get criticized, if I do do it, I get criticized. I can’t win. Right now my stats aren’t very good, and people want to know why. That’s why. Because I have the ability to make plays with my feet, but when I try to, it’s the worst thing. I’m scum of the earth when I do that.”

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