Oct 142009

BBI Online Live is an internet radio show dedicated exclusively to coverage of the New York Giants. The show is co-hosted by Eric Kennedy of BigBlueInteractive.com (BBI) and John McDevitt of Side Kick Productions. This week’s guests were former New York Giants defensive end Leonard Marshall (1983-1992) and New York Giants radio play-by-play voice Bob Papa.

Topics discussed with Leonard Marshall included:

  • Could the Giant teams he was on have won more than two Super Bowls?
  • His breakout season in 1985.
  • Why getting double-digit sacks for a 3-4 defensive end is so difficult.
  • The role of a 3-4 defensive end and how he opened things up for his teammates.
  • His thoughts on what kind of player he would have been had he played in a 4-3 defense.
  • His post-season play during the 1986 and 1990 Championship seasons, including his hit on Joe Montana in the 1990 NFC Championship Game.
  • His work with Game Plan Foundation and other endeavors that are keeping him busy off the field.

Topics discussed with Bob Papa included:

  • His thoughts on the Giants 5-0 start.
  • His thoughts on how this fast start compares with the 2008 fast start.
  • Anything that worries him about the 2009 team.
  • The play of Brandon Jacobs this year.
  • The play of the Giants’ offensive line.
  • The Giants’ injury situation.
  • His thoughts on the Giants’ numbers in the secondary as compared to other positions.
  • His views on the upcoming game against the Saints, both offensively and defensively.
  • His views on BBI.

Eric and John also reviewed the Giants 44-7 victory over the Oakland Raiders and discussed the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints.

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Eric Kennedy

Eric Kennedy is Editor-in-Chief of BigBlueInteractive.com, a publication of Big Blue Interactive, LLC. Follow @BigBlueInteract on Twitter.

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