July 30, 2011 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Evening Practice)

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor UberAlias

For starters, don’t expect the detailed fan reports you did in Albany unless the team changes fields for the team activities. The fan area is all on one side and there is a near field and a far field. Fans had a good perspective on the close stuff, but they ran team activities on the far field and it was hard to make out much. They added bleachers, which helped, but even from the top row, which was where I sat, it was hard to make out much when they were on the far side. This was my experience at least. The beat guys were up close as they were in Albany, so they can probably give you better report.

Anyways, here are a few observations I was able to make:

I was glad to read Devin Thomas get a call out in a report or two. He had one poor drop in a drill, but did catch my eye. He looked good out there.

After missing a year, Hixon looked like Hixon. He looked sharp, as he has in previous camps. With the 3rd WR spot open for grabs, it should be fun following Hixon, Thomas, and Cruz compete for this. And I say that knowing full well that none of the three are locks to make the final roster.

You could see Da’Rel Scott’s long speed. I could not see how he moves in the closed in space (too many bodies in the way), but that breakaway speed he’s noted for is apparent. It was reported during the offseason stuff that this kid plans to work and I noted some of that. I saw him putting in effort down field blocking at the point when most guys have relaxed their efforts for the play.

Here’s one the college guys already knew: Hynoski has hands.

Snee at Center was interesting. Obviously Baas being out was the key reason, but I’m curious if that would have been the arrangement if Koets was able to work.

Brewer is a big boy (we know this).

Beckum is such a huge contrast out there with the other TEs in terms of size and movement.

I wish I had some observations on the defensive guys, but was not able to see much. I tried to single out Kenny Phillips a few times during team drills but nothing that involved him. I was just glad to see him in for all reps and did not observe any limitations or anything.

Ross had the one pick. He’s an intriguing player in this CB mix and I’m glad we have him. He ran to Rolle and they did a jumping chest bump after the play and looked like he forgot he was still supposed to be in there and ran back on the field just in time for the next play. I got a kick out of that.

I did not stick around for the autographs but they were organizing an area for that, so good to see we’ll have that.

It was no where near as crowded as I had suspected. This was great for the experience, but would liked to have seen some serious fan support. I can’t help but to think Philly Dallas and Washington, even our neighboring Jets, would have had stronger showing. Giants football is back folks!