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December 28, 2011 New York Giants Injury Report – Umenyiora Practices, but Nicks Does Not: The following Giants did not practice yesterday: HB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot), WR Hakeem Nicks (hamstring), TE Jake Ballard (knee), and LB Mark Herzlich (ankle).

“(Nicks) strained a hamstring in the (Jets) game and kept on playing, to his credit,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “He really didn’t have that other gear, which you probably observed.”

Nicks originally injured the hamstring in Week 2 and later missed the Patriots’ game in Week 9. “I wouldn’t say it is as bad (as it was earlier in the season) but it is definitely there and I can’t really dig like I want to right now,” Nicks said. “Honestly, it took away my deep part of my game. It affected some of my releases off the line but I wanted to stay out there because I know that even my presence out there still helps us out…I just have to start working around it, find ways to do what I need to do…I will just take care of everything today and tomorrow, we’ll see by the end of the week what it’s feeling like. It’s the playoffs now, so I don’t see myself missing it.”

Ballard did some running on the sidelines. “(Ballard is) improving,” said Coughlin. “I’m holding out hope here. He won’t work today.”

“It’s not like a hand or something where you can play though it,” said Ballard. “If I can’t run and get the job done, somebody else can do a better job. And I feel like some guys when they get hurt they push through it but they end up hurting their team because the healthy guy behind them might be able to run better.”

“Nothing new (on Herzlich),” said Coughlin.

WR Mario Manningham (knee) and DE Osi Umenyiora (ankle/knee) practiced on a limited basis.

“(Umenyiora is)  going to practice today,” said Coughlin. “He’s tested everything, lots of times. That’s what he’s been doing. He’s been working his tail off. He just hasn’t been able to get right.”

“I am optimistic that (Nicks and Manningham) both will be ready to go because we have a little bit of time left,” said Coughlin. “I would like to see them both practice. That has not been something that has been available all year long. We need that and we certainly need the timing work because that was something definitely needed. We are going to try to work on that this week.”

Jason Pierre-Paul Named “NFC Defensive Player of the Week”: DE Jason Pierre-Paul has been named the “NFC Defensive Player of the Week” for his performance against the New York Jets last Saturday. In that game, Pierre-Paul was credited with 5 tackles, 2 sacks, and 3 quarterback hits.

It is the second time in three weeks that Pierre-Paul has won the award with the first award coming after his game against the Dallas Cowboys on December 11.

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