July 30, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor JohnF

“Zombie Zumba” Edition

Late getting to camp today, as I’m getting the Accord inspected. Not later than 1:30, but didn’t get to camp until 1:00, which is late. The players are already on the field, running through plays.

First day of wearing pads, too…should be interesting.

Most of the players are on Field 3, doing kickoff returns. Collins, Jernigan and Wilson are on board, but not doing hard returns. This is more for the players on the KO return team, and the KO team, to go over gap control, the wedge, etc.

Over on Field 2, the QB’s are working on center exchanges. Bass, Parker, White and Goodin do the honors as snappers.

Horn sounds, and now we go into the gymnastic portion of the competition (Sprints, Kicks, etc). Jacquian Williams gets a 9.5 with a split on a high leap that amuses the crowd.

Horn again, and now the team splits up into groups. The Offensive Line moves over to Field 4 to practice their drills. On the main field, the punt/KO machine is rolled out, and Jernigan, Randall and Wilson run back with a bit more contact between the special teams.

Hey, Pat Hanlon sighting! Pat, always fashionable, is wearing a gray windbreaker (with small Giants logo)…it’s covering his shirt (unless he’s doing a Tebow). He completes the outfit with blue shorts. Way to go, Pat!

On the right sideline, the D line is staring at 5 helmets on the ground (in a line). Looks like the coaches are instructing them on gap coverage. The OB’s are over on Field 5, either running plays or doing pitch and catch with the WR’s/RB’s/TE’s.

Horn Sounds.

Now the upside Garbage Cans (5 of them, for the O line) are on the center of Field 3, with a Pop up Dummy that looks like a QB (with a place to put a football). The D Line is practicing rushes, with twists or bull runs; when they get to the fake QB, they knock the ball out of it’s “hands” and dive for the ball. In the meantime, a coach will throw an “interception” to one of the DB’s or LB’s, and the rest of the backfield hustles to block for that guy as he goes to the endzone.

The QB’s are still on Field 5, now working on plays with the full offense; first walk throughs, then the same stuff at a faster pace.

Now, the Defense breaks up, with the D Line going to Field 4; the DB’s and LB’s have their own groups. First they work on backpedaling, then interception drills, then cover drills (the Linemen are just working on gaps).

Sun is bright and hot today, but there’s a nice cool breeze with a hint of August chill. Just a hint.

Water Break.

The DB’s and LB’s move to Field 3, for coverage drills. The D Line is working with the flat pylons on the ground, doing steps over and around them. The QB’s are making intermediate throws (15-30 yds) to receivers on Field 5, right near Western Avenue.

The Offense and Defense switch sides of the field, with the Offense now close to the University end of Field 3.

Eli is on. He overthrows Jernigan on a long pass up the left sideline. Then misses Hopkins. Short dink to Barden.

Hey, it’s Ryan Perrilloux. Throws a nice 25 yard completion to Collins, then Horton makes a great knockdown coverage play on 46.

Eli’s back, and he throws a slant to Talley. Then a dink over the middle to Douglas, another middle pass to Cruz.

Perrilloux again; he throws a dink to Hixon, another to Jernigan.

Now for some drama. Barden sets up on the right, starts his pattern, but Perrilloux for some reason stops the play. You can hear all the way back in the crowd Barden yelling “Damn, should have WENT!!!” Little pressure, maybe?

Perrilloux finishes with a short pass to Collins, then the Horn Sounds.

The Offense is on the far end of Field 3, the Defense on the close end, but they are just running plays. It’s nice and warm, and honestly, it’s hard not to just take in the sun and snooze (knowing what’s coming in 6 months!!).

Took a peak at Field 2, where Weatherford and Zak DeOssi are working on long snaps. I’ve seen Zak a few times, staring at the LB’s doing drills. I know he’s a vital part of the team as a long snapper…but there’s a look in his eyes that’s a bit wistful, I think. He was drafted as a linebacker, a long time ago, and used to be with the other guys doing those drills…

Horn sounds. Offense vs Defense…with Pads.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the team is lining up right in font of me, so there’s no way I can see most of the action on the line, so I’ll leave that to Marty.

Eli…handoff to Bradshaw. Then a dink to Hixon, a short out to Barden, and a sweep on the right by Ware. The Defense is not allowing much, they are getting serious. Bradshaw is stuffed by Joseph. Eli tries a play action, then sprint right but overthrows Hixon. Finally, a handoff to Bradshaw goes 20 yds..he earned it, nice burst! Bennett catches another seam pass for 20 yards. He seems to be a lot more effective going down the field on seams and slants, not so much on outs. Brown goes off left tackle for a bit.

Carr in, but his throw to Hopkins is stuffed by great coverage (couldn’t see the guy). He overthows Randle. Hands off to Brown off tackle right, but Bing just smothers Randle, no catch.

Perrilloux is ready to go, and hands off to Wilson. Wilson gets several “Wacks” by the Defense that you can clearly hear. “Welcome to full NFL contact, Rook!” seems to be the message! Bear with a nice seam pass. Collins with a nice catch on the right. Wilson up the middle. Dink to Wilson in the flat. Another dink to Martinek.

Horn, and now we have a quick KO return on Field 3 with Jernigan, then Collins. Tynes comes in for FG practice, and hits all 5 attempts (starting at the 5, and going back 5 yds or so). One of them hits the umbrella on the film tower, to great applause.


Seven on Seven.

Eli…Short left sideline dink to Bear, then on the right (but he can’t control it when he hits the ground). Cruz with a catch on the left, then a dink to Ware. Jernigan impresses with a nice catch up the middle despite good coverage by Rolle.

Carr comes up, and passes to Barden on the right sideline. Randle does an “Andre Reed” (older Giant fans know how Andre used to catch those passes underneath the LB’s by going across the field, right to left!). Dink to Brown, then a short pass to Collins up the middle.

Perrilloux with a dink to DePalma. A nice slant to Barnett. Runs out of time on the next play (sack). Talley gets a catch, but fumbles it? Muasau makes a nice play on Robinson. Douglas with a dink catch, then a slant to DePalma.

I did miss some action on Field 2, where there was 1 on 1 OLine vs DLine stuff.


Full O vs Full D.

Eli handoff to Bradshaw stuffed. Did Tuck batt down the next pass? Bradshaw off tackle right, but not much. Prince knocks down a pass to Hixon, who falls a bit awkwardly on the left sideline, but bounces back up and jogs back. He looks ok! Finally, a nice run by Bradshaw up the middle, nice burst. The Defense is fierce today, those yards were earned!

Carr passes to Collins, who beats Coe but juggles the ball out of bounds. Another “sack.” Brown with a strong run on the left side. Poor pass to Robinson, Carr overthrows him. Scott with a sweep right. Scott may have had more plays, but a lot of the RB’s pulled their shirt up, so their numbers are hard to read from my spot!

Ryan Perrilloux throws to DePalma who makes a nice leaping grab on the right sideline. Ojomo and Hendricks force a “sack.” Wilson off tackle right.


Eli’s back. Bradshaw drops a middle dink. Ware was covered, Eli throws at his feet. Corey with the play of the day covering Cruz…he breaks and intercepts Eli on a slant. Collins catches a right slant. Scott runs off tackle right.

Perrilloux finishes up, tries to pass to Talley but Brown knocks it down. Wlson with an off tackle left run…shows great ballance! Wilson again up the middle. Overthrows Stanback.

Practice ends.

What you didn’t see after practice:

Brewer hanging by the Gatorade bar on Field 2!

The team has a VERY long group circle, longer than ususal. Then they break up into groups (D line, O Line, CB’s, LB’s, RB’s etc). All the QB’s do sideline to sideline sprints on Field 3, and they aren’t alone…on Field 2, more of the guys are doing sideline to sideline sprints (D line, WR’s TE’s, LB’s).

Reinders has a long discussion with one of the coaches.

TC and the rest of the coaches have a long discussion after practice in the middle of Field 2, while the reporters are waiting for the presser under a hot sun way over to the right of Field 4 (near to Western Ave).


I heard this evening about Terrell. All I can say is that I hope he can recover and walk normally, and have a normal life. Football, as important as it is now to him and to us, is just a short phase of a long life…there is so much more to a person than playing in the NFL.

All the best to you, and best wishes.

John F.