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Injury Report: Not practicing yesterday were WR Hakeem Nicks (PUP – foot), TE Travis Beckum (PUP – knee), DT Chris Canty (PUP – knee), and LB Clint Sintim (PUP – knee).

CB Terrell Thomas left practice early when his back tightened up. “His back is tight,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “His legs are fine.”

“It’s God’s plan,” Thomas said. “And I’m not worrying about it. It’s not like I have a back spasm or messed up anything. It just really locked up on me. It came out of nowhere. Usually, sometimes it’s just tightness. But I’ve never had something like this or kept me out of practice or in a game where my back locked up on me. Things happen for a reason. I’m glad that it’s minor. I’ll be ready to go tomorrow.”

LT Will Beatty (back) practiced. Beatty said his back recent back injury is unrelated to the back spasms he experienced last year.

“I feel good,” said Beatty before practice. “So they’re going to take it slow and build me up into it. In the first few practices anyways, so that gives me a good opportunity to actually practice with everybody and test the back out. To see how it’s feeling.”

“(This injury) went down to a nerve in my right leg so the best remedy was time,” said Beatty. “You don’t want to mess with it or injure yourself more and get surgery. So it was the non-surgical route of taking time and making sure it recovers fully before you get out there.”

“I think they say limited as in they see what’s going to happen and then we take it from there,” said Beatty. “Because they’re not saying, ‘do this or don’t do that.’ You know certain moves that you can’t do. All that of that is mainly in the weight room. So on the field the doctor cleared me to go. So I’m cleared. They’re just making sure I don’t re-aggravate it.”

“I was careless at the beginning of OTA’s,” said Beatty. “I was working out. Excited to get back and then it was my fault. It was like now you’re getting older. You have to be more mature about what you do and taking care of your body…The doctor said it’s not like it’s a recurring injury. It’s something that once it heals; you’re good to go. It’s just make sure you don’t put yourself in an awkward position where you’re straining or pulling a groin or something like that. Because that can hurt your back.”

Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s Friday Press Conference: The transcript and video of yesterday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at Giants.com.

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Article on S Antrel Rolle: New Hairstyle for Big Blue’s Rolle Looks Like a Giant Winner by Tim Smith of The Daily News

Jul 272012
July 27, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor JohnF

“Call of the Wild” Camp Opening

There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive. This ecstasy, this forgetfulness of living, comes to the artist, caught up and out of himself in a sheet of flame; it comes to the soldier, war-mad on a stricken field and refusing quarter; and it came to Buck…He was sounding the deeps of his nature, and of the parts of his nature that were deeper than he, going back into the womb of Time. He was mastered by the sheer surging of life, the tidal wave of being, the perfect joy of each separate muscle, joint, and sinew in that it was everything that was not death, that it was aglow and rampant, expressing itself in movement, flying exultantly under the stars.

Jack London, The Call of the Wild

(He was talking about the Rookies partying before Camp opens, methinks)

The Champs are back! Today is the first day of camp, 2012! Great News! I was watching Audibles on ESPN last night, and Marcellus Wiley had the Giants as high as FOURTH in the NFC EAST, after winning the Super Bowl! Does it get any better than that?

For those of you new to this camp report, I’m JohnF (not Marty the Amazing, who is everywhere and sees everything!). It’s a bit different, as I’m an old Arena League guy; more than 3 linemen make me dizzy! Oh, and if you’ve heard some of the jokes before, remember it’s good for the Earth to recycle things!

Time to fire up the Accord, take I90 from Schenectady to Albany, stop at the Western Avenue Dunkin Doughnuts for some refreshment, and motor on to Camp Scooby Doo. I might have to call it Camp Nanotech, though, pretty soon, as there is an amazing amount of money and construction going on just for that.

The weather looked miserable this morning, but it’s cleared up, cloudy with the Sun poking through at times..low ’80’s with no rain is a good start! Let’s go!

Oh, and I’ll warn you ahead of time…this report will suck. Couldn’t help it, I got paged from work (long story), and had to fix something remotely, but I was prepared…the Virgin Mobile Mifi WORKED!

Wow, they really tore SUNY up. There are new construction fences all over the place. I don’t think it’s for the Foreign Language students though (another long story). I didn’t see the new stadium construction on Field 1 for the UA football team that’s currently in America East (CoughCoughLookslikethey’removingtotheColonialLeagueCough).

Practice is not on the lower field, they apparently moved it to the current football stadium:

There’s good and bad here…nice seats, but I had a good portion of my view blocked by the PEAKED UA tent on the sideline. Bah.

Got there late as well (I was lucky to get out of work today). Got there at 1:15, which is supposed to be plenty of time, but of course Tom has the players out early.

So, I park at Dutch quad, get my “All Sessions Pass” for $15 (beats having to pay $5 a day). Of course, I’m paying the same price for roughly HALF the camps they used to have…thank you NFL/NFLPA.

Puff, Puff, hustle down to the stands. I’m on the side near where the players come in (if you’re sitting in the stands, near the right end). Punt returns (no coverage) are the order of the day, with Hosley, Hixon, Randle, Jernigan and Cruz taking turns. Weatherford looks good, and so do the return guys, though it’s really not at full speed. The QB’s are at the left end of the field, doing footwork drills.

The Defense is by my end, and I see Canty talking to Austin, laughing. I’ll try and do some lip reading, though I’ll warn you, I’m not too acurate:

Canty: Rook, where your dreads?
Austin: Dorm poker games are rough, you know?

Horn sounds, and we go through a whole series of stretches. A lot of them. Oh, and is there anyone left in NJ?? I don’t remember seeing more support staff on the field than the players. Wow!

Beckum and Sintim are behind the endzone, doing leg crunches. Canty was the only guy I saw on the Bike, doing the “Tour de Albany.”

Horn sounds again. More Punt Returns with Jernigan, Randle and Hixon. No sign of Hicks. Or Nicks. One of the punts wanders to the sideline, and nearly hits JPP, who puts his hands up and moves away. (“Not MY Job, Mon!)

Speaking of the defense, I’m not sure who’s bigger, Bernard or Rogers. Rogers looks smaller, but Rocky got blowed up. They certainly will make running up the middle harder. Also, I doubt any hot dogs get past the line.

Austin’s a bit chunky, but he’s built like a fire plug. It should be interesting to see his first real action. Hopefully, he’s not related to Sampson.

Osi looks like a kid out there compared to the big guys, but he looks fast again. So does Tuck. I know they are huge close up, but my word, Bernard and Rogers are space eaters.

Kiwi’s hanging with the LB’s, if you’re wondering.


Serious drills start. I’m not close to the offense, but I am to the defense.

(No, I did NOT mean it that way!! Shame on you!)

The Defense is split up into 4 groups, LB’s, CB’s, Safeties and Linemen. Each group rotates around in a clockwise direction. The coaches stay in the 4 cardinal points, and instruct the players to do fumble recovery, striping the ball over the outside shoulder, striping the ball by reaching underneath the player’s grip, or trying to intercept the ball. When you rotate the whole circle, you do all the drills. And they are going full speed!

The offensive linemen on the other side are doing traditional stepping over pylons drills. The QB’s are doing dump offs or hand-offs to the various RB’s, TE’s, WR’s.

Water break, and the defense starts other drills. The D Line is running over pylons (sideways, like they are going down the line), then tackle an inflatable dummy. JPP just explodes in these drills…you can hear the impact from him hitting over 100 feet away!

Oh, and they pull out the “Ball on a stick” drill. You can make your OWN joke with that one, boys and girls!

Coach holds ball on a stick, to simulate the snap for four D Linemen. When he moves the stick, they burst out of their 3-point stance and sprint to the endzone. Well, not Rogers, he’s fast for about 5 feet, then jogs. I don’t expect to see a JPP down-the-field tackle, or zone blitz, from him.

The QB’s (Eli, Carr and Perrilloux) are doing dump offs. Hixon looks good, is doing his cuts without any problems. Isaiah Stanback (18) intrigues me…he made some nice catches, still needs work on his cuts, but has a presence out there. I’m keeping an eye on him.

Oh, and Martellus Bennett is NOT fat. He’s just big. And built. And he’s going to be a load as a blocker.

Horn. Eli starts, and first Cruz and then Barden make catches that drew raves from the crowd (my view was blocked by the tent, darn it!).

Then work calls. Sigh. I have to save lives (at least today…the rest of the next two weeks I’m free!! YESSS!)

Much later after missing most of the passing drills), Jake Muasau makes a diving interception off of Perrilloux (ball bounced off the WR’s hands). Got glimpses of Ware, Brown and Bradshaw taking dump offs (hey Ahmad, I know long shorts are de rigueur since Jordan, but they really shouldn’t hit your socks. Seriously, get them shortened!).

Horn sounds, and now we have either KO or PR where the runner just takes the ball in the endzone from the coach, and has to avoid two players. Jernigan, Bing, Wilson and Randle do their thing.

Practice ends. Sorry for the quality, I’m a bit rusty. Things should look better tomorrow! (Autograph Day!)

Things you didn’t see after practice ends:

Unusual spot for the TC presser. It was in back of the end zone, up on a stand with the blue Giants/Toyota background.

Coach Pope was hanging with the TE’s after practice, talking. Bennett looked either very serious, or miffed. He did give a thumbs up and a small smile to the crowd later. The TE’s did some after-practice sprints (sideline to sideline).

Stanback and another guy were doing more pitch-and-catch after practice.

Coach Fewell was also doing pitch-and-catch with his two kids after practice (well,I think they were his kids). One had a #33 Fewell blue giants shirt.

Autographs were by the fence, and the players stayed there a while.

Where was Pat Hanlon? I kept looking for him. I’ll do the fashion thing with him tomorrow, then!

Guys looked good today. I’m crossing my fingers, we got a really good bunch if we can get them all on the field!

Jul 272012
July 27, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor Marty in Albany

Day One of Training Camp.  Super Bowl Champs Draw Big Crowd

This is the 16th time that the Giants have trained at SUNY Albany.  I’ve been here for most of them.  I know from experience that big news seldom happens on the field on Day One.  Nevertheless, as is customary for Day One, the media was out in force.  TV cameramen, still photographers and reporters of every persuasion were shoulder to shoulder on the sidelines just in case something newsworthy happened.  And of course, the place was packed with happy Giants fans who came to watch their heroes, take photos, and perhaps get an autograph.

Hundred of thousands of dollars worth of cameras took thousands of photos and hours of footage in the quest for a single photo worthy of the back page, or 10 seconds of air time on ABC or CBS News.  After all, the Giants are the defending Super Bowl champions.  That alone, makes this an event that is worthy of coverage.  Ahh! Super Bowl champions.  I like the sound of that.

The annual opening practice media glut usually prevents me and the regular Giants beat writers from getting an unobstructed view of the field.  That is something that we have come to expect and we just have to put up with it until things calm down and the sidelines thin out in a few days.  But today was a little different.

It rained all morning and the four practice fields were soggy, so they switched the practice to the main field.  It has much better drainage and much more room along the sidelines for the press and cameramen to stand.  By the end of the practice it was sunny, humid and about eighty degrees.

Although last year’s NFL labor problems prevented the Giants from training in Albany, it made this year’s camp doubly exciting.  There are 90 players on the roster instead of 80 and lots of new faces.  There is the promise of last year’s rookies who will be improving with every practice.  For instance, DT Marvin Austin, S Tyler Sash, CB Prince Amukamara, LBs Jacquian Williams and Mark Herzlich, and OT James Brewer.

There are a raft of injured veteran players who are perhaps ready to get back to where they left off like OT William Beatty, DE Justin Tuck, CB Terrell Thomas  and CB Bruce Johnson, and there are newly acquired veteran players like LB Keith Rivers, DT Shaun Rogers, TE Martellus Bennett, and OT Sean Locklear, who may be able to make an immediate impact.

Most exciting of all, are this year’s draft choices, because they are mysteries.  Can they make a difference?  Can they excel?  Personally, I am thrilled that our first three choices are an RB, WR, and CB, respectively.  Those positions can demonstrate their talents on the practice field, so I will be writing about them in my reports, whereas LBs and linemen really can’t be evaluated or written about with any certainty until they play in actual games with actual hitting.

It is going to take at least a few practices for Tom Coughlin and the rest of the coaches to sort things out.  Until then, things will be in a constant state of flux.  There will be new players arriving in camp all the time.  S Deon Grant is expected to be at the top of that list.  There will undoubtedly be players on the final roster who are not yet on the team.

The Giants only have about month to get down to 53 players.  That will be more difficult this year because of the CBA inspired shorter practice schedule.

As always, my thanks to Pat Hanlon for making my job easier.  Okay, enough preamble, here’s what I saw on the field:

In the past, Head Coach Tom Coughlin put the team in shorts and shells rather than in full pads for the first few practice sessions.  It kept them cooler as they eased into the training camp routine and reinforced the non-contact aspect of the practice.  They focused more on fundamentals such as where to line up and they executed the techniques and the plays that they were learning at a walking pace, rather than at full tilt.  If there was a second practice that day, the players would be given the chance to run the plays that they walked through in the earlier session.  Except for the absence of a second practice, things were pretty much as usual.

The Giants were wearing helmets, shorts, and jerseys with little or no discernible padding.  LS Zak DeOssie was wearing shoulder pads and P Steve Weatherford was wearing his regular uniform pants rather than shorts.  Clearly, they want to make punts and snaps as realistic as possible.

Keeping in mind the lack of pads, the Giants looked sharp.  Nobody muffed a punt and nobody dropped a pass that they reasonably should have caught, well, except for RB Da’Rel Scott who had a quick pass over the middle from QB David Carr bounce off his hands.  All of the QBs were throwing passes in the 5-15 yard range.

The only really deep pass was an interception thrown by Carr and intended for WR Rueben Randle.  It looked like CB Prince Amukamara and S Stevie Brown were with him all the way down the sidelines and Prince was in the best position to catch it.  It was an impressive interception and indicates that Prince may be healthy at last.

That was the only time that Randle failed to make a catch.  I think his best catch was a line drive 15-20 yard pass from QB Ryan Perrilloux that Randle caught in stride with a semi over-the-shoulder-semi basket catch.

Rueben was also catching punts (and made some nice moves), along with WRs Victor Cruz, Domenik Hixon, and Jerrel Jernigan (who also looked good catching punts), and CB Jayron Hosley.  P Steve Weatherford looked very strong and very accurate on just about all of his punts.  He did not look like he was even exerting himself and the ball would just explode off his foot.

If given time, Steve was perfect.  When the defense rushed him, I think he lost some concentration.  There was one punt that went twenty yards over the receivers heads and into the defensive linemen who were watching the punting drill.  DT Marvin Austin pretended that he was going to catch it and that brought a laugh out of the crowd.  I like a guy with a sense of humor.

Speaking of humor, there is S Antrel Rolle’s Mohawk haircut.  On the left side of his head where his hair should be, he has a large design in a shade of neon green known as chartreuse.  Humor aside, Rolle made an excellent pass defense on an Eli Manning pass intended for Domenik Hixon.  Hixon redeemed himself later on, with a diving sliding reception of a Manning pass.

Aside from the punting drills, all of the defensive players worked on stripping the ball from behind.  The WRs also practiced getting off the line of scrimmage against the DBs.  I don’t think that WR Ramses Barden did a bad job of it.  He also made an outstanding catch in traffic over CB Jayron Hosley on a pass from David Carr.

RB David Wilson made a leaping catch over the middle on a pass from QB Ryan Perrilloux.  RB D.J. Ware showed some speed on his hand offs and showed a nice spin move as well.  RB Andre Brown also showed some speed, along with making a few nice catches.

FB Henry Hynoski had two catches and showed some power running after the catch.  He has an enormous chest and shoulders.  He runs like a bull.  The catches that he made last year were not flukes.

Surprisingly, after all the knocks on Bear Pascoe in BBI, he made several nifty catches.  If he has the ability to get open, he could be a pass catching weapon.  I do not believe that TE Martellus Bennett was the target of any throws today.

QB Eli Manning looked sharp except for a pass that he appeared to throw directly to LB Michael Boley for an easy interception.  Maybe the target was WR Victor Cruz who made several nice receptions.  A much harder interception was made by LB Jake Muasau on a pass from Ryan Perrilloux to WR David Douglas.  The pass was either behind Douglas or high.  It bounced off his hands and into the air.  Jake made a diving grab for the turnover.

Rookie WR Brandon Collins made a nice catch of a Ryan Perrilloux pass by outfighting the DB.


Some observations are in order regarding yesterday’s practice–not based on what I saw yesterday, but on what I didn’t see.  I only just realized it.  Yesterday’s opening practice was impressively smooth.  The players knew what they were supposed to do and more importantly, they were able to do it.  It looked like what you would expect from a championship team, with smart and talented players filling the entire squad.

In past years, the first day of camp was often pretty ragged.  The areas where drastic improvements needed to made were painfully obvious.  I doubt that anyone will forget the shock of seeing Matt Dodge mess up half his punts on the first day of camp.

Yesterday was not ragged.  There were very few obvious mental errors, or error in execution.   There were no fumbled center snaps and no missed handoffs.  There were no muffed punt returns.  Linemen were not jumping offsides (with the sole exception of Rookie OT Matt McCants, who might have been fooled by QB David Carr’s excellent hard count).

Plays were well executed.  There was an end around play from QB Ryan Perrilloux to WR Julian Talley that was perfectly executed.  That type of play is usually a recipe for disaster in camp.  The same goes for the bubble screen that Ryan Perrilloux threw to WR Isaiah Stanback.  Nobody even fell down except for RB Andre Brown on a running play.  I’m guessing that he slipped making a cut.

There were no fights.  I heard no coaches yelling to players to get them properly positioned.  I saw no QBs instructing the RB where to stand in the backfield.  I did not see any coaches taking players aside to correct their mistakes.

There were no horribly thrown passes.  All of the passes were zipped and had little air under them.  In the past there were always one or two passes that fell untouched on a vacant patch of ground.  Most of the passes were made in rhythm.  That is, the QB takes the snap, drops back and throws the ball with little or no hesitation.  Although there were times when the QBs could not find an open receiver and would have been sacked, it was less frequent than usual.

I’m sure that much of the good passing is due to having three veteran QBs, who all have a good command of the playbook.  Also, this year there is no 4th QB in camp, whose only purpose is to take some of the passing load off the arms of the other QBs.

I saw no lumbering linemen with guts overtopping their belts, but more about that when I see the team in full pads.

Jul 272012

New York Giants Training Camp Begins!: Giants’ players reported to training camp in Albany, New York yesterday and the first practice begins this afternoon. The training camp calendar is available in the Training Camp section of the website. Video clips of the Giants arriving at camp and player conditioning test are available at Giants.com.

Four Players Placed on the PUP: Five players did not participate in conditioning drills yesterday and four of them were placed on the Physically-Unable-to-Perform (PUP) list. The four players are WR Hakeem Nicks (foot), DT Chris Canty (knee), TE Travis Beckum (knee), and LB Clint Sintim (knee). The players can come off the PUP at any time during camp.

“There are no setbacks (with Nicks), but he just started running,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “He just started running in the wading pool. He’s got all of that to go through before he can get out there. He’s been on the elliptical, so he can do some things like catching the ball, but he’s not going to be able to run.”

“It’s going to take a little while (with Canty),” said Coughlin.

LT Will Beatty (back) did not run yesterday, but he was not placed on the PUP.

“He’s going to be limited,” said Coughlin. “But he’ll be able to go. We didn’t run him. We’re going to have to be careful with him, no doubt. But he can medically start practice.”

Ken Sternfeld Promoted: Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Ken Sternfeld has been promoted to Director of Pro Personnel. Dave Gettleman, who had been the director since 1999, has moved into the new position of Senior Pro Personnel Analyst.

The pro personnel department scouts other professional teams and individual players on those teams.

“Dave has been a great mentor for myself and Kenny,” said General Manager Jerry Reese, who was Gettleman’s assistant from 1999-2001. “He is a true professional that knows the business and he has the Super Bowl rings to back it up. Kenny is well-rounded, a tireless worker and well-prepared to take over as Director of Pro Personal.”

“Dave has been a great mentor and leader to me,” Sternfeld said. “I’ve learned a lot about the game from Dave. We’ve had great success all those years. Dave has such tremendous knowledge of the game and the players in the league, and having him around will be an advantage for me and for the team to retain his knowledge.”

Gettleman will no longer travel to scout opposing teams and will focus on individual players.

“My role moving forward will be strictly player evaluation,” said Gettleman. “Once the season begins, my first responsibility will be to get all the practice squad guys (in the NFL) graded. From there we’ll start working on unrestricted free agents. It’s a little bit of a restructuring in the way the pro personnel department operates. I thought at this point in my career it was time to take a step back and re-evaluate. We’ve been very successful.”

“Kenny is ready to be the Director of Pro Personnel,” Gettleman said. “I’m excited for him in his new challenge. He knows I’ll be there for him to help him in any way I can. It’s a great opportunity for Kenny to really put his imprint on the department. And I’m very excited about this new role and what it means to the team. I’ll still be able to contribute in a big way.”

NY Post Q&A With General Manager Jerry Reese: Serby’s Special Q&A with … Jerry Reese by Steve Serby of The New York Post

Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s Thursday Press Conference: The transcript and video of yesterday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at Giants.com.

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Jul 262012

New York Giants Players Report to Training Camp Today: Giants players report to training camp at SUNY Albany today. The first practice will be held tomorrow. The training camp calendar is available in the Training Camp section of the website.

WR Domenik Hixon arrived yesterday. Check out the Giants.com video on his arrival.

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Star-Ledger Q&A With CB/S Janzen Jackson: Giants Summer Questionnaire: Defensive Back Janzen Jackson by Jorge Castillo of The Star-Ledger

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Giants.com Video Preview of Special Teams: Position Preview: Special Teams by Giants.com

Jul 252012

New York Giants Players Report to Training Camp Tomorrow: Giants players report to training camp at SUNY Albany on Thursday. The first practice will be held on Friday. The training camp calendar is available in the Training Camp section of the website.

Giants.com Q&A With Special Teams Coach Tom Quinn: The video of a Giants.com Q&A with Special Teams Coach Tom Quinn is available at Giants.com.

Giants.com Player Q&As: Video clips of Giants.com Q&A sessions with the following players are available at Giants.com:

  • S Antrel Rolle (Video)
  • PK Lawerence Tynes (Video)

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Giants.com Video Preview of Safeties: Position Preview: Safeties by Giants.com

Quotes: QB Eli Manning on HB David Wilson and WR Rueben Randle: “They both had a good spring. The thing about David Wilson is he’s the fastest running back we’ve ever had. I mean, this guy’s; quick, he’s explosive, so that’s kind of exciting. Our running backs over the years have been the powerful, big guy. With those young guys at running back, it’s all about learning protections. If I start changing plays, they have to know exactly what they’re doing, the routes off that and blocking guys. You slowly work them in, you have a small amount of plays in a special package for them that they can get comfortable with and then you get them in the mix. So training camp will be a big help for (Wilson), getting him in some live games in the preseason will help and the same thing for Rueben. I thought he had a good spring. He has a good feel for things, very smooth, catches the ball well, I think he picked up our offense pretty well for the first time hearing it. So the same thing – training camp just more repetitions, some live action and making decisions, making adjustments on the routes based on the coverage and just learning all those things.”

DE Osi Umenyiora on the pay increase in the final year of his contract: “I’m happy about it. I wanted to be here. Really wanted to be here. That was the most important thing, the two parties both wanted to keep the relationship going. I’m happy and just go out here and play my heart out and try to help my team win a championship.”

Umenyiora on what the Giants need to do to defend their NFL title: “I think it’s for everybody on our team to understand that last year wasn’t a fluke, that we currently are the best team in football and we have to go out there and practice like that, go out there and play like that, we have to have that attitude that we’re badder than everybody else and play like it. Once the team starts to really believe and understand that last year wasn’t a fluke and we can do this again I think we’ll have a better chance.’’

Jul 232012

New York Giants Players Report to Training Camp on Thursday: Giants players report to training camp at SUNY Albany on Thursday. The first practice will be held on Friday. The training camp calendar is available in the Training Camp section of the website.

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Article on WR Victor Cruz: Giants’ Victor Cruz Vows Not to Get Sidetracked by New Celebrity Status by Jorge Castillo of The Star-Ledger

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Jul 212012

David Diehl Has Unscheduled Court Appearance: OT David Diehl, who was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol last month, made an unscheduled court appearance yesterday. Diehl was originally supposed to appear in court on July 26 – the day players are expected to report to training camp. Now Diehl will be able to report on time.

Diehl is not yet out of hot water. Diehl has been order to appear back in court on September 7 – two days after the season-opener against the Dallas Cowboys.

Deon Grant Expects to Re-Sign With Giants: Unrestricted free agent safety Deon Grant told an Augusta, Georgia newspaper that he expects to re-sign with the Giants during training camp. Grant was being honored at an event in Augusta for his long football career.

According to the 33-year old Grant, he is in great physical shape. “This is the first year in three or four years – and this was the longest one – that I can say I came out completely healthy,” said Grant. “I revamped everything and my body feels wonderful right now.”

Giants.com Q&A With CB Corey Webster: The video of a Giants.com Q&A with CB Corey Webster is available at Giants.com.

Star-Ledger Player Q&As:

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Jul 192012

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Jul 172012

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