August 4, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by Contributor Marty in Albany

Razzle-Dazzle Tom

It was another hot day, so perhaps Head Coach Coughlin took pity on his men by letting them wear “uppers” (shoulder pads and shorts) instead of full pads.  As a result, the contact was down a notch from yesterday.  The defense still made its share of plays.

For instance, S Kenny Phillips picked off an under-thrown ball by QB Eli Manning that was intended for TE Martellus Bennett.  Then big Martellus came down on Kenny and just lay across his body for about ten seconds.  It was hot and it was a long run on a deep pass, so maybe Martellus was taking a short rest.  Martellus does run pretty well for a big guy.

S Chris Horton came up with an interception of a QB Ryan Perrilloux pass that should not have been thrown because the receiver was double covered.

On offense, LT William Beatty is still out with back problems and Sean Locklear was in his place.  Second year player,  OT James Brewer was out with back problems of his own.  The only time I noticed rookie OT Matt McCants he had jumped off-sides on a hard count from QB David Carr.

There were a lot of shotgun snaps today.  Usually this means a lot of poor snaps or fumbled snaps.  But today it meant direct snaps to the backs.  Lots of them.  Is this the never take a risk Coach Coughlin that we all think we know?  It would be strange for Tom to spend a lot of time running plays that he does not intend to use.  On one play RB D.J. Ware took a direct snap and then tossed the ball to WR Jerrel Jernigan on a reverse.  Except possibly for one play that blew up, the Giants were executing this play very well.

Early in the practice the Giants were practicing a goal line drill.  During the drill, TE Adrien Robinson caught the ball (as well he should).  Nevertheless, because Adrien has not been doing much in camp, it was cause for a high five from the coach.  However, later in the practice, Adrien went out for what would have been about a twenty yard catch.  He was in good position, leaped high above the defender, and came down with nothing. When he did catch a pass in the 11 on 11s goal line situation, he had the ball stripped by Kenny Phillips.

Fun play of the day:  Kicker Lawrence Tynes had a good day.  He booted five field goals.  They were all under 40 yards, but there was also a stiff cross wind so he did a nice job.  On his third FG attempt, holder Steve Weatherford grabbed the snap, ran to his right and tossed the ball to RT David Diehl who was in the end zone, or close to it.  After catching the TD pass, Diehl also caught Weatherford who ran up to him and jumped into his arms.  Diehl stood there grinning and holding Weatherford like a bride being carried over the threshold.

The 11 on 11s produced a tip of an Eli Manning pass by DE Jason Pierre-Paul and a blocked Eli pass by LB Mathias Kiwanuka (I think).  There was also a fine TD throw and catch from QB Ryan Perrilloux to WR David Douglas.

In the 11 on 11s, it looked like there was a direct snap to RB David Wilson.  It was either that or a reverse.  Either way, it was a good play for the offense and Wilson looked good, cutting three or four times while dodging defenders.

WR Jerrel Jernigan made some good plays today.  His best was a cut that he made for a look-in pass from Eli Manning in the 7 on 7s.  The pass was perfect and Jernigan’s cut put S Antrel Rolle on his rear end.  Jerrel would have been gone with that ball.  Also in the 7 on 7s, QB David Carr seemed to take forever to throw the ball, but he finally found WR David Douglas who had beaten safeties Chris Horton and Will Hill on a deep pass.  Douglas caught the ball in stride about five yards ahead of the defenders.

WR Ramses Barden had and up and down day.  Looking good sometimes and not so good at others.  Frankly, I was more impressed with him two years ago when I last saw him in camp.  On the other hand, two people who did impress me today were RB Da’Rel Scott and FB Henry Hynoski.

Scott has the reputation of being just a fast straight line runner.  He is fast, but he has bulked up so that he looks like he can pound the ball.  He caught the ball very well today, including a quick outlet pass in heavy traffic thrown by QB David Carr in the 11 on 11s.  He also impressed me with the cut that he made while running at full speed to stay in bounds while running with another catch from Carr.  Scott looks very comfortable catching the ball.

FB Henry Hynoski catches the ball with apparent ease and I know why.  Pat from Inside Football graciously introduced me to Henry’s mom.  She was watching from the stands today.  Mrs. Hynoski is a lovely person and I told her that I think that her son has a bright future with the Giants.  I also said that it has been a while since the Giants have had a fullback who can catch as well as Henry.  Mrs. Hynoski told me that Henry has been catching footballs since he was one.  They were thrown by his dad who played for the Browns.

CB Corey Webster broke up an Eli Manning pass intended for WR Jerrel Jernigan.  Apparently Corey felt that he should have picked it off since he uttered a loud [expletive deleted] at the time and then he did push-ups as penance, in front of the defensive coach.