August 8, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by Contributor JohnF

Bits & Bytes “Around the Horn” Camp Report

Another great day today! Temp is 83 right now at 12:00, may go a bit higher later. Dew point 64, Humidity at 54%, and an occasional cool breeze, not too gusty. Let’s fire up the Accord and motor over to Camp Scooby Doo at UA!

The players start to wander in around 12:35. Nicks has a red towel hanging from his pants that has “88” and “Dreams.”

Oh, you’re wondering about the title of the report? No, it’s not after that awful ESPN show where everyone screams at each other (come to think of it, that describes most of their programming!)

Apparently, there are some of you that don’t like it when I put Horn in the report…it became a bit controversial. So, I’m considering other options. Now, since Eric has given me an almost unlimited budget, I’ve gone all the way to Bristol for help, and I have a special guest who is familiar with airhorns; he’ll show on each transition. And here he is!

Practice starts, and “High Energy” seems to be the mantra of the day. The main field today is Field 2, where the Defense runs plays right now. On Field 3, the Offense is also running plays. Weatherford, Tynes and DeOssie warm up on Field 4. Looks like top shells only.

Field 2: Punt returns with Jernigan, Douglas, DePalma, Hosley, Randle and Collins. DePalma starts off, but can’t handle the first punt. Douglas, on the other hand, is catching them like he’s done this before…very natural.

Field 3: The QB’s are working on shotgun and center/snap exchanges with White, Bass,,,and Snee?? Yep, he’s there! At the other end of that field, the O Line is doing coming out of your stance drills.

Field 4: Cordle is working on long snapping with one of the staff.

Field 2: Conditioning drills. Sprints, yells, arm waving, backpedaling, kicks, gum chewing, sidestepping, leg kicks, etc.

Field 3: Weatherford is working on punt drops.

Field 5: Lots of players aren’t in the official practice; Sintim, Canty, Nicks, Beckum, Boley, Bernard, Muasau, Jacquian Williams. The guys are trying to keep loose, though..some are on the bikes (Scott, Bernard, Canty).

Field 3: Cornerbacks are doing press cover drills. QB’s are pitching and catching with Bennett, Bradshaw and Cruz.

Field 4: The D Linemen are listening intently to the the coaches (or just standing around). O Line is doing more of the “get out of stance and block” drills.

Field 2: Jernigan, Hixon, Randle and Hosley doing punt returns with the KO/punt machine. A rare misplay of a punt by Randle, might have lost it in the sun.

Field 2: The LB’s push against what looks like a big orange medicine ball, then run around it to recover a fumbled football on the ground. The CB’s try to catch a pass after they pass a staffer put in the way to block their vision (reaction drill). The safeties have a drill where you have two orange cones that mark where the offensive tackles would be…they have to go around those, hit the QB pop-up dummy, knock the ball out of it’s hand, and recover it.

Field 3: Two QB’s at a time are throwing to 2 WR’s, one on each side. RB’s have a drill where they get the ball, then do multiple spins as they go sideways to the line (represented by foam pylons), then finally go off tackle.

Field 4: TE’s work on blocking, one on one. The O Line is working on blocking against other O Line players with foam arm shields.

(The pace is VERY quick here…players are going in and out of drills).

Field 3: WR’s and CB’s work on press coverage on the line, one on one. On the other side of Field 3, 2 QB’s are working with TE’s and RB’s.

Field 5: D Line working on going sideways across the line of scrimmage (using foam pylons), then cutting round the end to hit a pop-up QB dummy, knock the ball out, and recover it.

Field 3: Three QB’s now throw the ball at a time to 3 receivers, one going short, one medium, one long.

Field 2: CB’s are working on backpedaling, then coming up for run support.

Field 5: Nicks is VERY active! He starts off jogging, then curl routes, then starts running routes and catching passes from the staff. He’s sharp here, and he’s making his cuts confidently; he’s making quick stops, and not stopping in between routes. He looks very good, but I’ll caution everyone, as the real result will be if he can do this multiple days in a row.

Nicks seems to have inspired Williams, Sintim and Muasau, as they are doing some serious backpedals. This is more active than I’ve seen Sintim, who is moving very well. Again. please understand this is a process, and they will be evaluated tomorrow to see how they react to this sort of activity…we can’t go overboard, but this is good news.

Field 4: LB’s are working on gap coverage with the upside down garbage cans representing offensive linemen. The real O Linemen are working on drive blocking and pulling. The D Line is at the other end working on arm techniques (Swim moves, etc).

Field 2: LB’s and DB’s now working on drop back coverages, using 7 at a time (defensive backfield).

Funny…I hear another “Cruzzzzz” chant. It brings back memories going back to old Yankee Stadium, back in the ’70’s, when you’d hear something like that, only it was “Louuuuuu!” for Lou Pinella. Yes, Lou was a fine player for the Yankees, but that was long ago….

Field 3: The Offense is back to running plays.

Field 2: Same with the Defense.

Field 5: Wow, a 1 handed catch by Nicks! But that ends his active day, as he leaves Field 5 with a towel over his head.

Field 3: DeOssie, Tynes and Weatherford do their stuff…

Field 2: Offense vs Defense, 11 on 11

Eli: Bradshaw off tackle right. Cruz with a nice slot catch on the right.

Carr: Brown up the middle. Um, Larry? Larry? LARRY!!!(Donnell). Turn your head please! A flat pass to Donnell hits his shoulder pads, as #46 never turned to get it. Coe blankets Stanback on a flat pass, incomplete.

Perrilloux: Brown off tackle right. Brown off tackle right again, but he sees Reinders in the hole. Collins make a dink catch in the right flat, over Nicolas.

Eli: Bear with a seam up the middle. Ware off tackle right. Cruz gets past tight coverage by Bruce Johnson on an inside curl.

Carr: Brown off tackle right (he’s showing nice acceleration through the hole this year). Play action to Stanback in the right flat vs Tryon. A fake handoff and direct snap to Collins, who’s doing an end around.

Perrilloux: Wilson catches a rocket (Ryan seems to throw everything hard) in the right flat. Wilson up the middle.

Eli: Barden goes long (and pushes Prince down, but Prince recovers and keeps up with him) on the left sideline, but the pass is a bit long. Randle with a cool-as-the-other-side-of-the-pillow catch in the slot…it’s like his hands are pillows, the ball disappears (snugly) in them.

Carr: Lines up in the shotgun, then dinks in the flat to Brown (nice, he used his head/eyes to fake people out this time). Wilson off tackle left (he has a “jump cut” where he accelerates through the hole…it’s awesome to watch!)

Perrilloux: Throws over Douglas’s head on the right sideline. Wilson sweeps on the left sideline with a nice burst. Hopkins settles in the middle zone for a reception.

Eli: Cruz gets one over Corey in the right flat (but I think Corey let him have it). On the left flat, Cruz drives his man back, then comes back for a reception (then does a quick cut back up the middle!). Bradshaw off left tackle.

Carr: Talley with a very nice reception on the right sideline vs Tryon. Wilson off tackle right. Randle with a post curl up the middle…nice catch battling Bing! Wilson off tackle right, but Broha meets him in the hole.

Perrilloux: DePalma gets one in the middle, vs zone (I have to comment, though…Ryan’s taking too long. He’s going to get sacked, the line simply is not going to give him the 4 seconds or so he’s using looking for an open receiver. Ryan needs to go through his progressions quicker).

Coaches are trying to keep the energy up. “Move it, Move it!! Let’s GO!!”

Field 2: Punt returns, but it’s more about getting the punt return team on the field quickly and moving than returning the punts.

Field 3: The QB’s are pitching and catching with Cruz.

Canty and Sintim are off to the locker room!

Field 3: Hey, it’s FG time! Tynes is 2 for 2.

Field 2: Seven on Seven time, Offense vs Defense

Eli: Curl to Barden vs Corey. Cruz with a dink up the middle. Ware catches one in the left flat. Jernigan with a catch of a floater on the right. Jernigan with another chance, but he misses a hard catch (but one he needs to make) going across the middle…off his fingers). Talley with a nice out catch.

Cruz: Robinson catches a short out on the left. Jernigan with a Toomer like toes catch on the right sideline, though I was blocked and couldn’t see if it was inbounds. Jernigan again in the right flat (they used a “Big Ben” formation, and crossed WR’s to get him open). Collins with a very nice grab of a high pass on a left curl. Talley grabs one deep on the left sideline.

PLAY OF THE DAY! Spectacular interception by Will Hill, who dives for a seam pass, pops it up in the air, and catches it on the ground (after flipping over)…then gets up and returns it!!! WOW!!! You HAVE to see this on the replay on!!!

Field 3: O line vs D Line 5 on 5

Perrilloux: Wilson with a catch on the left flat.

Field 2: Offense vs Defense, 11 on 11

Carr: Brown up the middle.

Perrilloux: Hands off to Hynoski, then does a fake pitch to Wilson. Ryan gets lost in the middle of the line…was that a sneak, or did he fumble?

Eli: Bradshaw up the middle, till he meets Rivers. Bear with a nice right slot pass over Sash.

Carr: Brown up the middle, Wilson up the middle.

Perrilloux: Rolle blankets DePalma (Ryan’s taking too long again). Sack…nobody open. Ryan’s in shotgun now, but he throws 3 feet over Jernigan on a right out.

Eli: To Barden over the middle, but I have no idea how the pass got to Ramses hands, as Herzlich is right there poised to knock the ball away. Eli is a wizard! Bradshaw gets one on the left sideline.

Carr: Back to bad habits. David stares at Collins the whole route, and Horton should have intercepted him (he just knocked it down).

Eli: Ware up the middle. Middle dink to Cruz. Bennett with a nice catch splitting double coverage on a seam pass.

Carr: Toss sweep left to Brown. Bruce Johnson undercuts Stanback to knock the pass away…and he was following David’s eyes, like I was. A QB that wants to start won’t last long if he Bird Dogs…

Perrilloux: Pass to Brown in the left flat, and Brown cuts and zooms right up the left sideline. Overthrows DePalma, but he was covered.


Green Zone! Offense vs Defense, 11 on 11, Field 2:

Eli: Uh, guys, was that a play action or did Ware just miss the call? Eli tried to hand off to Ware, but he wasn’t looking for the ball. Next play…Ware goes off tackle right. Hmmmmm…

Carr: Bruce Johnson is glued to Douglas, so Carr overthrows him, intentionally.

Perrilloux: DePalma comes back and splits double coverage on the right sideline for a TD!

Eli: Bradshaw handoff up the middle. The next play is sweet…Eli throws a pass to Cruz in the right corner of the end zone with a flick of his hand, dropping it perfectly over Stevie Brown (I don’t care if it was Revis, though…this was a PERFECT pass that could not be defended, it dropped in perfectly over Cruz’s shoulder). Brown has his revenge on the next play, as he knocks down a pass to Bennett, then Bradshaw up the middle.

Carr: Brown up the middle.

Perrilloux: Nice play action to Larry Donnell who beats Jones in the right end zone corner. Another great play…Collins double tips a pass then dives and catches it! Brown off tackle right.

Carr: Hopkins with a nice touch catch on the left sideline vs Janzen Jackson.

Perrilloux: Wilson off tackle right. Ryan’s in shotgun, overthrows Collins on the right sideline.


Field 2: Full field 11 vs 11 Offense vs Defense

Perrilloux: Collins falls down on a left curl, incomplete. Wilson up the middle. Collins sits in a hole in the middle zone for a catch. Dante Hughes knocks down a pass to Collins who tries the left sideline. Douglas with a nice slide catch in the right flat. Incomplete over the middle and…

Practice Ends! Thanks again to our guest. Eric, I’ll send you the bill later….

What you didn’t see after practice

The usual circle of all the players, then the “team” to break, then the mini circle, then their own chants.

TE’s went with Coach Pope, and did some pitch and catch.

Chant of “#74” (Hendricks) starts WAY to my left, by the other end of Field 3. First Ware, then Hendricks, jog over there for autographs (after Hendricks did some sideline to sideline sprints.)

Some of the CB’s hang around, and work on press coverage with Talley.

Coach Coughlin, John Mara, Pat Hanlon and the other coaches huddle and talk while the NY Sportswriters swelter in the sun by the press podium (nice placement of that, Pat!)

Hey Ralph, how’s your tan???