August 12, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by Contributor Marty in Albany

William Beatty Returns to Practice;
TE Adrien Robinson Shows Promise

As would be expected, the first practice after a game is in shorts and shells.  The hitting was light, but the exhortations of the coaches was heavy.  They were trying to get the players to get back to work and not let down.  I think they were successful.  The practice was crisp.

As you might expect after handing Jacksonville two turnovers on muffs by CB Jayron Hosley and WR Jerrel Jernigan, the Giants worked on returning punts.  The Giants are nothing if not consistent.  Jayron and Jerrel each muffed a punt this afternoon.  There was no wind, no pressure and no excuse.  Well, maybe.  Jerrel’s muff may have been on a punt that was out of bounds.  I could not tell from where I was standing.

William Beatty was back in practice.  He was the starter and he shared time with Sean Locklear.  Da’Rel Scott was also back to practice.  He made sure to run out all his catches.  I think he wanted to show everyone that he is fully healthy.

It is unusual for a camp report to single out the tight ends as a unit, but that is the case.  TE Martellus Bennett continues to make catches, including a TD catch on a QB David Carr pass in what appeared to be a goal line drill.  He made another nice catch on a play action pass from QB Ryan Perrilloux and another play action pass from Eli Manning.

There was a play where Eli Manning had nobody open and he tossed the ball to Bennett in the backfield.  Bennett had nowhere to go and took a big loss.  What that play showed me is that Eli trusts Bennett.  I think that is a good sign.  TE Larry Donnell also had a fine catch today,  showing speed and receiving skill.

As usual, TE Bear Pascoe had a few catches.  He looks best when he catches the ball in stride and continues in that direction.  When he turns to catch a pass in place, with his chest facing the QB, he kind of stands there instead of immediately pivoting to turn and run down the field.

The winner of the most improved award has to go to TE Adrien Robinson.  He did more today than in the rest of camp combined.  He showed decent speed and a lot of fluidity in making a bunch of catches throughout the practice.  That included a TD catch in the goal line drill from QB David Carr and three or four others that showed great promise.  He made a great running catch in the 7 on 7 drill of a QB Ryan Perrilloux pass that he caught in full stride.  I don’t know when this kid will be ready to play, but he has the tools to be a good receiver.

A word about WR Rueben Randle.  In the 7 on 7 drill, he caught a ball crossing over the middle running flat out.  It was thrown very hard by QB Ryan Perrilloux.  The timing on that kind of play has to be perfect, or the throw will miss the receiver completely.  But even though it was perfectly placed, it was a fastball and Randle was running as hard as he could.  I was amazed that he caught the ball.  IMO that is too dangerous a play for a real game, but it shows how talented a receiver Rueben is.  One more thing.  Rueben’s got a strong arm.  He threw one ball about 50 yards.

The defense had its moments today.  Antrel Rolle stepped in the way of an Eli Manning pass intended for WR Jerrel Jernigan and had an easy interception.

QB David Carr had a pass knocked down at the line at the very end of the practice.  I could not see who got his hand up to block it.

There was a 1 on 1 drill and S Tyler Sash made a good play to defend an Eli Manning pass to TE Martellus Bennett.  S Stevie Brown, who IMO has had a very quiet camp, made a good play to defend a Manning pass intended for TE Bear Pascoe.  That was followed by Jayron Hosley making a good defensive play on Dan DePalma? Jerrel Jernigan? I really don’t know.

In the one on one drill, TE Adrien Robinson was not to be denied.  He caught the ball easily despite being covered by S Chris Horton.  I think this catch inspired Robinson and he played great for the rest of the practice.

In this same drill, CB Corey Webster broke up QB Ryan Perrilloux’s pass to WR Victor Cruz and S Will Hill stayed close enough to TE Christian Hopkins to force a bad pass from Perrilloux.