Stevie Brown and Jon Beason, New York Giants (June 12, 2014)

Jon Beason After He Injured His Foot – © USA TODAY Sports Images

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Jon Beason Has Broken Bone, Torn Ligament in Foot: The New York Giants announced on Friday that middle linebacker Jon Beason suffered a ligament tear and a small fracture to the sesamoid bone in his right foot during Thursday’s Organized Team Activity (OTA) practice.

While Beason remains hopeful he will return early in the 2014 regular season, the Giants did not announce any projected timetable for his return. And since Beason will undergo further evaluation by specialists on Monday, the treatment options, including possible surgery, have not yet been decided upon. Unidentified team sources have told the media that surgery is likely and that Beason may be out three months.

“The prognosis is X amount of time and (the regular-season opener on September 8th) is within that timeframe,” said Beason in the team’s press release. “I expect to be back (for that game). If not, I’ll be back as soon as I can. That’s really how you have to look at it. If it’s not 16 (games played), maybe it’s 15 or 14. Whatever it is, you want it to be that number as opposed to one.”

Beason was hurt defending a pass play during practice.

“It’s just one of those things – you have freak injuries,” Beason said. “I was just changing directions. I would say that the movement was a little unorthodox, I was flexing with the big toe in the ground and then I pivoted on it all the way around. It’s a movement that I often do that allows me to come in and out of my breaks faster. I literally felt like I stepped in like a sprinkler head hole. I just felt it give right away, so the next step I knew I couldn’t put the foot down.

“I had a bad feeling. I really felt that I that I had torn the extensor, which is the tendon with the muscle, it’s how your big toe functions. That would have been season-ending. So at least now there’s a procedure, possibly. We haven’t decided if it’s something that’s invasive or something that you just kind of let heal on its own. The timeframe is about the same, but it’s not season-ending, so I’m happy about that.

“I know that mentally you can’t get down on yourself. You have to understand the situation and what you can control. The toughest part is knowing that there are a lot of people obviously in the locker room, the coaching staff, the organization and even the city that are counting on me to do my part and do it well. And it’s unfortunate because I worked so hard training. I feel great, I’m in good shape, I’m moving around a lot faster than I have in recent years. To have this setback kind of gets you back down to ground zero and then you have to work yourself back into football shape again. That’s disheartening, but it’s something that I think I can accomplish even under bad circumstances.”

The specialist who Beason will see on Monday is someone who Beason has a relationship with. He operated on Beason’s ruptured left Achilles tendon in 2011. Beason also had microfracture surgery after the 2012 NFL season.

“He knows my body,” Beason said. “I think the world of him. I was impartial to doing it here with (the Giants doctor), but I think they wanted to make me feel comfortable to go down there and get a second opinion. He wants to do some more tests to determine what he thinks is best and then those two will sit down and figure out the best plan for me.

“I’m prepared for (their decision). I know what I have to do and I’m going to do it well. I’m certain that we’ll get the result we need. I’m in good hands, the proper methodology, and it should work and then you go from there. It’s easy when you’re driven, you have a goal in mind and that’s to play on the opener and obviously be the best player I can be to help this organization win, help my teammates win and to have a successful season. That’s it.”

New York Giants Waive WR Kris Adams: According to the NFL transactions wire, the New York Giants have waived WR Kris Adams. The Giants had signed Adams in January 2013 after he had spent some time with the Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings, and Indianapolis Colts. However, Adams broke his left ankle during the 2013 preseason and missed the entire season on Injured Reserve. Because of this move, we have updated the TransactionsRoster, and Depth Chart sections of the website.

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