Eli Manning, New York Giants (July 22, 2014)

Eli Manning – © USA TODAY Sports Images

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While reduced via GPS request, the New York Giants held their third (and final) practice of the mandatory ‘acclimation period.’ When the team reports tomorrow, each player will be in shoulder pads. Sunday will be the first practice in full uniform.

After practicing for two hours each of the past two days, the Giants began stretching after just over one hour on Thursday. It was a different routine as well and very different from the previous two.

Below you will find our complete practice recap. Be sure to recap our LIVE updates.

Jameel McClain, New York Giants (June 5, 2014)

Jameel McClain – Photo by Connor Hughes

Not much to break down here. Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) sat out for the second day in a row. Will Beatty (knee) and Jameel McClain (foot) practiced fully. Xavier Grimble and Brandon Mosley seem to be cured from the ‘heat related’ issues they went through on Tuesday.

The Giants’ released their first ‘unofficial’ depth chart of the season about 15 minutes before practice was scheduled. As a result, I missed the early stretch and initial special teams portion of practice. From what I gather, not too much took place. Either way, here’s some tidbits from the sporadic special teams portions of the rest of practice.

  • I got a good look at the starting gunners for the punt team. First up: Bennett Jackson on the left and Zack Bowman on the right. Second team features Travis Howard on the left and Charles James on the right.
  • After Brandon McManus kicked yesterday, it was Josh Brown’s turn today. The veteran went 4-for-5. His one miss bounced off of the far right cross bar.

The Giants practiced on ‘Field 3,’ or the side field for the main portion of practice. When the team split for offense- and defense-specific drills, the offense went to the furthest field away. Thus, I stuck with the defense for the second day in a row. I’ll be sure to watch the offense tomorrow. Heck, maybe you can help.

  • After being limited yesterday, Jameel McClain was a full participant in practice today. I kept an eye on him during a linebacking drill where the backers were required to drop back into hypothetical coverage, then sprint forward. He participated in every rep, but he just looked a little off when he had to switch and drive. It’s not a serious injury and he’s not being held out. I truly believe this is just an example of McClain not being completely 100 precent yet.
  • For 320 pounds, Johnathan Hankins has some quick feet. The linemen worked a drill where three tackling dummies lay on the ground. Each had to high step sideways over them one way, then back, then back the other way before running forward between a bag and hitting another dummy. Hankins moved really well between them and looked pretty agile for a big man.
Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo, New York Giants (June 18, 2014)

Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo – © USA TODAY Sports Images

As has been the case in every practice this offseason, the first ‘team-joined’ practice function is always the two-minute drill. But after talking to Rashad Jennings, who said the entire playbook can be run in the hurry up, I’m beginning to think this is more just offense-defense. Mathias Kiwanuka even said he hasn’t seen the offense huddle yet. I assumed it was two-minute because the offense was in the hurry up; maybe this is just the way they run now?

  • Your ‘unofficial’ starting tight end, Larry Donnell, was the first tight end on the field. William Beatty was at left tackle and Brandon Mosley at right guard.
  • Eli Manning hit Victor Cruz twice on the opening drive. In between, he found Rueben Randle on a curl that Manning released before Randle made his break.
  • It looks like the offense is starting to open up a bit more with deep passes. Manning went to Jerrel Jernigan but overshot him. Jernigan responded later by catching a fade route touchdown over Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the left corner of the endzone. He had possession and it looked like he got his feet down. In mini-camp, Manning tried the same play versus Walter Thurmond and it came up incomplete. Timing may be starting to come together.
  • After Manning hit Jernigan for the touchdown, the Giants kept the offense near the goal line and gave David Wilson a carry. He took it around the outside and would have scored again.
  • Damontre Moore had a really nice practice. The second-year defensive end had a few pressures and batted down a Ryan Nassib pass that was nearly intercepted. In the same drill, Moore had a would-be sack on Nassib. That would be a sack in each practice so far.
  • Not the best practice for Ryan Nassib. He missed a few throws, threw a near interception and was sacked. There was one play where Nassib rolled out and had a wide open Mario Manningham in front of him. Instead of throwing it, Nassib held on to the ball and then at the last second had to rush a throw. He did make a really nice pass later in practice in the 11-on-11s. More on that later.
  • A tight end sighting: Larry Donnell down the seam made a leaping grab. It was impressive.
  • Mathias Kiwanuka had a bat down. Also another note on the defense, with McClain in at linebacker there is a lot more communication. The former Raven is constantly chirping and talking. Also, the huddle-break scream/chant returned.
  • Dan Fox was working with the No. 2 linebackers.

The Giants worked a 7-on-7 drill after some special teams work that was already outlined. A few nice plays were made, but nothing too extravagant.

  • Victor Cruz ran a real nice route to gain a step on Walter Thurmond on an in on the first play. Side note, ‘unofficial’ fifth-string tight end Adrien Robinson was the first tight end out during this drill.
  • I didn’t see the receiver, but Walter Thurmond got very physical on a quick out the Giants attempted to run. Thurmond jammed the receiver, didn’t allow him off the line and followed him the entire way across the field.
  • Devon Kennard made a very nice play on a pass intended for Adrien Robinson down the seam. Kennard had good coverage, but also reached his hand up to bat the ball away. Coverage wasn’t one of Kennard’s ‘strong’ points coming out of college, yet he looked pretty good at it here.
New York Giants Training Camp (July 24, 2014)

New York Giants Training Camp – Photo by Connor Hughes

I’m guessing as will be the case throughout all practices, the Giants ended with a full-team 11-on-11. Contrary to previous practices, we had our ‘Play of Camp’ take place during this drill.

  • A little trickery from offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was displayed early on. Coming out in the I-Formation, the Giants ran an end-around to Jerrel Jernigan. It looked like he had some serious daylight, too.
  • The Giants spent a lot of money this offseason on the secondary. For the first time, it was on complete display. Eli Manning ran a traditional play fake and had all day to throw, but no one to get the ball to. Manning must have held on to the ball for five seconds before rolling out and throwing the ball away.
  • Ryan Nassib made a very impressive pass to Preston Parker down the sideline. Nassib threw it over a linebacker and just in front of the corner to perfectly beat the zone. Had Nassib put too little, or too much, on the ball, it would have been an easy interception.
  • John Jerry continues to spell Brandon Mosley. Can’t tell who has an edge until the pads are put on.
  • Finally, the Play of the Day: Curtis Painter lofted a deep one down the field for Corey Washington who ripped it away from Bennett Jackson and Kyle Sebetic. First long-bomb we’ve seen connected on since Manning hit Rueben Randle in mini-camp. Jackson had a little defensive pass interference on the pay, too.  Giants.com had the highlight:

After Tom Coughlin finished his post-practice presser, media got their first look at the Coughlin his family talks about all tof he time. Brandon Mosley, J.D. Walton and Larry Donnell had their families attend practice and their kids were on the field playing with them. Tom Coughlin walked by Walton’s child and started talking and smiling like I haven’t seen him yet. Then, Coughlin turned to Larry Donnell’s daughter and said a few words before letting her blow his whistle. Donnell’s wife yelled to her daughter who then turned and said ‘He let me!’ Coughlin walked away smiling and laughing.