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Shane Vereen, New York Giants (August 12 2016)

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New York Giants running back Shane Vereen may miss the remainder of the 2016 season with a triceps injury that will require surgery. The Giants announced that Vereen will miss the remainder of the season, but the NFL Network is now reporting that since Vereen’s recovery time may be two months, he could come off of Injured Reserve late in the season.

“Shane is a tremendous football player and our thoughts go to him with that tough injury,” said Head Coach Ben McAdoo. “I feel for the player. He’s a good football player. We wish him a speedy recovery… I do not know for sure (when the injury occurred). I’ll find out more when I talk to Shane. I think he was playing with it for a significant amount of time.”

New York Giants cornerbacks Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (groin) and Eli Apple (hamstring) were injured in the game against the Washington Redskins. “It’s early in the week,” said Head Coach Ben McAdoo. “We’re going to give them a chance to get healthy. We aren’t going to rule anyone out right now. Either of those two guys, we’ll give them a chance to get out there and get healthy.”

ESPN is reporting that free safety Darian Thompson (foot), who was injured during the Week 2 game against the New Orleans Saints, does not have a Lisfranc injury and that he should return to action in two weeks.

New York Giants Head Coach Ben McAdoo addressed the media by conference call on Monday to discuss the team’s 29-27 loss to the Washington Redskins.

McAdoo: We will start on the defensive side of the ball. What we did well, I thought we won the red zone battle there. They were 0-for-4 in the red zone. I thought we had a great effort to finish off the two-minute drive in the first half. We kept playing there. We need to work on penalties. There were two at critical times at the end of the game. Tackling, and then the rocket screen was a big play in the game on third-and-15 for a touchdown. We need to do a better job there.

On offense, what we did well, one out of every four plays was an explosive gain for us. The goal line run game was productive. We were 2-for-2. What we need to work on are the three giveaways and a potential for more. We had eight penalties. Situational football needs to improve in our green zone. We missed lots of throws, drops, and penalties seemed to creep up on us in the green zone and in two-minute. We turned the ball over twice in the two-minute. It cost us the opportunity twice to go down and win the game.

Special teams, what we did well, I thought Dwayne did a nice job on the tips, tuck and squeeze on the first punt of the game coming up with the ball. Also, Romeo (Okwara) blocking the punt. It didn’t hold up but it was one heck of a football play. What we need to work on, the kickoff location needs to improve. Tackling, on the big return we had five missed tackles on one play, and the penalties really took away the big plays and field position during the course of the game.

As a team, everything is correctable. It’s one of 16. We know the division games count as two. Next time we see them, we’ll be on their turf to end the season. After the first two games, we were number one in the league with seven penalties. Yesterday we had 11 for 128 yards in the game and a potential for 14. Five of the penalties were of the 15-yard variety, which there is no excuse for. The turnover ratio, we’re minus-six right now. We have to take care of The Duke better and come up with it on the defensive side of the ball. Tackling, we knew this was an elusive group going into the game. Our long stride, short stride needed to show up. We drilled it last week and we need to get better there.

Q: Any update on Eli Apple and DRC?

A: It’s early in the week. We’re going to give them a chance to get healthy. We aren’t going to rule anyone out right now. Either of those two guys, we’ll give them a chance to get out there and get healthy.

Q: How big a loss is Shane Vereen?

A: Shane is a tremendous football player and our thoughts go to him with that tough injury. I feel for the player. He’s a good football player. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Q: How do you fill that void?

A: By committee.

Q: Being from Western PA, do you have any Arnold Palmer stories?

A: I’ve never met him. I’ve heard stories about him. I know he’s been to my hometown. He’s shaken hands at the Homer City Community Pool a few times. I’ve never met him in person.

Q: You guys ran 21 consecutive pass plays to end the game. Was that because of Vereen’s injury?

A: We felt that we had an opportunity to take advantage of our matchups on the perimeter. We were moving the ball in the pass game. There were some runs that we may have had to get out of due to the box and to the looks. We were being aggressive trying to win the football game.

Q: When did Vereen’s injury occur?

A: I do not know for sure. I’ll find out more when I talk to Shane. I think he was playing with it for a significant amount of time.

Q: What does that say about a guy? Going out there and playing with that? Do you think that contributed to the fumble?

A: I don’t know that for sure. I know that he’s a tough player and has a warrior mindset. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Q: What did you think of how your team handled the first loss?

A: No one in the locker room was pleased afterwards. We knew that we were our own worst enemy yesterday.

Q: On Odell’s sideline behavior

A: He needs to control his emotions better and become less of a distraction to himself and to his teammates. It’s our job to help him with that process and maturing.

Q: How do you do that?

A: It takes a village.

Q: Do you have any experience with that? Players that come to the sideline and can be a bit of a distraction?

A: Yes.

Q: How did you handle that?

A: The same way. Communication. Having a variety of different people, coaches, staff members to communicate with. Just help him direct his focus.

Q: It takes time to do that?

A: It takes time.

Q: Did you say anything to him during the game?

A: There were conversations during the course of the game. He and I had conversations on two different occasions.

Q: What do you think accounted for the penalties and mistakes that spread throughout all three phases of the team?

A: We were sloppy with our play. Our discipline and poise wasn’t there like it was in the first two weeks. It’s something that we addressed in the locker room after. We have to continue to address it and work on it. Get back to the team that we were the first two weeks of the season as far as the penalties go.

Q: You mentioned the 15-yard penalties and you got to see it from a different perspective after watching the tape. Do you still think your team kept its composure?

A: I felt between the white lines it was an emotional game. I felt we kept our composure. I think we can be more disciplined and more poised. It’s disappointing to see Weston (Richburg) get thrown out of the game. We knew what type of game it was going to be. He needs to be better than that.

Q: Do you feel that your punt coverage team was completely caught off-guard on that fake punt or do you think it was just good execution on their part?

A: I think they threw a one-on-one ball up for grabs and made a heck of a play on it.

Q: When you said after the game in your statement that you have to do better as a coach. Were you speaking of anything specifically that you felt you could do better or do you mean just overall preparation?

A: When we’re not disciplined and poised, that’s a reflection on me. I need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Q: Is Rashad Jennings any closer this week? Is Paul Perkins ready to step up?

A: Perkins is ready to step up. Rashad, it’s one day following the game. He has a long week to make some progress. We’ll take a look at that at the end of the week.

Q: How did you think Orleans Darkwa did?

A: I think Orleans played a nice game on offense.

Q: On DeSean Jackson’s touchdown, it looked that you might have knocked it loose but it was inconclusive. On that play, did you need to see something more, like help from a safety?  What did you see there?

A: I think down the field it was a one-on-one matchup at the end of the play right there. I think DRC closed well on the ball. DeSean made a nice play and hung onto it.

Q: How did Bobby Hart look?

A: Bobby Hart was out there. He battled and competed. It definitely wasn’t too big for him. He has a couple things he needs to clean up. That sack, maybe a hit there. He came out and competed. He went against some good players out there and he held his own.

Q: With the injuries, how important is it for you to add a running back or cornerback this week? Or both?

A: We’re going to evaluate the roster here. We have a long week with an extra day. We’ll evaluate the roster here this afternoon and tomorrow and as the week goes on.

Q: It looks like Justin Pugh may have gotten shaken up on the interception at the end of the game. Did he have any issues coming out?

A: Not that I’m aware of.


Player interviews will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Giants return to practice at 11:40AM on Thursday.

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