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Odell Beckham, New York Giants (October 9, 2016)

Odell Beckham – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Head Coach Ben McAdoo addressed the media by conference call on Monday to discuss the team’s 23-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers:

McAdoo: I will start by talking about the game. The defense, first, what they did well. I thought that we were ready to play a high caliber quarterback. We came away with two interceptions, which is tough to do against Aaron (Rodgers). The two-minute at the end of the half was a positive. We forced them to punt us the ball back and I thought that holding them to six points in the second half gave us a chance to win the ball game. What we need to improve on, we let the big backs get rolling down hill on us and we need to win the line of scrimmage there in the run game. Wrap tackling is also something that needs to take a step forward this week.

Offensively, what we did well was that we were 1-for-1 in short yardage, we were 5-for-5 in the screen game, had some productivity there, and in the fourth quarter we kept playing and had a two-minute drive to cut the lead to a score. What we need to improve on is winning the line of scrimmage, doing a better job of handling the movement in the run game, in the pass protection and we need to sharpen up our pass game. Finishing drives is also a big factor in the game. We had four first downs in the green area and only came away with 16 points.

Special teams, we were combative and created good field position in the return game. Where we need to improve, we still have room to grow on the kickoff return, and we have to eliminate the penalty on the punt coverage. With that, I will open it up to questions.

Q: What is your reaction to the fact that Ereck Flowers got physical with a reporter last night?

A: I talked to Ereck, Jerry (Reese) talked to Ereck and PR talked to Ereck. We had a chance to sit him down, he called and spoke with Jordan (Raanan) and apologized. He understands that he cannot behave that way, it is unacceptable and it is important for us all to have a professional relationship with the media, players and coaches.

Q: Will there be any discipline for Ereck?

A: All discipline will be handled in house.

Q: You talked about the need to win the line of scrimmage on both sides. How do you go about that?

A: Well, we have a normal week this week. We are coming off of a night road game on Sunday night, but we will have a chance to put the pads back on and that is a great place to start.

Q: Just going back to the tackles for a moment. It looked like they had a rough night last night. Was that more of a technique thing or more of what Green Bay was doing to them?

A: With the offensive tackles, we need to do a better job of maintaining the width of the pocket. We had some bull rushes and, again, they are a good front, you have to give them credit, but we need to do a better job.

Q: Is the pass protection complicated by all the injuries in the back field?

A: In the pass game, there was enough to go around. It wasn’t just pass protection. Our pass game needs to improve, whether it is depth of routes, whether it is spacing, stair steps, the quarterback sitting in there and making accurate throws – we need to finish some throws and come up with some contested plays. It isn’t just one area; it is a little bit of everything combined there.

Q: Is Eli Manning’s arm physically stable?

A: He is healthy as far as I am aware.

Q: DRC tried to gut out an aggravated groin. Apple had the groin injury. Where do those two stand and what did you think of DRC’s performance?

A: I thought it was a gutty performance by DRC. Going back out and playing for his teammates shows the type of character he has and I appreciate it personally.

Q: Where do those two stand moving forward?

A: It is early to say right now. They will get another treatment here coming up, but right now they are going to get some treatment and they will either be used in a limited role or won’t practice early in the week. We will have to wait and see. That has yet to be determined.

Q: The players keep talking about how defenses playing cover 2 is taking away from what you guys are trying to do. Is that something you have to do schematically to adjust to that or do you think you need to improve on execution?

A: We went in with a plan for cover 2, it is just that we are seeing a steady diet of it right now and when there are two high safeties you have to run the ball better and you have to have some time to complete the ball. It takes a little bit of time to complete the ball whether it is two man or two zone. It is kind of a combination of everything. The run game was not great last night. We did have a couple runs come out, but it is a combination of everything. It is not just one thing. It is just not cover 2, it is a combination.

Q: Do you have any updates on Dwayne Harris?

A: He has a sprain in his great [big] toe.

Q: What did you see from Jerell Adams?

A: Jerell did some good things. He’s going to continue to get opportunities to go out and show what he can do.

Q: Does he bring something as a receiver that you don’t have at the tight end position?

A: We have confidence in all three of those guys. He’s a young guy that can play with some good speed and some good energy and that helps us. He made a nice contested play yesterday.

Q: When you talk about the combination of things, does that make you feel like you’re farther away from that breakout game you felt might be coming on offense?

A: No, not at all.

Q: We’ve talked about turnovers and shoving incidents. Is there a point where you say to the guys, ‘enough is enough.’

A: Well, I think when you face two tough road games like we’ve had, two tough opponents, I think we need to re-group, we need surrender our ego, stay together and work to win this week.

Q: What’s your reaction to these non-football incidents?

A: I think it’s one isolated incident. I think we showed tremendous discipline on the defensive side of the ball playing against a pretty darn good quarterback last night and holding them to six points in the second half, especially with the time of possession and the way it went. There’s signs of discipline and there are other signs that we need to clean up.

Q: I mean bigger picture, like controlling your emotions.

A: It’s an emotional game, we have emotional players. We just came off of two prime time losses. There’s no excuses, but we need to be in control of our emotions at all times.

Q: Going back to Ereck Flowers, is he playing as well as he did last season?

A: The offense, last week when we were talking, the offensive line played well enough to give us a chance to win the game up in Minnesota. The pass protection was good; we ran the ball fairly well. Now, this week, we took a step backwards and you learn from it, you watch the film, you address it, you’re brutally honest with each other and then you have to move on. That’s way this league is. You’re not going to play great every week. There are going to be peaks, there are going to be valleys and when you hit the valleys, you have to learn from them. You have to correct your mistakes and you’ve got to move on and improve.

Q: Will you consider giving Will Beatty a chance at more playing time at tackle?

A: All linemen who are active have the opportunity to push for a job every week.

Q: Are you considering any changes with regards to the offensive play calling?

A: We evaluate everything and everything is on the table.


Player interviews will be held on Tuesday. The Giants return to practice at 11:40AM on Wednesday.

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