2020 Big Blue Interactive Contribution Campaign


YOU are Big Blue Interactive!

Celebrating our 26th season, BBI continues to be the premier fan-operated New York Giants website. We remain a small operation with a handful of writers, moderators, and a technical specialist. Your financial donation right now will support:

  • The best Giants fan forum in the world.
  • Daily news updates with all the latest and most important information on your favorite team in one convenient location.
  • NFL draft coverage.
  • Free agency coverage.
  • OTA, mini-camp, and training camp reports.
  • Game previews and reviews.
  • Position breakdown articles.
  • Regularly updated roster, depth chart, transactions, scouting reports, and player salaries.
  • New York Giants team history.

Contribution Campaign

Chances are BBI has become an important part of your life. Whether you post every day or just enjoy the articles, never forget that you make BBI what it is. If no one posted to The Corner Forum, what kind of site would we be? What if no one read the articles? What if no one contributed financially to BBI?


BBI has been around so long that many of us take it for granted. But BBI costs money to run. BBI is free for everyone to use and enjoy regardless of your ability to give. If you do have the means to give, we rely on your financial contribution during this one time of year to continue operating.

And please remember, our costs (money and time) are annual, and so must our contribution requests. That’s why we need our regular readership to contribute each year.

When to Contribute? This year’s campaign will run from September 10 until Halloween (October 31).

How Much to Contribute? Whatever you feel comfortable contributing.

How Should You Contribute? If you are interested in contributing, you can do so via PayPal or by mailing a check via regular mail.

BY MAIL: Send your check, payable to Big Blue Interactive, LLC to the following address. Obviously there is no transaction fee associated with a contribution by mail.

Big Blue Interactive, LLC
P.O. Box 3102
Fredericksburg, VA 22402

(Please note, if you would like to receive confirmation of receipt of your check, you should enclose a LEGIBLE e-mail address!)

BY PAYPAL: PayPal is an open and secure payment system that people and businesses use to securely transact with each other online, including the flexibility to use credit cards. If you contribute by PayPal, PayPal will take a small portion of your contribution as a transaction fee (2.9% + $.30 per domestic transaction; 4.4% per international transaction). To securely contribute by PayPal, please click on the link below:

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