New York Giants 2000 Free Agency Scorecard


Last Updated: 8/29/00

New York Giants Exclusive Rights Free Agents:

LB O.J. Childress (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $275,000)
FB Greg Comella (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $358,000)
CB Bashir Levingston (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $275,000)
CB Emmanuel McDaniel (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $358,000)
OT Toby Myles (Tender rescinded; signed with the Raiders)
WR Chris Ortiz (not tendered)
TE Mark Thomas (Not tendered, but re-signed with Giants; terms unknown)

OG Jason Whittle (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $275,000)
DT George Williams (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $358,000)

New York Giants Restricted Free Agents:

HB Tiki Barber (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $472,000)
QB Mike Cherry (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $472,000)
SS Sam Garnes (Re-signed with Giants; 4-years, $8-10 million)
P Brad Maynard (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $472,000)
MLB Pete Monty (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $472,000)
WR David Patten (Not tendered; signed with the Browns)
DT Christian Peter (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $472,000)
OLB Ryan Phillips (Re-signed with Giants; 1-year, $472,000)
S Brandon Sanders (not tendered)

New York Giants Unrestricted Free Agents:

PK Cary Blanchard (Signed a 2-year, $1 million deal with the Cardinals, $120,000 SB)
FS Percy Ellsworth (Signed a 3-year, $5.4 million deal with the Browns, $2 million SB)
OLB Scott Galyon (Signed a 3-year, $2.6 million deal with the Dolphins, $500,000 SB)
CB Conrad Hamilton (Re-signed with Giants; 3-years, $4.3 million, $300,000 SB)
DT Bernard Holsey (Signed a 3-year, $2.5 million deal with the Colts, $750,000 SB)
HB LeShon Johnson
CB Jeremy Lincoln (Signed a 2-year deal with the Broncos, $60,000 SB)
LT Roman Oben (Signed a 3-year, $10.8 million deal with the Browns, $3.2 million SB)
CB Phillippi Sparks (Signed a 2-year, $1.99 million deal with the Cowboys, $1.55 million SB)

Signed from Other Teams:

OLB Michael Barrow (Signed after cut by Panthers; 6-years, $24 million, $4.5 million SB)
LT Lomas Brown (Signed after cut by Browns; 3-years, $5.8 million, $150,000 SB)
QB Jason Garrett (Signed from Cowboys; 3-years, $2.9 million, $250,000 SB)
OT/OG Glenn Parker (Signed from Chiefs; 7-years, $1 million SB)
CB Dave Thomas (Signed from Jaguars; $440,000 in 2000, $300,000 SB)
OC Dusty Zeigler (Signed from Bills; 5-years, $9.5 million, $1.9 million SB)

Signed “Street” Free Agents:

FB Craig Walendy (Terms Unknown)
FB Duwad Rasheed (Terms Unknown)
FB Brian Aikins (Terms Unknown)
FB Ron Janes (Terms Unknown)
WR Kevin Prentiss (Terms Unknown)
WR Anthony Tucker (Terms Unknown)
WR Thabiti Davis (Terms Unknown)
OG Mark Nori (Terms Unknown)
OG Scott Kiernan (Terms Unknown)
OT Rome Douglas (Terms Unknown)
TE Adam Young (Terms Unknown)
DE Jomo Cousins (Terms Unknown)
DE Frank Ferrara (Terms Unknown)
DE Lavell Ellis (Terms Unknown)
DL Carl Hansen (Terms Unknown)
LB Vernon Strickland (Terms Unknown)
CB Reggie Stephens (Terms Unknown)
CB Jermaine Jones (Terms Unknown)
FS Tawambi Settles (Terms Unknown)
S Greg Williams (Terms Unknown)

New York Giants Salary Cap Casualty Cuts:

HB Gary Brown
OLB Marcus Buckley (Signed a 1-year, $550,000 deal with the Falcons)
OT Scott Gragg (Signed a 2-year, $1.79 million deal – $350,000 SB – with the 49ers)
QB Kent Graham (Signed a 3-year, $5.1 million deal with the Steelers)
DT Robert Harris
OC Lance Scott (Signed with the Patriots)
MLB Corey Widmer
OC Brian Williams

SB = Signing Bonus