How to Report Abuse, Spam, or Other Prohibited Content in The Corner Forum (BBI) LogoBBI is a vibrant and active community. We encourage and enjoy strong and spirited discussions. However, there are rules about what is allowed and what is not.  Those rules can be found in our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. Please read these rules carefully before joining the discussion.

These rules exist to promote good discussion, a family atmosphere, and a spirit of community among our members while keeping the site free of things that would impugn its reputation.

Our moderation team works hard to enforce these rules. But given the high volume of posts, we also rely on the members of the BBI community to let us know when our rules are being violated or things are starting to get out of hand on a contentious thread.

As such, this page lays out some helpful tips for BBI members who would like to alert the moderation team to possible issues.

How to report

To report a violation or concern, please follow these steps to ensure that your issue is attended to promptly

First, e-mail  your report to [email protected]. This e-mail address sends a message to all the active moderators and is the best and quickest way to have your issue dealt with.

In your e-mail to the moderators, please include as much of the following as possible.

  • Your BBI handle.
  • The offending poster’s handle.
  • The thread title.
  • A short description of the violation.
  • A link to the offending content.

Each comment has a link to the right of the posting time (helpfully titled “link”). If you are reporting a  comment, right click on this link and Copy Link Location/Copy Shortcut. Paste this into the e-mail.

What to report

As noted above, BBI’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Use covers a lot of what is and isn’t permitted in The Corner Forum. Here’s a short list for handy reference.

  • Spam or unapproved advertising or promotions of any kind.
  • Offers to buy or sell any item or service, including game tickets and parking passes.
  • Explicitly sexual or pornographic content, images, or links.
  • Personal attacks or abuse directed at other BBI members.
  • Revealing the name, address, phone number, place of occupation, or other personal or sensitive about any BBI member.
  • Racism, homophobia, misogyny, or other rank and offensive bigotry.
  • Copyright violations, especially re-posting of content that can only be accessed by subscription or payment.
  • Discussions that center on politics or religion.
  • Trolling.
  • Any post or comment that would be a violation of US federal, state, or local law.

Please note that not everything that you find personally annoying, offensive or upsetting is a violation of our code of conduct. Just because someone disagrees with you or with the general BBI consensus does not mean that person is harassing or trolling.

All of these rules are interpreted by and enforced at the discretion of the moderation team.

If you are unsure whether  certain behavior is a violation or you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.