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About Us – Overview: (BBI) publishes news, analysis, and discussion about the New York Football Giants including: daily news updates, feature articles, and game previews/reviews, as well as seasonal information on the NFL Draft, free agency, training camp, and much more. BBI is not merely an information publisher, it is an interactive community forum that encourages visitor participation. The Corner Forum provides a venue for Giants fans to share information, passions, and opinions on a wide-range of football- and non-football related topics.

This site is owned and operated by Big Blue Interactive, LLC, an LLC registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


BBI was originally created in the early spring of 1995 as The Big Blue Home Page. In the spirit of the site’s growing interactive nature, The Big Blue Home Page officially became (BBI) in the summer of 1997 and evolved to it’s current format. BBI is not affiliated in any way with either the NFL, or the New York Football Giants.

Readership: registers millions of “page views” per month. While BBI has a large New York/New Jersey readership, many of our visitors are information-starved Giants fans who live and work globally in and outside of the New York/New Jersey metro area, across the entire USA, and with significant web traffic from Canada, Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East. BBI is a diverse community where fellow Giants fans can share their thoughts and feelings about the team. Through sharing, many strong friendships have been formed through BBI and readers meet at get-togethers all over the world. Also, due to the wide range of backgrounds and interests of our readers, non-football discussions are quite common in The Corner Forum.

Who is Eric?

Eric Kennedy, aka Eric from BBI, is the Editor-in-Chief of BBI. For more than 25 years he has led discussions, reported news, and written articles on the New York Giants.

Who else is on the technical and editorial team?

Gary Weiner, aka Gary from The East End, is the head programmer and tech guru here at BBI. He rewrote the code for the entire Corner Forum from scratch as well as the blog software for The Front Page. If something isn’t working right, it’s probably his fault. Feel free to bug him at [email protected] with any problems, bug reports, or complaints about the mechanical operation of the site. Gary is the owner of PCQB Long Island WordPress Support and has serviced such prestigious  clients as: Giants Hall of Famer Harry Carson, top Long Island ad agency Austin & Williams, and Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County. If you are interested in using PCQB’s services, please contact him directly at [email protected].

BoldRuler serves as a moderator in The Corner Forum. Raised in Northern, New Jersey just outside of New York City, BoldRuler loves his family, the Giants, music, movies, nature, good wine, and Vermont micro-brews and other libations. He strongly believes in the mission of BBI.  The community that BBI fosters is important to him – as it is to all of the BBI staff – and he enjoys helping keep the forum running smoothly.

Larry Schmitt, aka truebluelarry, is a lifelong Giants fan, former third-generation season ticket holder, and passionate student of Pro Football history. The extensive reading material that can be found on the shelves of his football library are divided between texts on Giants history, player biographies, yearbooks and game programs as well as volumes covering the general history of professional football.  He frequently searches libraries for out-of-print copies of football books. Larry was born in Brooklyn, enjoys teaching Yoga, and playing guitar when not writing history articles for BBI or assisting in research projects for The Gridiron Uniform Database.

Mike Siegel, aka gidiefor, serves as a moderator and is a longtime contributor in The Corner Forum, originally joining BBI in 2004. Raised in Brooklyn, NY, he is a rabid Giants fan, an attorney, a family man, proud grandfather of five, and a former NYC Park Professional, Mounted Park Ranger, and instructor at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, who was noted for his work in Brooklyn Park rehabilitation projects, park publications, public park tours and programs, and also his paper-folding prowess. His more than fifteen-foot high Origami holiday tree in Central Park’s Dairy was a fixture in the 1980’s. He has been an active participant in BBI’s outside gatherings, and strongly believes in fostering the BBI community environment and promoting serious discussion about Giants football.

David Syvertsen, aka Sy’56, has worked for Ourlads Scouting LLC since 2013, starting off as a college depth chart manager and now a lead scout for one the most-sold NFL draft guides year-in, year-out. He has been scouting for over 10 years and will compile anywhere from 400-600 scouting reports per season, with that number increasing year by year. He watches and studies game films 20-25 hours per week throughout the entire year with his main focus being NFL Draft prospects.