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July 30, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor Marty in Albany

CB Jayron Hosley Injured; RB Da’Rel Scott Returns

In the one on one WR/DB drill, CB Jayron Hosley either slipped on the grass, or got tangled up with the receiver that he was guarding and went down.  He sort of hopped back to the sideline, and lay down there.  It was clear that he was injured.  After he was looked at, he was able to stand and get into the cart without help and was taken off the field.  I was on the opposite side of the field, but it appeared to be an ankle or knee injury.  (Editor’s Note: Hosley suffered lacerations to his knee that required stitches).

It was expected that the results of DE Justin Trattou’s MRI would be announced, but apparently the MRI is not until today.  CB Terrell Thomas and LBs Michael Boley and Keith Rivers did not play.  Rivers was on the field, but I did not see Boley or Thomas.  LB Jake Muasau had a large ice pack taped to his knee area, but he did not appear to be limping, nor did I see the play that might have caused the problem.

I read that the Giants would be in full pads today, but they only played in “uppers”–helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts.  There was still a goodly amount of contact.

RB Da’Rel Scott returned and demonstrated his speed and balance with some power running in the 11 on 11s.

There was kicking but no punting today.  WR Rueben Randle had a quieter day today receiving and managed to muff a kickoff from the jugs gun.  When it came time to make actual kicks, K Lawrence Tynes was booming them out of the end zone.  It is summer and the ball is soft, but that is still impressive.  Tynes also drew cheers from the fans when his thirty yard field goal hit the umbrella that was shading the crane operator.  The crane is about thirty-five feet tall and was directly behind the goalposts.

Getting back to the one on one drill in which Hosley was injured, CB Prince Amukamara made an excellent defense of an Eli Manning pass to WR Jerrel Jernigan and Amukamara also did good job of defending a pass to WR Victor Cruz–no “Cruuuuuzzzz!” for you today.  S Chris Horton stopped a pass to TE Larry Donnell cold, simply by mugging him as the ball arrived.

In a one on one drill, the WR has a big advantage, so you would expect TE Martellus Bennett to catch the pass.  Nevertheless, he made it with speed and enough grace to give us hope that he can make an impact as a receiver.  This is especially true since TEs Christian Hopkins and Adrien Robinson were both dismal today.  Christian Hopkins was covered easily by S Will Hill in the one on ones.  Adrien caught a pass from QB David Carr in the 7 on 7s and then had it immediately stripped.  The next ball to Adrien was in the 11 on 11 and it bounced off his hands.

Happily, TE Bear Pascoe is catching everything in reach.  At one point he had three receptions in a row from Eli Manning in the 7 on 7s.  WR Julian Talley who has had a subdued camp, caught a ball and then dropped it.  He immediately got screamed at by the coaches.  WR David Douglas made a short catch of a Carr pass and would have regretted it in a real game, because he would have been annihilated by S Tyler Sash.  WR Dan DePalma continues to have a good camp and made several good catches today.

The defense had its share of good plays today.  There were a number of plays where they either stopped the runner cold or left nobody open for a pass.  In the words of the voluble defensive coach, “It was all good ‘stuff.’”

At RDE, Jason Pierre-Paul blocked yet another Manning pass in the 11 on 11s.  In that same series, there was a deep deep sideline pass to WR Domenik Hixon.  If he had caught it, it would have been a TD, so Amukamara had no choice but to mug him and break up the pass.

Continuing with the good defensive plays, when Carr could not find anybody open he made a dash for the sideline.  DT Marvin Austin showed good speed to follow him closely all the way across the field.

The best defensive play of the day was the interception of an Eli Manning pass in the 11 on 11s.  It was intended for WR Victor Cruz, but CB Dante Hughes was in good position and picked it off.  He took it about 50 yard for a defensive TD, followed only by the defensive coach, who ran after him screaming at him to “Run it back.”

There have been no fights so far, but S Tyler Sash became visibly upset when RB Andre Brown finished off his run by banging into the backs of two or three defenders who were walking back to the defensive huddle when it was arguable that the play was already over.

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