(BBI) Code of Conduct Policy

The Corner Forum on (BBI) is an open forum for football fans everywhere principally to discuss the New York Giants. In The Corner Forum, anyone is free to start a discussion by creating a new topic (called a “thread”). Readers are also likewise invited to respond to any existing thread. Interesting football-related threads are archived.

All users of BBI, and The Corner Forum in particular, must familiarize themselves with the BBI Terms of Use; Disclaimer of Liability and BBI Privacy Policy. BBI is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of these terms, disclaimers, and policies. Your use of BBI constitutes your agreement to all such terms, disclaimers, and policies.

There is a also code of conduct for The Corner Forum (The Forum). First, it is important to keep in mind that new readers and posters arrive daily. They may not be familiar with previous discussions held on specific topics. Thus, it is OK to revisit topics in The Forum (though it may be wise to quickly scan recent threads in order to get a flavor of any previous discussion). Second, football is dynamic and opinions evolve. Be tolerant and open-minded. It is important for everyone, both new contributors and old, to realize that we are all friends here and all a part of a bigger Giants’ family. People are allowed to have different views and outlooks. In fact, this is what makes The Corner Forum interesting. We do not want everyone marching to the beat of the same drummer – it would make for boring discussion. If someone disagrees with your point of view, do not assume that that person is launching a personal attack upon you. Do not take arguments personally and do not make arguments personal. This type of conduct is discouraged by BBI and the mainstream users of BBI. If you do become angry, step away from The Corner Forum for a while.

Here are some basic administrative guidelines (not rules) that make it easier for everyone to enjoy The Corner Forum:

  • Please make the topic of a new discussion thread that you start clear in the subject line. Be as specific, yet concise, as possible. This makes it easier for readers to tell what subject a thread is all about.
  • Non-football discussions are permitted. In fact, during the off-season, these become quite common. However, in order to accommodate those of us who are seeking out football discussion, please select Non-Football Thread when you are creating the new topic.
  • If there is already an existing thread posted within the last couple of days on a subject that you want to talk about, please do not start yet another thread on the same subject (i.e., start a duplicate thread). Duplicate threads make it more difficult for readers to find the more important threads as well as slow down user access to the website. New threads are encouraged however if there is breaking news on oft-discussed subjects.

We also call upon the BBI community to police themselves. If someone does create an offensive post or launch a personal attack, do not respond to this and thus inflame the situation any further. Ignore it and move on. Be a bigger man or woman than the attacker. Nothing hurts more than indifference. Users who believe that postings contain content that is inappropriate for The Corner Forum should e-mail the moderators at [email protected].