Bronson Kaufusi, BYU Cougars (October 2, 2015)

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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: December 19, 2015 Bowl Games (Early Games)

by Contributor Sy’56


#77 RT Lane Maiava – 6’5/301

Fifth year senior. Torn ACL in 2012. Played both guard spots in 2014 for half the season. Starting RT in 2015. Strong upper body and can control guys when his hands are inside. But he plays really high and I’ve seen him against 3 NFL prospect caliber DL and he was outclassed strength wise. So a guy that plays high and lacks staying presence, I tend to steer clear of them. Late rounder at best.

#4 WR David Richards – 6’4/213

Fifth year senior. 2+ year starter that never really developed in to what they were hoping for. Tough for WRs in that kind of scheme though, especially guys that need to get downfield to show their worth. Nice height and length and a good catcher of the ball that lacks quick twitch and acceleration. UDFA type.

*#33 LB Scooby Wright – Arizona – 6’1/246

Junior that has not yet declared and I don’t think he will. He had one of the best seasons ever in 2014 production wise and cleaned up at the College Football Awards night, including the award given to the nation’s top defensive player. 2015 has been a nightmare, though. He tweaked his knee week 1, then had a regular season ending foot injury 2 weeks later against UCLA. He is telling people he’ll be back for the Bowl Game, we’ll see. I’m not as in to him as some are. The scheme is really set up for him to produce. He gets credit for getting it done but looking at the movement and power presence, he’ll have a hard time in the NFL meeting expectations. Solid mid round prospect if he comes out but I wouldn’t be comfortable drafting him early especially after the injuries.

#11 S William Parks – 6’1/194

Has played both the bandit and spur position in their 3-3-5, both vital components to their scheme. Parks is probably the highest upside draft guy in this game because he can do a lot of things. He can be physical, tackles well, has the movement ability to cover. The length and versatility are always sought after by NFL teams late in drafts. That is where I think he goes.

#8 DE Reggie Gilbert – 6’4/262

Fifth year senior. Consistent 4 year starter that has seen time at DT and DE in their hybrid scheme. Most likely a 4-3 DE in the NFL. There isn’t much to brag about here other than he can bend well and plays hard. He doesn’t get off blocks and he won’t beat anyone off the edge with speed. Priority UDFA type.


#6 RB Jhurell Pressley – 5’10/203

Fifth year senior. Has averaged almost 7 yards per carry for his career, which is ridiculous. He’s the kind of guy that you say if he was another 10-15 pounds heavier, we are talking about a potential 1st or 2 rounder. His slight frame has to worry you a little, he is a slight 203 pounds. Very loose hips and each change of direction with nice top end speed make him a fun watch. At the end of the day though I think he will struggle with ball security and pass protection in the league. That is enough to not even consider him for some teams. Late rounder at best.



#10 WR Mitch Matthews – 6’5/210

Intriguing guy to some people. Long strider with the obvious size advantage. Caught a lot of passes and TDs over the past two years (125 and 20 respectively). I don’t see the quick twitch and I think he will get beat up in the NFL. His size doesn’t play to his advantage as much as I want. Late rounder, maybe a UDFA.

#72 LT Ryker Matthews – 6’6/322

Lethargic pass blocker with bad footwork. He can catch your eye as a run blocker though with some strong leg drive and effective hands. I think he makes a move to guard at the next level but won’t be drafted. UDFA type.

#90 DE Bronson Kaufusi – 6’8/280

Four year contributor, played in all but 2 games over his career. I really like this guy. Initially I thought he was unathletic and too big for his own good, but the more I watch the more I am intrigued. He is a guy that you really need to watch from start to finish in a few games to understand and appreciate his game. Realtive to his level of competition, Kaufusi can dominate a game much like JJ Watt. He is moved all over the point of attack. He is so big and so long but has enough mobility and quick reaction to exploit one on one matchups a variety of ways. He has the NFL body already and I think he can start in the NFL right away. What is his true position? I think 4-3 DE is best but like Watt, he would probably work in a role where he can be moved around between the C and A gaps. If he can test well at the combine I think he can be a 2nd rounder.


#23 RB Devontae Booker – 5’11/212

*Will miss the game after a meniscus surgery he had a couple weeks ago. Unfortunate. Some think he is a top 3 back in this class.

#2 WR Scott, Kenneth – 6’3/208

6th year senior that has lost two seasons to injuries (ankle and knee). I haven’t see him jump off the screen yet but a few people say his upside is much higher than what you would initially think. Long strider with strong hands. Does some little things well like route running, selling double routes, blocking, consistently catching with hands. I would like to see him beat guys one on one more though. Late rounder but if he can test well he could sneak in to the middle rounds.

#60 C Siaosi Aiono – 6’2/310

Fifth year senior with experience at RT and C. Leader of the OL. Has the feet and short area quickness to play against speed. Even for a shorter guy I catch him playing too high often. Doesn’t play the power game as well as I want out of an inside guy. Solid college guy but don’t think he can hack it as a starter or even a primary backup. UDFA type.

#7 QB Travis Wilson – 6’7/233

4 year starrer and will leave Utah with a few career passing records. People were real excited about him after his freshman year. Had an unusual combination of size, speed, and arm strength. Real tough kid but he’s battled injuries throughout his career. His tools are enticing but he never took the step up to the next level. He’s real inconsistent and doesn’t have that feel or clock in the pocket. I could see him getting drafted late based on tools but I don’t think he has it.

#41 LB Jared Norris – 6’2/240

Fifth year senior. One of the best linebackers in the Pac 12, fought some nagging injuries this season but still played well. He is old school. Tough and gritty, can smash blockers and ball carriers in the mouth. Enforcer in the middle of the field. Probably won’t test well athletically but he has average to above average game speed. He can be moved around, productive blitzer off the edge. I like his feel for the game but I do think he will be limited speed wise. 4th/5th rounder that could start right away in a few schemes.

#51 DE Jason Fanaika – 6’3/270

Will be a 24 year old rookie. Spent 2 years at Utah State before leaving school to aid his family while his father had Cancer. Played at Utah past two years and became one of their top pass rushers. He isn’t quick or fast, but he gets a lot of production from consistent hustle and grit. Strong guy. Not sure he has the tools to play DE in the NFL but he’ll get a shot. Late rounder or priority UDFA.

#13 LB Gionni Paul – 5’10/225

Started off at Miami in 2011 and 2012. Actually showed some big time playmaking ability in 2012, earning a couple of weekly awards. He transferred and sat out in 2013. Started for a couple seasons at Utah and he jumps off the screen at times. Real quick and shifty. Hard guy for blockers to get a hold of. He has made some crazy-athletic plays. He has a lot going against him, namely his lack of size, but he plays hard and knows where to be and how to get there. He is a guy I am looking for in late rounds or UDFA period. I think he can surprise.

Other Notables:

#9 S Tevin Carter – 6’1/215
#53 LB Jason Whittingham – 6’2/245
#34 RB Bubba Poole – 6’1/197