Darian Thompson, Boise State Broncos (October 31, 2015)

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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: December 23, 2015 Bowl Games

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor Sy’56


#1 WR Shane Williams-Rhodes – 5’6/173

Fourth year senior. Every year of his career, Williams-Rhodes was a high catch/low yardage receiver. He is a gimmick player, most often being used in the screen game and underneath. I am pulling for this kid. He plays with as much heart and desire as anyone. He tries to block harder than guys that are 6’6/250. But at the end of the day, it is very rare to see a player this small make it in the NFL. He has some return ability so there is a chance he could be in the mix for a roster spot somewhere. UDFA most likely.

#4 S Darian Thompson – 6’2/212

5th year senior, has been starting since the second half of his redshirt freshman season. 1st Team All Mountain West in 2014 and 2015. Might be the top prospect in this game. His 19 career INTs are the best in MWC history. Thompson isn’t an enforcer but he tackles well and he can move downhill to close a gap in a blink. He may not be a top end speed guy but he shows range to roam the deep half. He is a very well balanced defensive back that has starting potential in the NFL. It’s expected to be a so-so safety group and Thompson has an outside shot at being the top senior of the group.

#5 CB Donte Deayon – 5’9/155

Fourth year senior and three year starter. Three years in a row he was a 2nd team All MWC performer. Deayon is a movement based CB. He can stick to guys but he won’t alter anyone at the point of attack. He plays hard but he we won’t impact the game physically. He can easily be overwhelmed by the game’s bigger, more physical receivers. Corners this size have a very hard time sticking around. UDFA type but he will get a look from someone as a slot corner.

Other Notables

#72 C Marcus Henry – 6’3/286
#69 DE Tyler Horn – 6’5/268


#45 LB Boomer Mays – 6’0/244

Fifth year senior and three year starter at middle linebacker. Absolute bull between the tackles that can own the inside gaps. Will beat up blockers. Will fill the lanes hard and drive through ball carriers. Smart and instinctive guy. He is exposed when he has to move laterally, though. Just doesn’t have the speed to the sidelines. Can be an OK cover guy but to me he is a two down player. Best fit is the 3-4 scheme. Maybe a 5th or 6th rounder.

#29 CB Paris Logan – 5’9/195

Fifth year senior and 3 year starter. Undersized but tough as nails. Tackles very well and shows no hesitation in going after the ball carrier. Reliable in space. Can play a few different roles in coverage but it at his best in an aggressive man scheme. He gets his hands on and reads the flow, reacts quickly. Teams will go out of their way to avoid throwing at him. 5th or 6th rounder.

#44 OLB Perez Ford – 6’0/227

Two year starter that has seen time as a rush linebacker and DE. If I had to make a list of 5 sleepers that I think have star potential, Ford would be on it. He is undersized and will need a year or two to pack weight on. He needs a team that will show patience. But there are traits here that are rare to find. He is such an easy bender. He gets off the ball real fast. He has long arms and knows how to use quick hands and body positioning to get the advantage. Ford had a great second half of the year. He led the team in sacks. His potential is sky high and I don’t see anyone talking about him.

Other Notables:

#55 C Andrew Ness – 6’3/314
#11 WR Juwan Brescacin – 6’4/230



#16 SS Antonio Glover – 6’1/200

Fifth year senior. Tools-rich safety with length and speed. Has a lot of things that coaches want to work with. Light started to come on this year with 6 INTs. Physical player as well that wraps up well. Pretty good player in space. Held his own against Georgia. He struggles to read and react in coverage, doesn’t drive out of his pivot and tends to be a step behind too often. Still a guy that will be drafted based on upside, maybe round 5 or 6.

#37 LB Antwoine Williams – 6’3/248

Fourth year senior. I’ve been told he is going to test extremely well in workouts. Big time height/weight/speed guy with the length and NFL ready body. That is graeat and all and I can see what scouts like, but man he was awful against Georgia. He gets lost among blockers too often. Linemen can lock him up. He doesn’t change direction very well. I think physically he has some attractive tools but that only means so much at LB. I’m not sure he feels the game. He could be drafted though because those hard to find tools are there


#8 RB Travis Greene – 5’10/189

Fifth year senior. Set the school record for rushing yards in 2013 but hasn’t really taken off from there. He may not have the build for the NFL RB position. He is elusive. Shows the hip swivel and easy foot quickness while moving at full speed. He can catch the ball. Willing blocker. Probably a candidate for 3rd down duty in the NFL if he can find a backfield that isn’t crowded.

#11 QB Matt Johnson – 6’0/219

Fifth year senior. Missed 2014 with a nasty hip injury. Came back with a monster season in 2015. 4,700 yards/43 TDs/8 INTs and 68.8% completion percentage. What is most impressive about him is the toughness and short memory. Johnson takes as many shots deep downfield as anyone. His stats are not just a result of an easy scheme. He lacks size. His accuracy is annoying-ly inconsistent on easy throws. He takes too many hits. But this kid is a gamer. I like him. Late rounder or UDFA worth looking at.

Other Notables:

#6 TE Chris Gallon – 6’4/246
#53 RG Alex Huettel – 6’3/309
#92 DT Zach Colvin – 6’3/29