Keyarris Garrett, Tulsa Golden Hurricane (November 21, 2015)

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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: December 26, 2015 Bowl Games (Late Games)

by Contributor Sy’56


#1 WR Keyarris Garrett – 6’4/215

Fifth year senior. Missed 2013 with a broken leg. Here we have a boom or bust WR prospect that may have more upside than any WR in the entire class. I’ve seen a lot of Garrett and there is a combination of traits to his game that you simply won’t find every year. I honestly see glimpses of a young Randy Moss at times. Garrett has incredible length and acceleration. He will make catches that are nearly impossible to most players, and he makes them look easy. However the negatives to his game are obvious and need to be fixed if he is going to get a shot at playing in an NFL offense. He body catches too often. He rounds his routes. And he is incredibly thin. Garrett may be a little bit of a project but I’ll say it again, the upside is right up there with the best WRs in this class.

Other Notables:

#76 LG Garrett Stafford – 6’5/300


#88 TE Ryan Malleck – 6’5/253

Fifth year senior. Missed 2013 with a shoulder injury. Malleck is a solid every down, traditional TE that can be a factor in the trenches as a blocker and in space as a receiver. His lack of physical ability is apparent, but he can do enough to work underneath. He catches balls with defenders on top of him. He willingly puts his body on the line. He won’t stretch the field and he won’t make the defense alter anything, but he can be a solid backup TE. 6th our 7th rounder.

#90 DE Dadi Nicolas – 6’3/223

Fifth year senior. Almost came out after a huge 2014. Unfortunately he really disappointed in 2015 after some were expecting him to be a 1st round caliber performer. Nicolas is really light. He will need to be an OLB in a 3-4 scheme. He is a straight line athlete with good burst off the edge, something he didn’t get to do enough of in 2015. His flexibility is great and he can play a physical brand. My issue with him is that he doesn’t have a great feel for the game and doesn’t react well to the action. He also struggles to deal with head on blocks against the run. Someone is going to see the pass rush upside and take him in rounds 3-4.

#40 LB Deon Clarke – 6’1/227

Fourth year senior. Plays a position that yields production. A lot of straight line blitzing off the edge. He is an explosive athlete that plays hard and physical. Not sure he can handle that role in the NFL, may need to play 4-3 WILL or SAM. He doesn’t have a ton of experience in coverage though so it will be a tough go for him. Someone will like the upside based on his triangle numbers. Late rounder.

Other Notables:

#92 DT Luther Maddy – 6’2/283



#9 WR Jordan Payton – 6’1/212

Fourth year senior. Has led the Bruins in receiving each of the last two seasons by fairly wide margins respectively. Senior Bowl player here. Strong and physical hands catcher. Ball doesn’t wiggle at all upon contact. Scouts will like is refined route running ability and awareness of the defense. He will be a good situational receiver that you want on 3rd downs. Top tier kid off the field, too. Probably lacks the top end speed and agility to be considered anywhere before rounds 3-4.

*#24 RB Paul Perkins – 5’11/210

Fourth year junior that has not yer declared. Many think he will. He’s been the leading rusher for the Bruins by a long shot each of the past two seasons respectively. I think he’s proven himself and doesn’t need a third straight year of 225+ carries. Perkins is a little light in the pants but he excels at cutback runs, missing the meat of a tackle and gaining extra yards after contact. Very good at keeping his momentum moving forward as he dodges tacklers. I need to see more in terms of blocking and catching but based on what I see now, he is looking like a 4th or 5th round back that has solid rotation potential.

#54 C Jake Brendel – 6’4/305

Fifth year senior. Four year starter that has been a team captain since his redshirt sophomore season. One of the top centers in the Pac 12. His weaknesses are not something I want to see at the position. He is often late out of his stance and he has a hard time playing low and strong. Brendel is going to struggle with the combination of speed and power you see from NFL defensive tackles. He is smart, very experienced, and knows the mental side of the game very well. But there will need to be a fair amount of physical development before he can be relied on. Late rounder.

*#97 DT Kenny Clark – 6’3/310

Underclassman that hasn’t declared yet but many think he’s coming out. There are some that consider this guy to be one of the top defensive tackles in the class. He has some “freak” in him. Built like a fire hydrant. Country strong guy that will make an NFL defense more physical from day one. I need to spend some more time on him. He jumps off the screen at times but only in small flashes, just to disappear for long stretches. Maybe a little bit of a conditioning issue. Maybe a little bit of a length issue. Maybe some inconsistent technique. He isn’t short on talent though and I bet he turns heads at the combine. As of right now I see him as a 2nd rounder but easily could see a jump in to the 1st.

#51 OLB Aaron Wallace – 6’3/240

Fifth year senior that wasn’t a factor until this year. Will be a Shrine game participant. Has some tools to work with. Length, speed, hand power. He can rush the edge but probably needs time to develop lower body strength and flexibility. Nothing special here but his tools and some decent tape from 2015 could get him drafted late.

Other Notables:

#7 WR Devin Fuller – 5’11/195


#71 LT Alex Lewis – 6’6/290

Fifth year senior. Started off at Colorado for two years, one of which he was a ful season starter at LG, grading out as the second best OL on the team. Involved in an ugly off field fight that put him in jail for 45 days. Sat out in 2013 because of the transfer. Two year starter at LT for Nebraska. Lewis is a technician, a very good one. He almost always has his balance and his mechanics from head to toe are spot on. He lacks a go-getter mentality. He doesn’t attack. He doesn’t drive block. But he does react well and is always under control. Not a bad thing but not my ideal OL. He has the triangle numbers and footwork to play the left side and coaches will like his NFL-ready technique. 3rd-4th rounder.

*#7 DT Maliek Collins – 6’2/300

Third year junior. Hasn’t declared yet but the paper work is in and some think he will have a first round grade. He had a slightly disappointing year in 2015 but every game I watched he was seeing a ton of double teams. He is really quick and low off the snap. His game is all about gaining the initial advantage and causing the offense to adjust. I fail to see the every down contributor here though. Too often do I see him getting pushed around or ridden out of the play. He is an all or nothing kind of guy. He isn’t a first rounder on my sheet but maybe a 3rd/4th right now.

*#98 DT Vincent Valentine – 6’3/320

Another junior that hasn’t declared but he did ask the Advisory Board for a grade. Valentine doesn’t get the attention of Collins but I like him more for most schemes. He won’t be a top tier pass rusher and his upside is limited, but I trust a guy like Valentine. He doesn’t get pushed around. He is smart and savvy, sticks to his assignments, and will make plays when they are there. He is a tough guy for a lone blocker to take head on. Valentine offers better value than Collins and he may end up with the better grade on my board if they both come out.

Other Notables:

#32 RB Imani Cross – 6’1/240